Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Need Some Comfort!!!.Maybe This Will Help!

      If you live in the east coast of the united states...Good Morning!...Well, that's if you still have power!!...I heard on the news this morning that 60,000 of the people that had finally gotten their power restored after hurricane 'Sandy'...lost it again last night when they got hit by storm 'Athena'! :-( I feel so bad for you!...Sincerely!!!
         'Athena' dumped 4 to 6 inches on New York, and up to 13 inches on Freehold New Jersey, last night!! O_O And some people in the path of the nor'easter had to evacuate...AGAIN!...I can't even imagine what they must be feeling or thinking this morning...but I can guess!..UGH!
        Once again we 'dodged a bullet' (didn't get a damaging hit) here in Holyoke! In fact, the roads, while a bit icy and slick in spots, are just wet......and snow-less...for the most part! These photos of the backyard do show though, that grassy areas did get a bit of an accumulation...probably about an inch...

      Unfortunately it's not completely done with us yet though. Right now we're getting some light snow and freezing rain falling...FUN!........NOT! ^_^ And it's only 36 degrees Fahrenheit!!...♫ Baby it's cold outside!!! ♫ :-)
     The only thing good about this weather for me is that it has changed my husband's walking around attire. ^_^ ... Let me explain: We have individual thermostats in each room...including the living room/kitchen area. To keep the heating bill down, we don't turn on the heat in rooms that we're not using unless we plan to be in them for a while...Well, hubby decided that it wasn't gonna take him that long to make breakfast this morning, so he was just gonna run in....make breakfast...and run out! :-)
         Next thing I know....he came in....went into his drawer and pulled out his thermal underwear (long johns)...and back into the kitchen he went, teeth chattering. ^_^ Apparently it was 'just a bit' colder in there than he anticipated!! LOL...It's good for me though, because he is the cutest thing in his thermal underwear! ^_^ Sorry...I'm in my 50s! I take excitement where I can get it these days!! LOL
        Needless to say, hubby needed some comfort...people on the east coast need comfort....and I...well, I need comfort too. Yes! I know I have crochet for that! :-) But this morning I mostly just needed to LOOK AT some comforting things! :-))...So I did!...

        ...By the way, the jars of the chandelier can be done in any color combinations you like too! :-) 


      Ahhhhh! Now I feel better! :-)) ... I don't know why, but these things were very comforting for me to peruse through. Maybe it was memories of low-lighting in my grandmother's farmhouse...homemade spaghetti sauce cooking...soft material next to my skin and under my feet on cold snowy days...watching my grandfather shave with his hand razor, shaving cup, and leather strap...homemade lemonade...and leisurely browsing through the paper o Sunday mornings...that did it! ^_^
      Did any of these give you some comfort?!...If not, at least I tried! :-) ... Now I'm off to do my OTHER comforting thing!....Guess what it is! ^_^ ... Have a good day, Everybody! Keep warm, and comforted. I won't say: 'Go in peace, keep warm and well fed'. For those of you who know your Bible, you know that's not a very nice thing to say to someone! ^_^ Saying 'Keep warm and comforted' is NICE! :-) Nicer than the weather for sure!...Brrrr!...This November stuff will make you long for September again!


The changing of the seasons,
squirrels that scurry everywhere,
a cup of steeping apple cider,
and the crisp and cooler air.

Cozy scarves and football games,
and harder to get out of bed,
worrying whether frost will come,
and what is flying overhead.

September brings a lot of thoughts,
and some reflection will be sad.
But as the years and seasons change,
good thoughts replace the bad we've had.      


  1. Good morning! I'm glad you didn't get hit hard. We are just going to get rain and warmer temps. Go figure!!
    I do love your finds!! Made me feel better! :)

    Have a wonderful day and it's okay to like your husband in his longjohns! You have the right! :D

    1. Hello, My Friend!...Yeah, I' glad we didn't get hit hard again too! It's kinda chilly and cloudy, but we can deal with that..No problem! ^_^ ... Also, I'm glad my finds made you feel better. Mission Accomplished! Have a good day, Bead! :-)

  2. What a beautiful post, been cold here, this morning we only had some frost on the grass, i'm in the fingerlakes region of NY. I thank you for including my shaving cup holder among these beautiful "comfort" items. Your memories of your grandparents were very sweet and that was what warmed & comforted me! My prayers and thoughts are with those who will need to keep warm again tonight on the coast.

    1. Thank you, Janine, for the very nice comment. It was my pleasure sharing your cup holder!...And I'm glad to hear that all you got was a frost over the grass this morning! Enough is definitely enough!...I'm also glad you enjoyed my references to my grandparents. They lived on a farm in Georgia...a long, much warmer, trip from here! Brrrrr! LOL..Have a good evening, and think happy thoughts. They say warm weather is coming in a few days! :-)


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