Saturday, November 24, 2012

Explosion...and People In My Life That Matter!

    No, we don't have fog in the backyard this morning. This is just one of the other photos I didn't get to share with you yesterday. I love it so much I just had to lead with it today. :-) ...No, we don't have fog this morning. We have wind!...Wind, and a promise of substantial snowfall coming for next week!
      And as unhappy as the prospect of snow coming next week makes me, I'm happy, for the sake of the police officers and fire department, that we didn't have all that snow on the ground in our area  yesterday...or fog for that matter...because there was a massive gas explosion in downtown Springfield Massachusetts yesterday evening (the town where my family live!), and snow and fog would've really complicated an already complicated issue!
     Apparently there were high levels of gas in the area about an hour and a half before the explosion. Just as the gas company thought they had it under control....fifteen minutes later, BOOM!!...Terrible!!...One building was leveled to the ground! And I think they said that one of the 'first responders' got hurt trying to do something in the hole the blast made!...Thankfully, while about 8 to 10 people were taken to the hospital, there appears to be no deaths from the blast.
      I know the explosion was heard and felt far and wide, in towns far away from the blast. Hubby and I didn't hear or feel it, but my father, who lives about 20 blocks away, did! He says their house alarm went off when the explosion happened! O_O I know a lot of people's windows blew out! There was broken glass everywhere!...What worries me this morning is that I just heard on the news that the levels of gas in the air are strong again this morning. They're telling people to stay out of the area. O_O
      A lot of the people in my life that matter live in that town! I don't wanna be thinking about whether they're gonna blow up because of a gas leak!!...Uhhhhh...I may be over-thinking the situation a bit...I've been known to do that on occasion :-] ... Stop Laughing!!
      Anyway!...Ha! Ha!...To distract myself from watching the local news reports, I decided to share my poem about 'the people in my life that matter' on my blog my way! :-) So here goes:

The People In My Life That Matter

The people in my life who matter,
those surrounding me with symmetry,

I need to write a poem about you,
and let you know what you mean to me.

You are the leaded shoes,
that cause an inability to float.
You are the waves on a quiet morning,
allowing life to gently rock me in it's boat.

You are the soaring eagle,
high above my submissive head;

You are the fluffed up pillow,
caressed so softly on my bed.

You are the foundation I-beam
 on the first floor of my home;

You are the ground beneath me,
 and the field and dale I roam.

You are the middle C,
where every song I sing will start;

that surrounds my grateful heart.

You are the people in my life that matter.
You give my life such symmetry.
I wrote this poem so that you would know
that you mean the world to me.

(A Different World Wall Sticker by sunnysideupuk)

             :-) done!....Poem done!.....sufficiently distracted! ^_^ Now it's time for some breakfast and bird watching...Why not?! The cardinal has been sitting here in the tree watching me!! :-] ... Have a good day, Everybody!


  1. Thanks so much for including my house portrait! They are so popular for holiday gifts so I am very busy painting them but I am glad I took time out to check out your wonderful blog. ( you can order a house portrait from me too--->

    1. It was my pleasure to share it! :-) It's beautiful for any time, really!...Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Wug,

    Thanks for including my Yorkshire Dales painting in your blog.

    Lovely poetry!


    1. It was my pleasure to share your painting! :-) And thank you for the nice words about my poetry too! ♥ Have a good rest of the weekend!

  3. I'm so glad your family was good and safe. Those explosions are horrible...we've had a few around Ohio too. Love the poem..says it all so well. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm! We had a nice warm up on Thanksgiving day but today it's snowing and cold! Great time to hunker down and enjoy a warm bowl of soup!

    1. Yes, Yaya, my family was good...thankfully! And considering that they haven't done the full investigation as to exactly what happened yet, I'm hoping they stay that way!!...Thank you for the nice words about the poem too. A little poetry and a nice warm bowl of soup....perfection! ^_^

  4. Love the poem and the way you presented it today Wug!

    I'm glad you're family is okay and that there were no deaths in that terrible explosion! Wow! It could have been so much worse.

    AND....I love that photo!! It's a keeper for sure!! Frame that baby!!

    Enjoy your day.

    1. Hi, Bead! :-] I'm so glad you liked my 'new' poetry style today! It won't last. You know me! ^_^ But it was fun doing it that way just this once anyway!...My faily weren't anywhere near the explosion site...thankfully. They only heard it and had their alarm go off. So many crazy things are happening lately that you almost hate to ask: "What next?!"


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