Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Love The Smell Of Firemen In The Morning!

           Sauteed chicken and grits. It doesn't look like the kind of thing that would have firemen at your house at eight O'clock in the morning, or the kind of thing that would delay me from talking on my blog, does it?! ^_^
       Yep! It's another one of those stories I'm afraid. LOL For those of you that regularly read my blog, I'll just say: 'hubby has been cooking again'. LOL For my own amusement, while I'm telling the story I'll show you the two 'ugly Wuglyee' lapel pins I made yesterday.

       (I'm gonna probably list them in my Wuglyees shop later today.)

      I was in the bedroom, minding my own business, editing pictures and arranging things so that I could put my blog post up...I'll share that post with you tomorrow...when I heard the loud sound of frying! O_O For those of you that cook, it was the sound a frying pan makes when it has a layer of hot...too hot!...grease in it, and somebody throws some water-laden french fries in it or something!
      That's what it "sounded" like! As it turns out that's not what it was...But I yelled: "Bae!!! Turn the frying pan down!! That's gonna smoke up the whole house!!"...No answer. O_O A few minutes later the fire alarm went off....LOUDLY!!!
      I still wasn't OVERLY concerned because this 'frying stuff on too high heat' thing is kinda normal for my hubby. Trying to teach him that faster and higher doesn't mean better has been an on-going process! So, this whole situation is not my first to speak!! LOL I just figured that with me yelling at the top of my lungs, the alarm's blaring would stop soon, and I continued to write.

       In retrospect, when he didn't answer me the first time I should've been worried! In the past, my yelling and the alarm's blaring would've at least got him to come and explain what was going on. O_O I found out later that what happened was that he went out to try to fan away the smoke and make the alarm go off...and locked himself out of the house!! LOL
       As  I was saying, I was just writing away, and the alarm was blaring away, when all of a sudden I heard someone say in a very loud voice...and it didn't sound like my husband! O_O..."Is This Where The Fire is?!"......"FIRE?????" O_O What's going on?!!!..Oh Boy!

       Apparently when hubby threw his cold chicken into the 'too hot' frying pan it started to smoke badly. He tried to beat the alarm by fanning it didn't work.   And then the alarm got stuck on BLARE!!!!!! He ended up getting locked outside...unbeknownst to me...THANKFULLY!...He got back in with his spare key. And one of the neighbors called the fire department...I guess.
      I still don't know the full story. All I know is that it took an hour for them to get the alarm off, it may cost us...something about an electrician! O_O....and that my chicken and grits tasted very good! :-) 

       Oh Yeah...I don't think hubby will be cooking anything on 'too high heat' anymore! :-) ... I love the smell of firemen who teach hubbies a good lesson in the morning! :-) It's 'tea-worthy'!...*slurp!*...Better than me saying something about it!

      I hope your weekend is exciting...but not this exciting, unless you end up with chicken and grits too!! ^_^ Have a good one!

Living Are The Words

All Poets through the ages,
from Poe to Maya Angelou,
have known the power of a word
and what the written word can do.

Words, alone, or in a sentence,
camouflaged or on their face,
are living breathing things,
occupying time and space.

Left within the mind
no one can hear them swear and curse.
When you release them by your speech,
their jab can go from bad to worse.

A complement is like the carving
of a golden apple's peel.
Falling gently on the hearer,
making shiny words a meal.

Cutting words are like a dagger
seeking out the mind and heart.
of the innocent and sure.
Pulling confidence apart.

Living breathing, in and out,
causing havoc every day.
You could be their vehicle.
So, be careful what you say.

Let good words inhabit spaces,
(which inevitably they do.)
And in receiving minds and hearts?
Let them flourish in there too!


  1. Ha ha ha!!! Hubby and I got a good laugh out of this one! Glad you're house didn't burn down though....on a serious note.

    Your "ugly wuglyees" as you call them, are not ugly. I think they're kind of cool!! I'm sure you'll sell them in no time!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. ^_^ I'm so glad my 'near-death experience' gave you and your hubby some amusement! LOL Do you believe that man?!!! I'm just thankful Jehovah keeps an eye on us!! ^_^ ...By the way, thanks for the nice words about my 'ugly Wuglyees'! I hope other people like them too!...Have a good day, my friend! Say hi to your hubby for me too!

  2. I do believe this is what my hubby would call "blog worthy"! I'm glad we can laugh at this and one day it will be a funny memory to retell over and damage done and I hope all your wuglyees sell..maybe they will smell a bit like chicken and grits?

    1. Ha! Ha!...You really made me smile thinking about the sign that would go up over my 'brick and mortar' store..."UGLY WUGLYEES and CHICKEN and GRITS!!" ^_^ ...Either that or "SOOT and SMOKE...BY HUBBY!" LOL

  3. Oh, my! What a way to start the day, ^-^
    Good that no damage was done, and now you guys can laugh at it.

    1. ^_^ How right you are!! Although I hope tomorrow starts with a bit less excitement!

  4. Gosh your morning sounds like it was very busy! I bet you have a good laugh about what happened. Thank goodness there wasn't a fire but yay for caring neighbours who called the fire department.

    1. It didn't start out busy, but Oh yeah! got busy really fast! ^_^ Thankfully there have been no fires since then!..But there has been cooking! ^_^


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