Sunday, September 2, 2012

Late....Busy....Crocheting!! :-)

      As with most Sunday mornings lately, I'M RUNNING SOOOOO LATE!!! ^_^ Too much napping...alright sleeping!...breakfast eating and talking to my hubby! And too much to do!
     I just finished the three hair clips for my customer to choose from. I sent her photos already...

       I even was able to construct a completely different design...for me anyway!...A star! :-) ...

      I sent them to her to choose which one she wanted.....and she wants all three!!...*Teehee*...That's good for me!! ^_^

      Now, this morning, I got a custom order for about 5 lapel pins or all kinds of colors! :-) Go! Crochet Girl, Go! Ha! Ha!...Unfortunately none of the colors he requested look anything like the one I just finished!! LOL

     Oh Well....into the shop it'll go, later today!....I have some others to show you too....but not now! I'm gonna be late for my meeting!!!!! O_O Have a good day, Everybody!!

Trying Something New

Sticking my feet in the water,
sticking my toe in the sand,
sticking my tongue out to taste it,
rolling it around in my hand.

It's not somewhere I've been before.
It's not something that I've ever had.
It's not what I had expected.
But you know what? It's not that bad!


  1. You go crochet girl!! I'm sooooooo happy for you and your custom orders!! I hope it keeps up for you and you'll be able to stay busy.
    I love the middle hairpin the best, but they're all so pretty! I can see why she wanted all three!
    Have fun crocheting today...we're off for a family picnic!

    1. ^_^ That's what I've been doing since the meeting!! One of the little custom order flowers is driving me batty!!...But I' working it out. :-)...And it's funny that you liked the middle flower best. That was her favorite too! :-)) Enjoy your picnic today!

  2. That's wonderful news you crochet girl you! Although you may have heard me say this many times before but your items are amazing and it's no wonder that you sell so many lovely things :)

    1. Thank you very much, Jo! Yes, you have been very supportive of me and my shop, and I appreciate it very much!...You even won an afghan of mine! ^_^ It makes me smile knowing you all might've wrapped up in it this past winter :-)

  3. they look nailed it!!!!!!


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