Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have To Start Over...From Scratch!

I know you're probably wondering what in the world this is?!!...Well, I told you that the Robins have taken over the tree where the hummingbird feeder is hanging, and that the Robins have been swooping all over the backyard gathering building supplies for the nest....
Well, when they were off on one of their excavations hubby took the camera out to see if he could get a little look see! The nest is kinda up in the tree a ways, so hubby had to try to take some shots of it without actually being able to look down into it...*Our tree-climbing days are over....OVER!! LOL*
These shots were kinda funny to I thought I'd show them to you anyway! LOL "Woot! Woot! for your always working hard at it, Baby, no matter what I ask you to do!" :-)
Speaking of working hard, WOW! Just wait until I show you the beautiful shot hubby finally did get!! Those Robins are amazing! Last year, in the early Spring, they built a nest in this tree. A beautiful nest! And they even laid at least one egg in it...but the swirling winds...or some cat prowling around the backyard (That's what Hubby thinks might have happened)...whipped that egg out of the nest and landed it on our patio.
The nest got terribly damaged and fell completely out of the tree. :-( All that hard work...GONE! And even though we saw them swooping all over the backyard, and gathering materials for another nest....they didn't rebuild in this tree.
Now, this year, I guess they decided they would try it again...Give it another Go....Begin again....Start over from scratch....YAY! for you Robins!! Because sometimes...even as humans have come to just have to try it again, and start over from scratch! :-] You just can't let swirling winds...or life...undo all of your hard work, all of your sweat and tears! You just have to put your work boots on, get right back in there, and stomp around until you get the nest back to a familiar, comfy place, again!...Good lessons to learn from watching those Robins, huh?! :-) They're always teaching me something!!
Okay, I've stalled long enough. Here you go...hubby's great Robin nest shot!!
Isn't it beautiful!! "You Go Mr. and Mrs. Robin....with a son?" LOL
And speaking of going...I've got to get going myself!! I still have to finish my talk. I have to deliver it to the public on Thursday!!...`(':')`
AND I'm working on a custom order for some hats too! :-) Remember this one?...
My customer loves it, but brown is not her color, she says. So she wants me to make two hats that ARE in her colors! :-) And me, being the excited crocheter that I am, decided to do both hats simultaneously!...So here are my hats, where I've started them...from scratch! *See! I learned Mr. an Mrs. Robin...with a son!*....
...One in black...
And one in Red!...Autumn red to be exact...
I'm already having a good time with them! Going back and forth from one to the other...a couple of rows in black, and then a couple of rows in red. :-] This would probably drive some people a little bit batty, but me.....Nah! I like starting over! New energy!
Oh, What a beautiful morning it's going to be!! :-) Please have a good one!!

Rebuilding The Nest

The winds, they did their damage.
Blew the nest twigs all apart.
But it couldn't stop their building
with a firm determined heart.

Oh yes, there was connecting
and rebuilding to be done.
And though doing so was work,
it also brought them lots of fun.

The nest, no longer empty,
and no longer windy and cold,
was a joy to snuggle into,
and a sight for eyes to behold.

Whether nests of birds or people,
whether wanting to or willed,
when the winds have caused it damage,
you must gather and rebuild.


  1. Nice to see the cute little robin and "sons" home!! LOL Jeff did good capturing this!
    I love your hats! Glad you have the custom order too! I love those custom orders!
    Have a wonderful day my friend! A good meeting, get your talk done and get those hats done too!
    Nice poem!!

  2. CinLynn, Thanks! I 'do' have enough to keep me busy today, don't I! :-)) But, no worries, 'I'm gon' get me a nap somewhere!' LOL Enjoy your meeting today too! :-]

  3. I love the birds nest! My brother used to bring me
    empty birds nest all the time. I miss him. I don't have anyone to bring nests anymore. Your hats are wonderful. I love the design and the colors! I have seen Oklahoma so many times. Wonderful movie.
    Good luck with your speech.

  4. Susan, Ooooo! What did you do with the nests?! They're so pretty. It's a shame to just let them hang there until they fall apart, isn't it?!...And thank you for the complement on the hats. I enjoy doing them. My shop would be full of them, but not many people wear hats too much anymore. And most crocheters can make their own. They don't need to spend money to get mine!...I agree about Oklahoma too, except for the one scene with the guy on the haystack. They could've left that whole sequence out!! :-))

  5. It's blowing a right gale here today too. I always enjoy your posts but I really enjoyed this one today: from the photos, to the hats, to the video - which incidentally has caused me to sing along and frighten Hubby - to the poem which is just perfect.
    'A blast of wind has hit us here,
    (Wind is something that I fear)
    It blew the trees,flowers and grass
    Then blew poor Hubby head over a**e!'
    Really good post.
    Carol XOXO

  6. Aww, those Robins did a great job. Lovely nest.
    The hat is cute. I can see it in lovely bright colours to with little flowers all over it. lol..

  7. dang it.. forgot again..

    Enter me!

  8. Facing50, Ha! Isn't wind lovely?!! ^_^ And I sure wish I could have heard you singing 'Oh what a beautiful morning' while holding onto your hat!! LOL Thanks for the nice words about my poem, and for yours! ^_^ Have a good day!

  9. Alittlesprite, The robins 'did' do a great job, didn't they! :-] And so did hubby, getting a picture of it...Thanks for the nice words about the hat. And by the way, I finally got the brown I needed to finish my yoyo bag too. Hopefully, in between hat construction, I can finish it and show that too!...but no more flowers will be added to it! LOL

  10. Alittlesprite, Ha! Ha! You're entered again!! ^_^

  11. Jazzy E., Thank you very much! :-)

  12. I found the nicest nest while mowing...I put it in my flower bed in a planter. I love finding them in the trees where I can watch the babies grow and then fly the coup..makes me feel like a proud Mom!

  13. Wow that hat looks great! You are such an amazing crocheter!

  14. What a lovely post. I hope the robins manage to lay an egg and a little chick to fingers and toes crossed. Love your hat that is gorgeous and right up my street so to speak ;-)) Have a lovely week, dee x

  15. yaya, Ohhhh! In a planter! Among all those pretty flowers! What a great idea! :-) That would look so pretty!!...Okay, I gotta start thinking outside the box...Thanks for the info...Mama Nester. :-]

  16. Jo-anne, Awwwww! Thank you very much! That's high praise coming from you...the Hedgehog crocheting Queen! LOL I'm pretty in awe of your skills too!

  17. delia, Thank you for the nice words about the hat and the post. :-) I hope you're right about the robins too, and they actually lay in the nest. They weren't there at all yesterday! O_0 Hubby says he thinks our nest may be a decoy nest!! I sure hope he's wrong!...Monday is upon us again. Have a good week, Dee! :-]


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