Monday, November 26, 2012

Morning Conversation...Things We Learned From Our Parents

      Yes there is!......always a memory, I mean. :-] And somehow hubby and I seem to have tucked every single thing that's ever happened to us away, in the far dusty corners of our mind! ^_^ And they pop out on mornings when we're just chatting about nothing in particular.
       Sometimes 'new' things pop out of those corners that you didn't even remember that you tucked away in there!...things that shape the way you behave. Things that you had forgotten that you remembered your parents doing...not just saying! O_O
     Yes, some lessons you learned from your parents were, don't run out into the street!...or don't pick your nose in public....or don't point at Miss Mamie and say: "You're fat!" (That lesson was followed by a non-verbal lesson. A good whack across my mouth!...It only took one whack to learn that one!...OUCH!!! ^_^...I'm sorry, you people who don't believe in spanking, but in this case, a good whack was warranted! And the lesson has stuck with me for more than 50 years!!)
     But sometimes the lessons your parents taught you weren't verbal at all! No words were exchanged...or needed!...For instance...

Pay Close Attention When Somebody Is Trying To Sell You Something!

        Hubby learned this lesson from his father. Not because his father 'said' it to him, but because of a traveling salesman that came to the house selling smoke alarms (or smoke detectors). The salesman was friendly and smiling. He even demonstrated how the smoke alarm worked!...His father bought the alarm, and the story of how it worked, hook, line, and sinker!..He hung it in the basement by his work station.....Ahhhhhh! Safe, right?! O_O
       WRONG!!!!...Years later, during some of hubby's investigative work...Don't ask! LOL...he found out that the smoke alarm wasn't a smoke alarm at all!!...It was a box with a screen across the front and a little light inside. It couldn't detect smoke! It didn't even have any buttons!!!...How terrible to find out after years of thinking that you were safe, that you really weren't! And even had been 'taken' years earlier by a smiling 'money grubber'!! O_O...Lesson Learned!! Pay close attention when somebody is trying to sell you something!! ^_^ ...That's the kind of lesson you need a memory box for, right?! :-)

Always Put Other People First!

       This was a lesson I learned from watching my mother. I learned this lesson many times over the years, but one particular time was when she had just finished cooking a meal we hadn't been able to afford to have for quite some time...pork chops with gravy and onions! YUM!!...There was homemade biscuits and fried corn and mashed potatoes too!..*licking my lips even now! LOL*
      I remember seeing the gravy bubbling a little in the frying pan...when some friends of my mom's knocked on the door...O_O...HUNGRY friends! They smelled the pork chops!...I whispered to ma: "We don't have enough to feed them!!" (There were only enough pork chops for most of us to get one a piece. Two little ones had to share one!) She said: "You go eat. I'll take care of it."...And I flew to the kitchen to eat my pork chop before those ill-timed visitors got their 'grubby paws' on them!! LOL
      I heard my mother laughing and talking away...The two pork chops that were left were breaking all apart! They were soaked in gravy!...Then I saw my mother go to the kitchen and fix plates for her guests. She gave them every single bit of the leftover pork chops, gravy and onions, mashed potatoes, and corn!! O_O
       At the time I was angry with the visitors,...but years later I realized what a lesson my mother taught me...always put others first, be self-sacrificing, and the benefits to you will be long lasting...I learned that this was true because her friends never forgot my mother's kindness. Many times when we were in dire straits,...and I mean DIRE!...those friends came to our rescue...and MANY times!...I am the woman I am today partly because of this lesson learned. :-] ...That's the kind of lesson-learned memory you need a memory quilt for, right?! :-)

      So, what lessons have you learned from your parents?...Verbal or non-verbal?!...It's Monday. Let's talk!! ^_^

History Told In A Story

A history of life
held in the mind and heart,
released for all to see
through storytelling's captured art.

Some things pulled from the past
will make you shake your head;
But revelations told
will bring new life from the dead.

Children Ooo and Awww!
Adults think hard and deep.
Oh! The knowledge now performed,
and the lessons we will keep!

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