Thursday, September 20, 2012

       As you can see from the header photo, I'm still not feeling much better. What happened was that I was sitting there minding my own business, and then all of a sudden I got a little tremble. You know...the kinda tremble you get when the weather outside drops too quickly and you need to warm up pretty quick.
      But then the little tremble kept getting more violent. Pretty soon every muscle in my body was jerking uncontrollably, like it thought I was freezing to death or something...I felt fine, except for the tremble!
      Then the tremble didn't subside, even after I covered up, and according to hubby, even while I was sleeping!!...Hubby said it was hot in the room. That's when I knew I must have a fever...I'd NEVER had anything come on me like this before...NEVER!
      The trembling went on for quite a while, to the point of clinching pain in my muscles. Thankfully that's stopped! But I still have a bit of a fever, I'm getting jerky pains in my body sporadically, and I'm just exhausted!...I hear from my girlfriend that the same thing happened to her son. She took him to the doctor and they say there's a virus going around...Great! Grrrr!
       I'm achy all over. It hurts to move. Hopefully this thing will let go soon, because I'm sick of it already!!!...Hubby has been a real trooper...poor guy. :-( He gives the best back and body rubs, even if his chicken soup stinks! Ha! Ha!...Hopefully, I'll be back to my old self soon. Thanks for all the kind words. I really appreciate it. :-)

 I don't feel like talking

I know you won't believe this,
but I don't feel like a chat!
I don't wanna talk today.
That's just not where my head's at.

I'm not all giddy gabby.
I don't feel like spilling words.
I wanna sit and watch the weather,
or the clock, or maybe birds.

My non-communication
only happens now and then,
so enjoy the tempered silence
while I keep a quiet pen.

Tomorrow may be different.
I may talk your ears right off.
You may not get a word in edge-wise,
so today...go play some golf!      


  1. Awwww, I'm sorry! That sounds like an awful virus!! I'm glad you have hubby there to help you though. Get your rest and get better! I miss your chatty self! :)

    1. Hi, Bead....Yes, it's a bad one. I've never had one like this. And I'm so glad hubby is here! He's a good care-taker. :-) No worries. Mama Chatty will be back. Count on it! lol

  2. Gosh I really do hope that you're feeling a little better now. Tell that nasty virus to disappear we want out happy, talkative Poetess back xoxo

    1. Ha! Ha! I am feeling better today, Jo.


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