Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yes! Winter Birds Have To Eat Too!

        Today's post is a kind of 'thank you' to my 'tigger-iffic' friend. :-) THANK YOU!...I had to stop and take a minute to thank her because she reminded me of something that I had forgotten...that winter birds have to eat too! :-)

     I fawn over my backyard robins and hummingbirds during the Spring and summer. I mean REALLY fawn over them! ^_^ In fact, she does too when she's here and one of the hummingbirds darts in for a little sip and then speeds away!
      But my little 'birdie babies', have been gone for a while now. My tree has been kinda bare...except for an occasional cardinal or bluebird...But now, thanks to my 'tigger-tastic' friend, the birdies may come back!! :-) Why, you say?!!..Because she gave me a gift that might make my 'baby birdies', or some new 'baby birdies', come back!...

      She gave me a suet cake, and a holder cage...a special little box!...a caged box!!...Forgive me if I'm not calling them by the right name. I never saw one before, or if I did, I didn't know what I was looking at! LOL...

     But thanks to hubby hanging it up for me, my 'suet birdie-attractor' is now hanging in the honored place where my hummingbird feeder used to be! :-) ... And thanks to 100% of rain, it's getting totally rained on!!! UGH!...Do birds LIKE wet food?!...Maybe I better consider something like (below) this in the future...

         That little copper hood might keep the food from getting "totally" wet anyway!...Okay. So I may be thinking about this a little too much! ^_^ But give me a break! I had forgotten that winter birds need to eat too...and now I know they do...and I want them to eat!!
      In fact, I went looking for other holders for suet...just to see what I was missing! ^_^ And I found a couple of cute ones!...This one...

       And this one...

       You can also put an orange slice in the side of this one too! :-) ...

     How cool is that! :-)

     So, thank you my 'terriffic-thoughtful' friend! :-) And I think the 'birdies' in the backyard will thank you too!...For everybody else...Have a good well-fed human food kinda day! ^_^

 My Special Little Box

No, I don't have a baby
with tons of golden locks
that need a place of memory
like a special little box.

No, I don't want old watches,
or the parts to wind old clocks
to mar or scratch the insides
of my pretty little box.

No, there's no baby pictures.
No, not even baby socks,
that'll occupy the insides
of my flower covered box.

No, I can't have it damaged
by some clumsy, nosy ox.
My butterflies must be safely kept,
secure upon their box.

Let's see, will it be chocolates?
or my diamond studded rocks?
Yeah, those would do just fine
encased in my little box!

Oooo! Special boxes rock!     


  1. Anonymous11/13/2012

    What a lovely selection of bird feeders! Perhaps I should consider attaching a roof to mine as well to prevent the food from getting wet too... hehe :-)

    1. I thought they were lovely too...including the one that was gifted to me! :-) And by the way, a little rain-proof hoodie couldn't hurt, right?! ^_^

  2. What a nice friend! That is going to bring you enjoyment all *winter*(whisper) long. Great idea!

    I love the other ones too. Great finds!

    1. Yes she is a nice friend! :-) And so are you!

  3. When my cat spent more time outdoors I quit using feeders...she thought it was a bird cafeteria just for her! (she would deposit her kills on my back step) Now that winter is coming and Squeak spends most days indoors I could put out some feeders. Hope you get tons of hungry birds out your window!

    1. Yikes! You were running a outdoor 'kitty Cafeteria'! ^_^ But how sweet that she wanted to share her 'loot' with you!!...Let's hope we both keep the feeding of the little birdies to a maximum...and the cafeteria feeding to a minimum this winter!! LOL

  4. Oh, how wonderful!! Thank you SO MUCH for including my bird suet in this fantastic article.

    I like to keep this bird suet out all year. They really need it in the winter. All of my feeders are way up high on a clothesline (almost two stories high) so nothing can get to the birds. They feel safe and I get to watch them eat all day long. The clothesline goes right in front of my window.

    1. It was my pleasure, Catt! :-] I have mine hung now too. I haven't had any birds stop by yet, but it's only been 24 hours...and it's sunshiny and nice out right now. When it gets colder, or we get snow, they'll probably be looking for a meal...I hope! :-) Thanks for the nice comment. Have a good day!


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