Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Got My Butterfly Tags!!

         Let's try this again...Happy Tuesday! :-) ... I'm trying it again because Monday didn't turn out to be so happy after all. In fact, I think I might have Garfield's attitude about Mondays now...at least yesterday's Monday!...

      With a washing machine on the blink (had to go to the laundry mat!), and the repairman not able to come until today, stomach cramps like crazy, and a visit from my....ahem...."friend" again...UGH!!!!!...and weather maps announcing that rain (and hurricanes on the east coast heading toward Florida) was coming, it was not a good Monday. NOT a good Monday at all!!
      I'm hoping that Tuesday will be actually "Happy!"...I think it just might be too, because I got a late night package in the mail that gave me a glimmer of a smile. It was the delivery of the butterfly tags I ordered!...

      I couldn't wait to rip open the package and look at them up close and personal! :-)

     Aren't they pretty?!!! :-] ... I really love the color of these too!...Not that I didn't love the others I had before...

     I loved those too!...but this red color feels more like ME!! ^_^ 

       I'm gonna enjoy writing notes to my customers on the inside...

      ...and sending their orders off to them, knowing that they're gonna open their package and get hit in the face with such a bright and happy set of butterflies! :-) ... Thanks Elizabeth, of LillyThings!! :-)

      And by the way, thanks to Terri Fisher, of SmilingCatVintage too, for letting me borrow the shark bowl circling Garfield. ^_^ I had wanted to share it yesterday along with the other Monday items, but I didn't get permission in time...Frankly, it was a better fit today anyway! Funny how things work out, huh?! ^_^

       Okay...I'm off to get my Tuesday started! I've got some reading and studying to do, some crocheting to finish, and some breakfast to scarf down! LOL..Happy Tuesday, Everybody!!


Tuesdays follow Mondays,
trailing chores left behind.
Tuesday is the peaceful offer,
when Monday wasn't kind.

Tuesday is the day that you
 concede your week's begun.
Tuesday is the hopeful plans
of weekends coming fun.

Tuesday follows Monday,
Always second in the list.
Unsure and kind of shadowed,
just like Gorillas in the mist.

Tuesday should petition,
that it becomes a known "Fun" day!
Right now it's just quite thankful,
that it's not a moody Monday.       


  1. I hope Tuesday is turning out to be a fabulous day for you, Debbie! Those butterfly tags are absolutely beautiful! So very refined and lovely. I think I am going to head over to LillyThings and see what else she has to offer. Your wonderful poem brought about a chuckle. Have a delightful Tuesday evening!

    1. Hi Julie! :-) I wish I could say: "It's fabulous!!!"...but that wouldn't be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!! LOL...But I'm dealing with it! :-] ...By the way, thanks for the nice words about my tags too! Elizabeth, of LillyThings, is a friend 'in real life'. She's a great girl and really cares about her work. You can't go wrong ordering from her! :-) Tell her I sent you!

  2. What is it with electrical items not working the way they should? I hope you've managed to get your washing machine fixed.
    I love Your nëw tags. The red butterflies look great.

    1. I KNOW!!!!...Ugh!...And NO! My machine is still not working! Hubby had to take our laundry to the laundromat again last night! O_O ... And thanks for the thumbs up for my new tags! :-)


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