Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just FLY-ing By!!

      It flew the Swarovski crystal fly button lapel pin I mean! It flew the coop from my Wuglyees Etsy shop! :-) Somebody finally likes it as much as I do and decided they would pay for it...YAY!!! :-) That may sound like too much excitement over a lapel pin, but hey! I gotta have something to be excited about besides hurricane Sandy and the stolen smile-able moments that people are creating because of it!
       I saw a little girl and her family in New York who never lost power during the storm, set up a table outside of their home and decided to let people come by and use their power to charge their cell phones and things! :-] That's the kind of spirit you like to see when there's devastation all around.
       Speaking of which, here's a few of the photos of the kind of damage we got here in western Massachusetts (these are all photos from the WWLP Facebook site)...



South Deerfield...

      ...and a couple other places...

     It's certainly not as bad as some of the other states, but if it was your home with this kind of damage you still might not be feeling so thankful!

        Okay, I got some sales overnight and I have to get them wrapped so that Mr. Wug can get them to the Post Office on his travels this morning...By the way, he won't have to go to the laudromat anymore. The washer is fixed!!!!! :-)
       Tomorrow I have a few cute Etsy items to share with you. See you then!! :-) Have a good day!


This world is like a pond in which
you can't help but get wet.
We are like the fish snatched up
into the fisher's net.

The pond-it represents all of
our jobs and bills and debt,
that we swim in every day,
chasing the bait that's hard to get.

The world throws out a line
that we follow to the top;
Then we're pulled away from safety,
and on land we flip and flop.

Even if we get away,
we're now wounded, dry and tired,
`cause we've jumped out of the frying pan,
and now we're in the fire! 


  1. Congrats on the sales! I see you DID get the 300th customer!! He or she is going to be thrilled!

    Have a wonderful day. I have cleaning to do today so it won't be that wonderful for me. LOL

    1. Thank you, Cindy! :-) Yes, I got my 300th customer, and he picked my colorful FUN-tastic scarf!I think I'm finally gonna have to list some of the other scarves I have in here! ^_^ Enjoy your cleaning day! LOL

  2. Oh My Goodness...those poor old trees!
    Toronto got a lot of wind and rain but nothing in comparison to what you guys experienced.
    Im pleased your brooch sold! Congrats...
    I have been an awful blogger and have only just returned after a crazy busy summer and fall.
    Just wanted to check in and say hello!

    1. I know, Char! :-( It's really sad to see the trees all broken and bent over. Just be thankful that you guys didn't get any more than you did. And even so, what we got in our area is nothing in comparison to New York and New Jersey!!...Welcome back to blogland! :-)

  3. I'm glad you're doing good and this storm is over. I actually saw the sun this afternoon after rain and wind all week. It took me a minute to figure out what the big shiny thing in the sky was but I'm assuming that's the sun! We made out better than parts of Ohio that got snow and more rain and wind than us. We never lost power either. Whew...hopefully that will be the worst for the year...hahaha...I know, I'm a dreamer!

  4. How right you are, Yaya! I'm glad it's over too...for the most part anyway. It's still swirling in our area, just not with the strength it had a few days ago. We're still getting spits of rain and wind...and cold weather is coming in. I even heard the weather man say something about 'wet snow' in a few days! O_O Ugh!...I'm glad you guys are seeing the sun....Show offs! LOL

  5. Yay your washer is fixed! I bet hubby is glad that he doesn't need to visit the laundromat any more.

    1. Yep! It's fixed! And hubby is one happy camper too! ^_^


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