Thursday, November 22, 2012

Food.......Football.......Or A Loooooooooong Nap?!!

       *Yawn*........*smack, smack, smack*.........I think it's gonna be one of 'those' days! Not for anything bad though. I feel pretty good this morning. I slept really well, and nothing pressing...except crocheting...

         ...which is 'all good!', and not really pressing at on the schedule for the day!
      I 'do' wish I could get a nice hot cup of coffee from the local coffee shop, and maybe a honey-dipped donut! But I won't be able to do that today. People here are celebrating a holiday and a whole lot of places aren't open until later this evening.
    My hubby and I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but we do have food on the brain this morning. How could we not, with food commercials on all day long for the last week or more?! Seriously!! I haven't had a turkey in.......'forever!'...but that's all I'm craving today! ^_^ I know it's because of my childhood memories though. My family celebrated when I was a kid.
      Even back then I didn't know what Thanksgiving was about. I just looked forward to the FOOD!!! :-) Turkey and my mother's homemade cornbread stuffing, sweet potato pie and peach cobbler. Not to mention the canned cranberry sauce! LOL I LOVED it!!
       In the years after becoming one of Jehovah's Witnesses I never missed celebrating the holiday itself, but thanks to all of the media coverage, I was always aware of it! I always knew that turkey would be on sale around this time, and so would all of the food items to make the 'fixins' out of....So, again, the food was a big focus around this time of year!...A baked turkey leg, with some cornbread stuffing would be good for breakfast right about now...since I can't have my coffee and donut I mean! ^_^ But that's not what I'm having. :-) It's grits and bacon for me....with a green tea chaser!
     Hubby and I are gonna do some studying together, look at some old movies, eat food all day...especially baked ham......something else that was on sale. The BIG baked ham too!...We've had ham two days in a row already.....O_O....And I see ham soup, open-faced ham sandwiches, ham and egg omelets and maybe ham kabobs before we're through with it!! LOL
       Something else that we're definitely gonna do is watch football!! :-) ...

       I haven't watched a full football game all season I don't think! But my 'Dallas Cowboys' are playing today, everything else is closed, and nothing is pressing on my schedule....except my meeting this evening and some crocheting...

         ... :-) neither of which I consider pressing at all. They're both just enjoyable! :-) ...So, 'Dallas Cowboys'...and maybe a bowl of popcorn....HERE I COME!!! ^_^

       So, no! It won't be a big turkey dinner with cornbread stuffing and gravy, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole,  sweet potato pie, and eggnog for It's gonna be this breakfast that I just got served in bed....

         .....a cup of green tea, a little chocolate...

         ...and football!...

              But all of the leftovers of the food sales are gonna be up after today, so I'm sure I've got a turkey dinner in my future somewhere! ^_^ ....And more than a few naps too, I'm sure!!! :-)


Why do we get nostalgic
for the places of our past?
For the music and the people
who were in our high school class?

Why do we get nostalgic
for the foods we used to eat?
Like your mom's banana pudding,
boiled pig ears and chicken feet?

Why do we get nostalgic
for old bikes we once rode on?
And for buying penny candy
at a time that's long since gone?

Why do we get nostalgic
for long conversations had
when our cousins used to visit
(That was-til we all got mad)?!

Why do we get nostalgic?
Frankly, I'm  sure I don't  know,
'cause I sat and wrote a poem
like a true nostalgia pro!

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