Monday, September 17, 2012

How Much Money Do You Need?!

      I won't get into the details this morning, but hubby and I got into a conversation about how much money we would need to live comfortably. Not exorbitantly! But Comfortably. You know...the light, heat, telephone, and cable bills paid on time every month, and not having to worry about where we were gonna live!
      When we were younger the amount would have been TOTALLY different! That's because when we were younger, when we were teenagers, I'm talking about, we both had crazy ideas about what we would do with our lives!...Hubby's ideas included his owning his own grocery store, or chain of stores. And mine included me becoming a famous singer!....Uhhh....I said crazy! LOL
      If things had materialized the way we then thought, we would've been 'rolling in the dough', raking in money left and right!! :-] ...How much money would we have needed to live the life we thought we wanted?!...Ohhhh...I don't know....about 40 million, give or take a million. ^_^ 
      Then we could've had paintings like the one in the header photo all over our mansion....Yes, mansion! Because with that kind of money, we would've just had to have a bigger house. I think it's the law!! LOL
         And I, of course, would've been one of the best dressed women around, with a whole slew of accessories to help me out, like this bag...

        ...and maybe even a car to match the color of my bag! :-)

      We would have slept in luxury...

      ....danced, played and lived our life in luxury. With only the best of everything!...

      You know what happens when you get older and wiser and you've lived life a while?!...Reality. That's what! LOL And guess what?! find out that reality is not so bad. :-] ...That's what you find out if you haven't wandered around in disbelief and unrealistic expectation for too long, I mean. O_O
       No, hubby never owned a chain of grocery stores...and I never became a famous singer...except in my house! ^_^ And we've never had enough money so that we could say we were exorbitantly rich...Comfortable?!...Yeah, we've been financially comfortable. But comfortable like..."The car blew a gasket?!"...."You better take it to the repair man.".....Not comfortable like..."Our niece wants a car for her graduation present."..."Okay, we'll get it for her, but not the Ferrari. Her mom might get mad with us." kind of comfortable! LOL
        And our expectation about how much money we would need to live has also drastically changed since we were teenagers...Now our concern is having enough to pay the bills, and go to the doctors, and to get our blood pressure medication, without worrying about what we'll have to sell off in the house to get it! ^_^ As long as we can still be together, serve our God, take care of each other, and still be moving and breathing...we're good! :-) In fact, it's priceless!....As soon as we get the moving and breathing part coordinated we'll let you know. ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!

Everything Is Getting Older

Everything is getting older,
past it's time, and rusting fast!
No matter how many times you oil it,
Somehow, still, it doesn't last.

Everything is getting older.
Even veggies just from the store,
have now browned and withered up.
They're not all shiny like before.

Everything is getting older.
Old dogs included, people too.
Even babies, from the womb,
start getting older, just past brand new!

Everything is getting older,
like real good books, with tales all told.
But, Wait a minute! Some books are good!
That's why "To read" will not get old.

Everything that's getting older
doesn't harm us and displease.
Just think of wisdom in the aging-
that's with people and with cheese!

All the things, those getting older,
showing marks and scars of time,
just need a tad bit more attention,
or just a small aged glass of wine!     


  1. I'm with you...I don't need the huge house, the fancy car, the name brand anything. I just don't want to live under a bridge and eat cat food when it's time to retire! I'm a big believer in doing what the Lord wants me to do and letting him help me in the temporal areas of my life. But it is hard to give over the control to Him...not like giving up the remote on the TV...but sort of! Hang in there and keep doing what you know is right and I'm sure the rest will come.

    1. Oh No! I don't wanna live under a bridge and eat cat food either, Yaya!! LOL And after life has knocked you around a few times while you were trying to 'do your own thing', it's amazing how selective you get about who you're going to give the reins of control of your life over to! I think we got a good steward this time. It makes all the difference in the world! ^_^

  2. I was taking my husband to work this morning and we were talking about this. I always say that I need money enough to have a comfortable life, travel and be able to donate here and there. But, I'm far from that. I don't complain, because my husband and I have two legs and two arms and we're able to work.
    I hope you have a lovely day.

    1. You made me smile that my 'stream of consciousness' talking could turn into a topic for conversation while you were taking your husband to work! :-] I sure wish I could have been a fly on the wall....a fly with ears I mean...and a working human brain. O_O But that would've just gotten me scratch that! LOL...By the way, your idea of a comfortable life didn't sound so bad. I would've added just a couple of know me! ^_^

  3. Everything and everyone ARE getting older. We can't stop it and we can't take our "riches" with us when we die. Our greatest riches comes from the treasures we've gained in a spiritual sense, and those we CAN take with us and have when we're resurrected (Jehovah willing). Of course you know that already though.
    But I'm with you.....sustenance and covering is all we REALLY need to be happy. I love your attitude my friend!! Stick with it and you'll go places (not a singing career or a chain of grocery stores...LOL).

    By the way...I love that bag!!! I want it!! Oh, (slapping my hand)that's right, I'm content and I don't need it!! LOL

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! You always crack me up!! ^_^ ...*By the way, I really do wish I could afford that bag!!! ^_^*...And between you and I, I'm not planing to go ANYWHERE! I'm just fool enough to believe that I'll never need the resurrection! I've decided...I'm not gonna die....ever! LOL Soooooo, when I wake'll be too late to slap me back into reality! LOL Oh, if only everything in this life was as easy as believing! ^_^ And oh, if everyone worldwide could do it!!!!

  4. Deb, yes we are getting older and in hopes that we have become wise. Some of us learn our lessons later in life. Right now I would give anything well just about anything to own my own house again. With the only rules about living is the ones I make. Great poem. Hugs, Velma

    1. Hi Velma!...Yeah, I learned a lot of my lessons later in life too! And I'm here to tell ya, you "CAN" teach an old dog new tricks!! LOL...Thanks, by the way, for the nice words about the poem.

  5. What an unusual bed. I'm not sure that I would be able to sleep in something like that.
    Oh what a lovely find that guitar is. It makes me wish I played guitar just so I could show it off :D It's very pretty.

    1. Yes, Jo, that bed is definitely not the norm, bu I love the trees!...And I'm with you about the guitar. I have two....and really play neither! LOL


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