Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Friday!!!

     Friday finally got here...YAY!!...The way the first part of the week was going, I wasn't sure this week would ever end! But as I said, YAY!!! It's Friday! :-) what?! ^_^ ...Well, I'll tell you the things that are going on today. How about that?!
      First, I finally sold something else in my shop besides a lapel pin!....although, don't get me wrong, I LOVE selling my lapel pins! :-) But I sold the infinity scarf you see in my header photo!...

    The one I said looked like a warm hooded sweater when I was finished with it!...

      I made it with colored sewing thread and yarn mixed together so that it would be sturdy and warm...and it is! :-] ... I worked on a keychain flower to send as a free gift with the scarf this morning...

       I made it with one of my more sturdy threads, one that is too thick to use for my lapel pins. And it came out really cute too!...

      My crochet flowers make me so happy! :-) I'm gonna try to make some more of them gift ones. Maybe they'll make me so happy that I can dismiss some of the bad news we've been getting lately...from insurance companies and other government offices. O_O ...That's enough said about that!...UGH!It's enough to drive you stark raving mad!!!!!

       I'll go mad on some other day though. Today is Friday!! :-) 'Virtual Date Night'!...the end of a very loooooooong week!....and the beginning of a weekend with warmer temperatures and lots of re-organizing and crocheting to do!! :-) I'm looking forward to it!!!....I just have to stop reading the official looking mail when it comes! least for the weekend...Maybe my brain cells will re-organize themselves enough to deal with it all on Monday! LOL...Have a good weekend, everybody! :-)

Going Out With My Baby

Going out with my baby.
Or going nowhere, but it's alright.
Playing games and constant laughing.
I think it's gonna be a great 'Date Night'!

Going out with my baby.
Or staying in, and hugging tight.
Eating all the things we shouldn't.
But smiling through every single bite!

Going out with my baby.
And visiting 'virtually' every sight.
All dressed up or in our jammies,
We're having fun. You know that's right!!


  1. Congrats on the sale my friend. Love the keychain and I know your customer will too!

    Have a great date night! :)

    1. Thanks, my friend!...And you have a good day too!

  2. Beautiful scarf and a lovely gift to go with it! Have fun on your date night too. I was very happy to leave work today and head out for some Sam's Club shopping with the hubs! I'm looking forward to the warm days ahead and some of that sunshine! Now time to go and snuggle up with my new books I just the weekends! (when I'm not on call!)

    1. Hi Yaya!...Thank you so much for the nice words about my flower and scarf! I've been contemplating whether to put another scarf sorta like it in the shop now. It was definitely a one-of-a-kind...Hubby and I had a good date! :-) Hubby and I went to a 'virtual' turkey farm....Don't ask! LOL...And we visited old friends we hadn't seen in years! Some of the news of what they've been up to was great!.Some was kinda sad. :-( This old system of things is taking a toll on us "young" people! ;-] Some days you just have to be thankful that your eyes opened in the morning!!!...Enjoy the rest of your weekend,...eyes wide open... Yaya! :-)


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