Monday, November 5, 2012

Still Upside Down!

        This post is not gonna start off good, but it's gonna get better...I hope!...I made the mistake of turning on the world news this morning to see what's going on. I thought I would see all kinds of reports about how clean-up and much needed support is taking place in the areas affected by hurricane Sandy. Instead...*shaking my head*...I ended up in tears.
       The number of dead is still rising...Now it's at 108!...Over a million people are still without power...temperatures are dropping...It's COLD!...and there's another storm, a nor'easter, on the way to the same area "Sandy" just hit!! O_O ... That would include our area too, by the way...Ugh!..When am I gonna learn to stay in my happy place...and that the television news is not my happy place?!
      The only good I can add about all of that is that it appears that most people are trying to be positive...which is quite a stretch with gas lines going block after block like it did in the 70s...remember that?!...O_O...some gas stations completely out of gas....and the shelters still filled with homeless people, becoming so after the storm, not knowing what they're gonna do now!
    People are certainly trying to help. And the level of generosity is something to smile about. :-) ...And they're really in "hurry up and help" mode now that the other storm is heading to this same area!!...Imagine, they'll be another presidential election over with and another storm coming at the same time!...No more commentary from me about that! ^_^
   Something else that came to the "Wug" household this weekend is sales!! I sold several crochet lapel pins, a crochet ring, and a pair of slippers! :-) Hubby had to make two runs to the post office for me!
      He made the post office runs even though he had a cake in the oven..unbeknownst to me! O_O You know if I had known, with that whole 'firemen in my house, chicken and grits, thing' the other day, I would've had those packages wait until this morning to be shipped!! O_O Thankfully though, we're not burned up, and we had cake!! :-)

     Hubby just had to make the pineapple upside down cake...again...correctly! LOL His forgetting of the brown sugar and maraschino cherries the last time was 'sticking in his craw'!! LOL

     He did it right this time, Y'all! ^_^ And he was upside down with joy!!!

      YUMMMMMMM!!!!!! ^_^

    It was sooooooo good! :-) I had a piece with a scoop of pistachio ice cream next to it! :-) ...Sure wish I could've shared it with you! :-)))))

     Here's the next best thing though...

      In the description it says that you can use the fragrance oils for bath and body products (like lotions, bath salts, and soaps), or you can use them to make candles, or for a whole host of other things!...Pineapple upside down smelling candles! Ummmmmmm! :-]

        OR, if you're a "some-timey" instant gratification type a me!... you can just buy some candles! :-) ...

      Right now, with the smell of "real" pineapple upside down cake in my nose, I don't need candles. But maybe later...and I know where to get them! :-) ...And so do YOU now!

     Okay...I gotta get some breakfast in this 'slow-working' body! And then get some things out of the other words, CLEAN UP!... for the cleaning lady that's coming! ^_^ I know...silly. But I'm sure I'm not the only one that does this!!! LOL..Then I've got to get to crocheting!!...Have a good, 'right-side-up' and "CLEAN" day, Y'all!! ^_^

 Busy As A Beaver

I've been waiting for this moment,
where my crochet shop's involved,
to be busy as a beaver.
Now that problem has been solved.

I've been doing custom orders,
listening to customer's every tip.
Writing notes and tying ribbons,
readying packages to ship.

Yes, I know that things could change,
I could hear crickets any day.
But for now I'll just enjoy it.
Beavers pat their tail this way! 


  1. Thanks cake looks lovely !

    1. It was my pleasure! :-) And was delicious!

  2. Deb, It looks delious. I sure wish I was there to have a taste. Congrats on the sales. Hugs, Velma

    1. It sure did, didn't it Vel! :-) And it tastes as good too!...Still working on my Taste-O-Puter invention! ^_^ ...Thanks about the sales too!...Have a good rest of the day!

  3. Your hubby did a great job with the cake. It looks amazing & I bet it tasted great too!

    1. Thanks Jo! :-) And it 'did' taste good!


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