Friday, November 23, 2012

What Isn't Foggy Makes You Hungrier!

      It's nice to be sitting here posting my blog with a rested body, a clear non-foggy head, and a good night's sleep under my belt...well, clear...except for some lingering flashes of a dream I had last night about a 8-foot mouse trying to take over the world, and my kitchen! LOL...WHATEVER!!!...{By the way, the old microwave is gone, and the tiny hole that the little field mouse made is plastered up, covered with metal, spackled, duck taped, etc...... ^_^ If he gets back in here I'm gonna pack up my dog and pony show, move, and let him have the place!! LOL}
     The only fog around here this morning is in the backyard! :-) I had hubby run out there and take a few photos before it burned off...

       It has the  feel of a 'Bronte' sisters novel in the 'Wuthering Heights' :-) ... 

     Hubby is getting pretty good with that camera, huh?! :-) ... He's getting pretty good with something else too...most of the time...^_^ ...COOKING! 
      I're saying to yourself: "Is that the Wug talking?!...saying her hubby's cooking is getting better?!...after he almost burned out the kitchen?!!!!" LOL...Yes! It's me...Hey! Everybody's entitled to one mistake! ^_^
      Okay...I may be a bit biased about my hubby's cooking today because he followed my friend's recipe for some "Chipotle Tamale Pie", or as I call it.....Chilli! :-) ...and it came out GREAT!!!!!!! :-] Soooooo good!...He's gonna modify it slightly for us the next time though. It needed a little bit of cheese, and some hot peppers. We like HEAT!! :-)) ...If anybody wants the recipe just let me know!

     I ate good yesterday!...and I wasn't the only one!...We had birdie visitors to the new suet cage all day!! :-) One was a pretty special one...Hubby tried to get some good pictures of him, but he was pretty nervous and jittery. This is the best he could do (You may have to click the photos to make them larger in order to see him)....

      Can you see him?!....It's a cardinal!!!! :-)

     Him and the other little birdies seem to be all getting along at the feeder now. At first it was a 'noise-fest' every time a new one showed up!.....Hmmmm...all this talk about fog and food is making me hungry! ^_^ Breakfast time!!!....See you later! Have a good day!

It All Went Away In A Fog

I dreamed I was writing my blog,
in the middle of an old Irish bog.
There came a woof! woof!
and the pounding of hoof,
and it all went away in a fog.

The next night I was out for a jog,
and again heard that same old dog!
I took off down the street,
hid in golden high wheat,
and it all went away in a fog.

I awoke eating just like a hog,
having wine with a spicy cheese log.
Giving numerous naps,
and the dog all my scraps,
it all went away in a fog!


  1. Love your photos of the fog, we had it here last week. Your bird visitor is so cute!

    Bee happy x

    1. :-) Thanks, Bee (Deborah)!...Hubby will be happy that you like his photos...Have a good rest of the day!


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