Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Something Simple In The Ears Today!

      I'm not gonna jump on the political bandwagon today. A lot of very talkative, non-tired people are already doing that! ^_^ In fact, that's all that's been on television here in the U.S. lately! But now that the election is over, our ears will be able to go back to their normal every day listening fare...commercials about happy meals' and fast, pretty cars! LOL
    And since your inundated ears are finally gonna wanna be uncovered now... ^_^ ...I decided to share with you my version of "simple" elegance to wear on them!...Etsy style of course! :-) ... Starting with the simple gold hoops in my header photo...

      These will be perfect for your every day wear!....And so will all of these below!...

       By the way, if I was getting married I'd be all over the earrings in this shop (above)!!...Just saying! :-)

       I would buy any of these...ANY of them! And I'm normally not a "simple" earring type of girl! :-) .. But wait! There's more!! Ha! Ha!...I don't know why I've been saying that lately! ^_^ Maybe I'm missing info-mercials! ^_^ .....NOT!!!...But it is probably true that my subconscious mind sucked in in somewhere! :-))
       Anyway, here's a few more "simply elegant" earrings....

The stone options for these cute little 'babies' above are white topaz, champagne cubic zirconia, and black spinel. You just have to specify which one during checkout.

      And you know that I wouldn't be me if there wasn't a pair of green earrings, right?! ^_^ ...

       How about 5 pair of green earrings?!! ^_^ ... Oooo! These would be a great set to get as bridesmaid gifts!....Not for me! I'm an old married lady now...30 years! My wedding dress and bridesmaid gift days are OVER!!!! LOL

      Okay...done! :-) Now I'm off to get a package shipped, crochet some more boutonnieres and lapel pins, and do some reading and studying. I may even be able to find an old non-political related movie on sometime that the airways are free! :-) 
       I'll tell you what I won't be doing!...I WON'T be looking out of the window every minute!!...I already know it's not gonna be good...We're suppose to have snow coming later this afternoon. :-( ...*sigh*...Doesn't this nor'easter storm know that Fall is not the snow, but "WINTER" is the snow?!! Grrrrrr....Too bad we didn't get a vote about that!! :-)) ... Anyway!...have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Winter Is The Snow

Winter is the snow,
when the chilly breezes blow,
and the clouds all seem to flow,
and the birds, in flight, will go,
with their ducks all in a row-
but they leave behind the crow.

Winter is the snow,
when the farmer doesn't sow,
and its not the time to hoe,
and there's nothing left to mow,
'cause the seed, right now, won't grow.

Winter is the snow,
and the little baby doe,
with his mama's eyes aglow,
and defensiveness in tow,
'cause she's had her share of woe.

The ducks, the farmer, and the doe
respect the season, 'cause they know
that winter is the snow.


  1. Beautiful earring choices! I love the ruby ones too!!
    Have a wonderful day and hopefully that storm will pass you by! :)

    1. Thanks, Cin! :-) Yeah...I love the ruby ones too! COLOR!!! ^_^ ... As to the storm, they were going back and forth and back and forth, but this morning they're saying we'll probably get a couple of inches. :-( I'll just wait and see! :-) Have a good day, Bead!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my earrings! I will explore your blog!!


    1. It was my pleasure, Debbie! :-) And I hope you have fun reading all of my silliness! ^_^

  3. thanks so much for including me! have a wonderful day :)

    1. It was "MY" pleasure, Rachel! :-) And you have a good day too!

  4. Anonymous11/10/2012

    Thank you so very much- love your blog!

    1. You're very welcome! :-) And thank you for the nice words about the blog too!...Have a good weekend!

  5. What a wonderful selection of earrings. I quite like the Bohemian ones. I think they look very pretty.

    1. Thanks, Jo!.And yes, I like those very much too!


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