Saturday, September 29, 2012

So What Had Happened Was.......!

         The first thing I wanna do today is apologize for the short...very short! post yesterday. I woke up late, had a million things on my schedule to do, didn't feel good anyway!, and then had an incident with my shop happen that just threw me over the edge! Aargh!!!
       While I tell you about it, I'll show you some of my latest crochet lapel pins I'm hoping to put in the shop later today...

        So, what had happened was...and yes! I know that's not the proper way to say it. ^_^ But what had happened was...I miss-placed an item that a customer had requested. I'm talking TOTALLY couldn't find it.....ANYWHERE!!! O_O And it was an item that was suppose to be going all the way to Hong Kong too!!...*double O_O*
     I almost melted down. That's NEVER happened to me before...Well, I've had a meltdown before, but the loss of an item that I had listed in my shop?! Never!...But I couldn't find it! I have everything in particular places, marked exactly, stored securely.....Aargh!!!! O_O I usually know exactly where to put my hands on things.

        How I found out it was missing was that I run an on-going giveaway in my shop. Every 25th item bought from Wuglyees comes with a FREE scarf of that item buyer's choice. The customer that bought my 275th item won the scarf! They live in Hong Kong. I was kinda excited that one of my scarf "babies" was gonna be making that kind of world trip! :-) .....that is, until I realized that the particular scarf they wanted was missing!!!...My excited customer...who had their eye on that particular scarf!...*sigh*...was gonna have to be told that they couldn't have it! :-(
        Has this ever happened to any of you?! Or am I the only 'dough, dough'?! Ugh!...And what made matters worse was that I was soooooo sure it was here in the house SOMEWHERE!!! I mean, scarves don't walk! Especially not out of 'my' house!....Ha!...LOL
      After looking and looking.....and hunting and hunting....and then re-looking and looking some more...hubby got frustrated with me and said: Why don't we just do a complete inventory....right now!...and let's make sure that nothing else is missing!...There went our plans for breakfast, his early job hunting, and my blog post! :-(

      So, that's what we did....hours of inventorying my more than 380 items, plus other stuff I didn't have listed yet! And guess what?...Everything turned up...except that scarf!! O_O

      Then hubby said: "Wait a minute! Wasn't that one of the scarves you had set aside for your giveaway recently, that nobody claimed?! It was in here, not in it's usual place, because of that! Didn't you give that scarf to the lady that comes to clean?!".......Aarph?! O_O

       Like a bad movie, with tons of clippets of scenes coming at me all in fast motion, I went back in time in my mind...and sure enough, right there between the whirring of her vacuum cleaner, and the big smile on her face when she left, was my scarf....waving bye bye as she flipped it over her shoulder, and said: "Thank you so much!!" when she was going out the door!...*shaking my head*

    At that point I was "suppose to" go to the shop and delete it, but I must've gotten side-tracked by something...which doesn't take much these days, with my menopausal unforgiving brain! O_O

       So, I had to email my customer with BIG apologies, and ask them to pick another scarf. So far I'm still waiting to see which one that will be...unless they're so mad at me that they never talk to me again, or visit my shop!...*gulp!*...I am such a 'dough, dough' sometimes!!! UGH!

       Okay, enough of that now! Self abuse time is over!! It's done and there is nothing that I can do about it now! I have to chock this up to a learning experience. I have to be more particular about what I move in and out of my shop for giveaways, and I have to stop being so hard on myself about things I can't change!...Besides, I can make a million scarves! ^_^ In fact, in the inventory I found a WHOLE BOX of scarves I've never listed!!!
       Most of them are 'Ugly Wuglyee' scarves. They may be a bit much for wearing every day. But they'd work great as door-stops or something like that, to tuck under a doorway, to cut the breeze from coming in! :-) ... I may try to get hubby to take the box of them and sit outside next to the curb or something. Maybe he could get $5 or $10 a scarf!!...You'd pay $5 for a door-stop, right?! ^_^ You'd pay it to stop me from getting lost in my inventory and having a meltdown, right?!......Don't answer that! LOL...Anyway, have a good weekend, Everybody! :-)


Oh, I've been so hither thither,
up and down, all here and there.
I guess I'm trying to get a handle
on the changes everywhere.

The changes of the seasons
and the times, and of me.
The changes to my schedule
and responsibility.

I'm not complaining. Not a bit!
This change is good. I will adjust.
Or you will see me near the highway

with a sign: "Will Change Or Bust!"


  1. Nice new lapel pins! I love the first one!! I also really like the black and red one and the yellow and orange one and....I guess all of them!! They'll be flying out of your shop in no time!! :)

    As for the scarf incident, I hear you! I sell outside of Etsy sometimes and I forget to delete items too. That HAS happened to me! Fortunately I was able to make another pair of earrings just like the ones she wanted so she never knew. Whew! I'm sure your customer won't mind and will pick another pretty scarf out of your stash.
    As for the ones you haven't listed, maybe you should photograph them and show them off on your blog. Someone may say...'that's just the kind I was looking for!'

    Have a wonderful Saturday! I'm off to get ready for service. My grandson is coming over and spending the night with us tonight since his parents are going to a wedding.

    1. Thank you, Cindy! :-) I can always count on you for encouragement! And I am so glad I'm not the only one this has happened to! Even so, it makes you feel so silly, doesn't it?!...As to the scarves, trust me when I tell you...they would only be 'door-stop' material. The material they're made out of is not my soft Caron yarn either. And the colors! Phew! Hubby was picking them up and laughing while we were doing the inventory. ^_^ He kept asking me what I was thinking when I made them. What I was thinking was: "Let me use this yarn up....I don't wanna waste it!" LOL I did find a few in the box though that I'm gonna list soon. They were made with the Caron yarn. I made them, but didn't list them at the time because there were similar scarves already in the shop. Then I totally forgot about them! Typical, right?! LOL...Enjoy service today! And the grandson too! :-)

  2. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one in the universe that stuff like that happens! Whew! Glad you figured it out and as for the "crazy" scarves...don't underestimate the power of the teenager mind when it comes to weird colors and crazy scarves! You just never know who they might appeal to!

    1. Ha@! Ha! No, Yaya, you're definitely not the only one! ^_^ And my 'Ugly Wuglyee' scarves would defy the teenage mind i think! ^_^ I guess I'm just gonna have to share them so that you all can see! LOL

  3. I am so glad that I am not the only one who forgets things or misplaces them. I'm glad you worked out where the scarf went.
    I love the new lapel pins especially that one at the top of your post. The colours look really good together.

    1. No, Jo, you are definitely not the only one that forgets stuff! ^_^ I'm notorious for it these days!...And thanks for the nice words about the lapel pins too.


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