Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ooooooo!....For Me?!

      Don't you love getting gifts?! Especially gifts wrapped with pretty red silk ribbons?!....What?! O_0 You mean this doesn't happen to you all the time?! LOL doesn't happen to me that often either. But Oh! How wonderful when it does!!
    The reason I got it was because we were invited to a wedding shower dinner by a friend who is getting married very soon. Congrats to you M, by the way. :-) This was the gift that was given to the guests.
        It came in this silver-bow laden green neon bag too! It felt so special! :-)
         Wanna see what was inside?!......Look!
         Look at the pretty roses all over it!!!!!!! :-]
         I love little jewelry boxes!...At least that's what it's going to be to me! I'm going to keep my wedding rings in it!...Speaking of which, those of you who are married, do you take your wedding rings off at night, or do you wear them at all times?
       That's a question that came up recently when talking to some friends. I was surprised to find that most of my girlfriends keep theirs on!! They sleep in them and everything!...Maybe it's not such a surprise to you all, but the idea of having my finger restricted all night long gives me a.....*pulling at the collar on my nightie*...claustrophobic feeling. LOL
     Yes, it's another edition of "TOO MUCH INFORMATION ABOUT THE WUG"!! ^_^ 
You already know it, but I've got issues!! And those issues include not having things wrapped around or pulling at me when I'm TRYING to get some sleep! You wanna know how serious it is? Well....
     ...If it was left up to me, I would be happy to only wear what I came into the world wearing!....You got me?! I don't have to say it, do I?!! ^_^ So, when it comes to sleeping...the pastime I love almost as much as writing poetry, crocheting, and listening to music....I don't want anything around my body, around my neck, around my finger, or...and I know this is going to cement my claim that I have issues....around my hair! I won't even wear a scrunchie (the cloth ponytail holder) to bed!!
     I've tried, at times when we were out of town, staying with relatives. {I didn't want to be caught 'au naturale' as a guest in a relative's unlocked doored bedroom! LOL} But it always ended up with hubby sleeping on the side of the bed nearest the door, and me getting up before the sun came up, so I could get dressed in an appropriate 'AWAKE' manner. LOL
     So, this cute little box...
            ...which was housing some delicious chocolate, is now going to be the place that houses my wedding rings....and maybe a pair of earrings, for fast dressing! LOL
       And, who knows, maybe I will put an occasional chocolate or two in there also! :-) Hmmmm......chocolate! O_0 Now, why did I go and say that?!! 
       Have a good day everybody! :-)

Candy Rhyme

It's not right...I know,
to start your day with a chocolate face;
But the M&Ms with peanuts
gave my dream such a lovely taste.

It got me really thinking
about the candies of my youth,
like "Pixie Sticks" and "Twizzlers",
WOW! I had such a big 'Sweet Tooth'!

I remember in the playground,
trading candy like a stock.
It's a wonder you never hear
of kids going into "candy shock"!

'Hershey's with almonds',
'Kit Kats' and 'Peanut Bars';
Chocolate 'Reese's cup',
'3 Musketeers' and 'Mars'.

'Pay Days', 'Sugar Babies',
'Nestle's Crunch' and 'Heath Bars' too;
'York Peppermint patties',
because hard candies just won't do.

'Snickers', 'Milky Way',
'Butterfinger', Raisinets';
All that chocolate, good for me,
but not good for household pets!

'Twix', 'Reese's Pieces',
'Almond Joy', and Oh Yeah!, 'Mounds';
'Tootsie Rolls' and 'Whoppers'
I could eat them by the pounds!

'Dove Bar', 'Now or Laters',
'Laffy Taffy', 'Zagnut', 'Skor'.
Okay, I'm gonna stop now,
but there's plenty, plenty more!

Now that I'm grown up
I don't eat candy all the time.
Instead, I have sweet dreams of it,
and write a candy rhyme!


  1. Here's to all the sweet candy dreams of our youth, Debbie! A lovely surprise gift.

  2. Donna, Weren't those candies good?!! :-] A lot of my childhood memories are directly connected to the candies I was eating at the time! :-)) Such a tough childhood!! ^_^

  3. What a wonderful present! so cute :) I don't wear my wedding rings to bed I take them off, don't want to lose any diamonds from my engagement ring!

    Enter me please.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. How funny! I NEVER even touch candy anymore but I do remember those goodies from long ago. Snickers and M& faves. I used to eat a 3/4 lb bag of peanut M&Ms EVERY day in college! Sad, I know! That's what happens when Joe's Parkway is right across the street. Plus the A&W....ahhhh those hot fudge sundaes. more. I changed drastically many years ago. But fun memories!
    And regarding the wearing of rings? Well...I actually do not wear ANY jewelry EVER! Not even a wedding ring!

