Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 'Run Away'!!

       First, before I talk about the 'run away', let me remind you all about the 'GIVEAWAY'! So far I have NO takers!! O_O At one has 'said' they wanted to be entered!...Please click on the picture of the ring on the right hand side bar for the rules and details of the Giveaway...Okay, moving on! :-]

    Let's run away for the day, shall we?! Uhhhh....I say that, but the way hubby is cooking in here lately...maybe you all should run away to 'my' house! ^_^ You can help me eat some of his meals and concoctions! LOL...Although this morning there is no 'concoction'. I'm happy to eat this meal!! :-) ...

       And there's enough for all of us, don't you think?! ^_^ ...Boiled egg, grits and cheese, and home fries/potato chips!! {He used the food processor to do the potatoes for the first time! :-)}

      They're quite good too!......HELP!!!! ^_^ ... I didn't need any help with the boiled egg. I ate that all by myself, thank you very much! ^_^

       Now I'm probably not capable of 'running away' anywhere! LOL...Maybe at lunch time. ^_^ ... Although, even at lunchtime you all could 'run away' to my house! Hubby can make you a glass of lemonade...

       ...and share a bowl of leftover ham and potato soup with you! :-) That was the other delicious meal he made!...YUM!!...While we're chatting and sipping, I've be peeping away, trying to list some of these lapel pins I made! I REALLY need to make some time to get them into the Wuglyees shop!!...

     "You can't win, if you don't....LIST THEM!!!" LOL

     I have a few boutonnieres to list too...{pay no attention to the fuzzy camera-work!! ^_^}...

      I have to finish the backing on this brown boutonniere, and then list the matching lapel pin too...

      After we giggle a while, and maybe play a board game of Scrabble or something, it'll be dinnertime! :-) Maybe we can make a request of something light to eat...something that won't smoke up the house or have the fire department 'running away' to and from our house! ^_^
     And then we can sit and watch the birds peck away at the suet cage, while we watch the sun go we did on my 'positive' Wednesday! :-) ...

      Ahhhhhhh!...It was positively lovely! :-] ...So was the whole day...mostly, except for some mail I got...Another phone call I have to make today, and probably more paperwork!! Grrr!.....WHATEVER!...I'm keeping it positive today too! We do what we 'must' do!!...It is what it is!! :-)

      Thanks for 'running away' with me......TO me! ^_^ Maybe we can do this again some your house next time, okay?! ^_^ Anything for a reason to smile!
       Have a good day, Everybody!

Reasons To Smile

I don't really need a reason,
to let out a great big grin;
But I do from time to time,
just to exercise my chin.

Sometimes I do it just to see
what reaction I will get,
in the places where I've gone,
and the people that I've met.

Sometimes it's just for me!
To amuse some silly thought;
Or to show just how excited
I have been at what I bought.

Sometimes a smile can change my mood,
when weather forecasts make me blue;
Or when I see a baby playing!
Oh yes! Oh Yes! I smile then too!

Truth is, I really don't need a reason.
Frowns just,frankly, aren't my style.
I could sit and write about it,
But even that would make me smile.


  1. You must get those listed!! I IS time consuming! I especially LOVE that blue one with the gray middle!! Do you know how many men have gray suits?? All of them!!! LOL
    Your breakfast looks great! I had grits and an egg yesterday morning. Today...cereal. I'll be hungry in an hour! LOL
    I love the photos you got of your yard..very inviting!
    Have a wonderful day my friend, and take some time to list!

    1. I know, I know!! ^_^ Hopefully I'll get a few of them up today...and then a few more tomorrow. When they go, they go in multiples...and I need to try to stay ahead of the game!!...Uhhhhh...I said TRY!!! LOL...Have a good day, Cindy!! :-)


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