Friday, November 2, 2012

Distract Me, Etsy...PLEASE!

      All of the news reporting of hurricane Sandy's aftermath had me running to Etsy for something else to look at. Please Etsy...distract me!...Up and down the east coast there are 92 dead...people's patience waning...people diving into dumpsters for food...people waiting three hours or more for fuel, with lines going for blocks...many still without power, and no chance of getting it for weeks...and another storm, a nor'easter, heading toward the north east next week! O_O 
       We need something else besides the news to look at!! Including the cute necklace in my header photo, here is Etsy's contribution...

       I know that looking at pretty things doesn't change the devastation being experienced by people today...including the families dealing with other things besides hurricane Sandy's meningitis outbreaks, Cancer, and so so many other things! But, just for today, I thought we could sure use a little break. A 'lightening up', if you will.
      You know tomorrow is gonna have something else that we have to deal with, right?! Even the Bible, at Matthew 6:34, says: "...never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have it's own anxieties..." ... Soooooo true! But there is always a way to distract ourselves...or find something to smile about while we're dealing with it! :-) 
       In the meantime, I may need a cup of coffee this morning! :-)

      Have a good day, Everybody!! :-)

Hurricane "Sandy"

Hurricane Sandy is finally gone.
I've never been so happy to see a storm go!
She left behind a lot to clean up,
and a ton of upset and emotional low.

Wind and rain, and fires burning,
trees thrown down and houses too!
There were coastlines disappearing,
and good moods, before she was through.

Flooding of parks and subways,
whole cities engulfed in the dark.
The removal of sand from the beaches,
destroying of well known landmarks.

Called "Super" and "Franken-storm",
and "an event of a lifetime" too,
She had weather-men nervous and sweating,
not knowing what she was gonna do.

Acknowledging the Power of "Sandy",
what lessons should we now discern?
For those who didn't, it was a hard learn!


  1. Love your "distraction" finds!! Great scripture to share too. Isn't it the truth??
    Enjoy your day my friend!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! :-) And yes! That scripture is all too true!!

  2. I love your etsy finds. That mosaic mirror is my favourite from this collection. I just love the colours.

    1. I'm glad you like them, Jo! Thanks for stopping by to let me know too!...I think the mirror is my favorite out of this grouping too. :-]


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