  5. That was a great present! I love receiving gifts too! I take my rings off at night and I only wear the band when I workout. I also take them off when I am just relaxing around the house. I like to be free when I am at home and winding down.

  6. Bee Happy, Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, it really is a good gift, isn't it! Functional....but yet so pretty! :-) And okay!!!! I'm not the only one not wearing my rings 24/7! Thx for letting me know! :-) Have a good day!!

  7. Art and Sew Forth, Ahhhhhh! A&W!!! I wish we had one of those around here!...Then again, it's probably a good thing we don't! LOL On a trip to Michigan we fell in love with that place!...Talking about the other thing, I had the same problem with the M&Ms, but mine were the almond M&Ms, not the peanuts ones. So GOOD!!!! And almonds...not so bad either, health-wise! :-)...And WOW! No jewelry?! My brain will take a minute to wrap around that!! LOL

  8. Shelley, Heyyyy!!! That makes another person for NO rings! I'm not alone!!! ^_^ Thanks for the feedback!...And for the nice words about my gift. Thanks for ptting the link to the 'NOW' sign on your blog too. I was looking for it! ^_^

  9. What a nice gift you got! It's so pretty. Plus, I love those chocolates.
    I just wear my ring when I'm out of the house. Don't know why....

  10. To answer your question my friend, I NEVER take my rings off! None of them!! I'm not even sure if I could get them off, LOL!!! AND I'm not into birthday suit attire for sleeping either. I like clothes on. Ha ha!! (Bet hubby likes it! *wink* *wink!*)
    Love the little box and I'm sure it'll be great for your rings and earrings at night.
    The chocolate is making me drool......I love that kind!! But I weighed myself this morning (totally the wrong thing to do) and I've decided I had better quit eating period!!! LOL
    Enjoy your chocolate AND your pretty little box too!

  11. Priscila, Thank you. I think it's pretty too. And the chocolates just took it over the top! :-) My friend has good taste...And yet another non-all-the-time ring wearer!! I'm so surprised!! :-)) I was under the impression that I was waaaaay in the minority! Thanks for the input...And have a good rest of the day!

  12. CinLynn, Okay, so you're the one in the minority here, according to the blog comments so far! The rings I mean. ^_^ And F.Y.I., the fear that I wouldn't be able to get them off is one of the reasons mine come OFF!! LOL...And the chocolates were very good, but they would have needed some nuts for me to be raving over them. Chocolate without something nutty, chewy, or crunchy....not my favorite. But you can't snub your nose at a gift!! ^_^ Thanks for the comment my friend. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  13. CinLynn, Oh're entered!! :-)

  14. Your poem is like waking up to chocolate/sweet heaven! I knew I should've bought some chocolate when I went grocery shopping yesterday!

  15. Ooh CANDY! Any gift with candy's good in my opinion. :)

  16. what a pretty gift and so nicely wrapped. I take off my rings when I go to bed, somehow my fingers get swollen so in the morning they are very tight, so yeah I take them off and put them on.

    I love that song , "I hope you dance." and I also enjoy sitting still especially when it's raining out.
    and tell your hubby that it is an exciting thing to see all those pretty plants come to life!

  17. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! Thank you so much! That's the first time I had someone describe a poem of mine that way! :-) And guess what? I don't have one piece of chocolate in my house at the moment either! ^_^ It's all in the words.

  18. Skylar, :-) I think the same way, Skylar!!

  19. Elisa, Thanks so much for the nice comment...What I've found out here in blogland is that I am not in the minority about the rings thing! Quite a few of us are 'take them off' kind of people! I appreciate the input. I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one! LOL...Hubby appreciates your nice comment about his plants too! :-)

  20. ;-)) that poem has got my mouth watering now ;-)) Bless you. When i was married i wouldn't ever take my wedding band off even when i had both my major hip opps i made them tape it up. The reason it was blessed on that day and when my husband put it on my finger it was binding us together. If i was to remove it to me it felt the magic of that day and the binding of love and faith had gone some how. But we all have our own reasons ;-)) Hope you enjoyed your chocolate and that little box is so very pretty enjoy it to, dee x

  21. delia, I'm glad you liked the poem. :-) As to the ring thing, I can see ring itself had a lot of meaning for you. To me, the ring was just pretty jewelry, and a way for other people outside of my home to know my status. So, I wearing it out was important to me, but in the house hubby already knew my status! LOL It's been 29 years already. He better know!!! ^_^ And yes, I enjoyed the chocolates and am already enjoying my box! :-) Have a good rest of the day!


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