Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Had A Dream.....

       I know you probably saw the post title and thought: "What is 'Wug' taking?!" ^_^ But no, I'm not taking anything...except my vitamins and supplements and some blood pressure medication. Nothing that induces dreams...I promise! LOL
       And the title is not about what you're probably thinking. I'm not talking about Martin Luther King's 'dream'...Or some dream of great wealth and financial stability....I'd have to sleep the big sleep and absolutely lose my mind to be having any such dreams as that!! LOL 

      No, the dream I had...which I'll tell you about while I share some more of hubby's Holyoke photos...was one I know I made up myself. I know that because I don't believe in mystical interpretation of dreams, and I'm almost pretty sure of what it's about anyway. I'll tell you that in a minute too...after I tell you the dream. :-)

       The dream was of me!...on my first day of College! ^_^ The reason that's funny is because I never went to College. I never wanted to go to College. And of all the places to put myself in my dreams...somewhere that I might actually need a 'working' brain would not be the place!! LOL

     But there I was, in my dorm room, putting things away!....Then I looked out of a window and could see that classes had begun...YIKES!...apparently I had napped too long! O_O...WOW! there's a surprise!! Ha! Ha!

       Wandering around the room in a nervous state because I was missing class, I decided to chock the day up as lost......Actually, I decided in that minute that this College thing wasn't gonna be for me! ^_^ I need my naps...and without pressure to get to class too! I mean, I've hopped out of school bathroom windows before! LOL {You'd have to be a regular follower of this blog to know what that's about! Sorry. ^_^}

       Even though I had decided that I was packing up my 'dog and pony show' and going take a nap!...the dream didn't end there...All of a sudden my two roommates came in. One of them just went over to her bed and flopped. The other one said hi, introduced herself,....I don't remember what her name was. After all, I was outta there! ^_^...and then she wanted to show me some pictures in her camera.

        The one she had up was of a beautiful sky....hmmmmm....go figure! LOL...She walked away, but, nosy girl that I am, I wanted to see the other pictures. I saw a button that said: "Only One" I pushed it! O_O...Uh Oh!!!!....I actually said: "Uh Oh!" out loud apparently, because she came running over and took the camera from me! O_O

        Long story short, and a lot of dream stuff that didn't make sense later, she was NOT happy that I had erased almost 2,000 of her pictures! She said I needed to go and spend $85.00 and get her another similar camera or bring her the $85.00 tomorrow!!! O_O
       Little does she know, I'm not coming back to school tomorrow....or ever.....and that she's a goner already too! LOL....Not in an I killed her sense...I wouldn't do that! :-) But in a 'you're only a product of my dreams girl' kinda way! ^_^

       That dream seemed so real...and then I woke up and told hubby about it, and we laughed like crazy people! :-) In fact, I probably should be offended that he laughed as much as he did!!...But since I know exactly why he did, and I completely's all good! ^_^
       As I said, I know what the dream is about anyway. Part of it is editing waaaay too many of hubby's pictures at bedtime...The other part is that I have a talk, a presentation, in my congregation's Theocratic Ministry school this week, and I've been practicing like a crazy girl! ^_^ I'm kinda nervous about how it's gonna go...I know it's gonna be fine though. :-)

       You also can probably tell by the amount of words on this page, that I'm feeling better. :-] Still not 100%, but certainly waaaaay better than I was! I just have a headache left, and a slight cough and some drippy-ness and raspy-ness. Hopefully after some hot green tea and lemon, that will be all gone too!...I sure hope so! I don't wanna sound like Mr. Wug during my talk! LOL

     So that's what I'll be doing today. Watching a video, working on my talk, finishing some studying, and Oh yeah! I also woke up this morning to a request that might be a custom order! YAY!...So I'll probably start work on that a little later....As you can see, I've got plenty of things to keep me awake and busy, and out of dreamland! LOL My dreams are a wild ride! The poem below is one I wrote about another dream I had one time!

         Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

It All Went Away In A Fog

I dreamed I was writing my blog,
in the middle of an old Irish bog.
There came a woof! woof!
and the pounding of hoof,
and it all went away in a fog.

The next night I was out for a jog,
and again heard that same old dog!
I took off down the street,
hid in golden high wheat,
and it all went away in a fog.

I awoke eating just like a hog,
having wine with a spicy cheese log.
Giving numerous naps,
and the dog all my scraps,
it all went away in a fog! 


  1. Ha ha ha! Isn't it great to wake up and find out that it was only a dream!! I've had MANY like that one and I can always pinpoint where they came from too.
    Have a wonderful day! Get that talk tweaked, enjoy the video ( I have to find someone to borrow one from), and congrats on the custom order (possibly)!! You are on a roll and I hope it continues for you!

    1. ^_^ Most of the time my dreams are pretty harmless. But considering this one, I guess I'm not using my brain enough during waking hours or something, huh?! ^_^...I wish I lived nearby. I'd loan my video to you!...FOR SURE!!! :-]

  2. Well that was an interesting dream. You certainly do have a wonderful way of describing it too. You made me smile that's for sure :D

    1. ^_^ It was indeed....interesting! Ha! Ha! I'm glad it gave you a smile anyway.


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