Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who Knew Things Would Change This Much?!!

       "Did you sleep well?!"...That's the question hotel desk clerks ask you as you're wandering past their desk, on your way to get breakfast after your first night's stay in their hotel...And that's the same question hubby asks me every morning!...Usually as he's on his way to 'make' breakfast! ^_^
      Why am I talking about this today?!......Uhhhhh.....why not?! ^_^ It was what I was thinking about at 4 a.m. this morning, when I woke up...NOT in a hotel somewhere fabulous!...but waking up from a night of tossing and turning and not able to sleep! Grrrrr!
      I started thinking about all kinds of things, like past vacations and day trips hubby and I have had: a week in a bed and breakfast in Vermont...a week in the land of waterfalls and great lakes in the upper peninsula of Michigan...numerous trips to Disney World and Epcot...Cypress and Busch Gardens...a weekend in Boston...and numerous trips for weddings and just to visit family! :-) We've had some good times!
     My health has made things change a lot, but I still have every morsel of a memory right at my 'beck and call' 'at the drop of a hat'!...Is that too many euphemisms in one sentence? LOL...Anyway! ^_^ In my thinking, and then roaming around Etsy search, I got to realizing that not only has my health changed a lot, but the world has too!! The sewing pattern in my header photo is proof!
     When I was a little girl, for instance, women hardly ever got caught without an apron on...unless they were on their way to some fancy event!...Aprons were the norm. I remember seeing my grandmother and mother whipping their aprons off of the back of the door as soon as they got dressed in the morning! :-] ...

       Their aprons didn't look like this though! (above) Theirs were all ruffly along the bottom, but otherwise basic. Plain colors. Nothing flashy like I like! ^_^ Some of them....yeah, I say 'some' because they had lots of them in a drawer! ^_^...some of them had arm holes with ruffles along the edge too. But they were obviously hand sewn!
       My sister hand-sewed me two aprons a while ago. One was a full one, with arm holes. She made them colorful...because she knew what I liked! :-) But I haven't seen 'hide nor hair' of those aprons in a long time!! I'm sure they're in the house here somewhere. I know they're here because they were a gift. If you remember the chairs...the broken chairs! ^_^ ...then you know I don't get rid of 'gifts' easily! LOL That 'hasn't' changed a lot! ^_^

        Here's a couple other things that have changed a lot...

      Yes, folks, it's a telephone! Remember those?! ^_^ They didn't have a flip top or a camera attachment in sight! And you certainly couldn't take them with you to the mall, to the theater, to the grocery store or anywhere else that was more than so many feet from the base of it!! LOL...There's something wrong about a generation of people who have no idea about having to un-twirl a telephone cord!! LOL

        Remember when earrings and necklaces were tiny hearts and alphabet letters, or strings of pearls, or just plain 'simple' everything?!...They didn't look like this for sure!...

      It's so pretty! But yeah...necklaces...Well, jewelry in general...has changed a lot!...Oh, the looks you would've gotten 'back in the day' if you were wearing a necklace like this!!!! LOL

       And how about something as simple as carrying your lunch to school when you were young?...It was a brown paper bag that you could smell the banana through for me! ^_^ Yes, there always was a banana! Sometimes there was an apple too...but always a banana. I think grandmas knew something we didn't know, because I recently saw a food program about Celiac's disease where they said that bananas were the 'perfectly contained food' that you could eat by itself for a long time and still be nutritionally okay!...The wisdom of grandmas hasn't changed much at all! ^_^
      But kids today have colorful and fabulous lunch bags like this!...

      It's almost pretty enough to 'be' a banana!! ^_^

       Last, but not least for today, something else that hasn't changed completely...even though it 'has' been a while! :-) ...I'm hosting a Giveaway! :-) This is the gift...

     It's one of the rings from my Wuglyees Etsy shop. It expired and I didn't wanna renew it again!'s yours if you want it! ^_^ ...If you're  a follower of this blog I mean!...If so, just check out the rules by clicking the photo of the ring on the right hand side bar, over there --->

      The drawing will be December 1, 2012! :-)

     Okay, some things haven't changed. Another week is over and we made it! :-)) ... Happy Sunday EVERYBODY!! :-) 

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are for quiet,
and for music in your ears.
Not for fretting over business,
or for struggle, or for tears.

Sunday mornings are for worship,
or for time to just relax.
Not for schedules that need keeping,
or for dealing with the 'Quacks'!

Sunday mornings are for slowness,
sipping on a cup of 'Joe';
Getting ready for the new week,
when you have to 'Go! Go! Go!'


  1. Changes indeed i love that 50' apron pattern and actually there are many young people that even today wear them me included when im baking ;-) Love the phone to. Have a lovely week, dee x

    1. Of course!...This one is right up your alley, Dee! ^_^ I somehow knew that you would be an apron wearer!...And maybe young people in your area wear them, but not so much here! It would be nice to see them make a 'come-back' though! :-) ... Have a good week, Dee!


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