Sunday, January 27, 2013

Breakfast Pancakes...AND Coffee...Sunday!

     I don't have much to say today....and stop clapping! ^_^ But I'm not feeling my best this morning. I think my body is fighting something because I'm unusually achy, headache-y and tired. In other words, I DEFINITELY need to add some coffee to the pancake breakfast today!! Maybe it'll help my eyes open and get this 'hitch' out of my 'get-along'!! ^_^
     Here's a cup of coffee for YOU too!...just in case your left eye is still not open! :-) ...

      Oh Yeah!...I also have some other pancakes and coffee to share with you!...but not pancakes and coffee for eating and drinking......sorry. :-)) These are pancakes and coffee for wearing!...

        You can wear them on your hand (above)...

       .....OR you can wear them on your ears (below)...

      If it's all the same to you......I'm gonna put mine in my stomach this morning! :-)) I need some fuel to get me going!...Hmmmm...I also wonder if  pancakes and coffee are able to be made into a pillow?!...because I also could use a little 'nappy-poo'! ^_^ I watched the last two sets of the Australian Open early this morning....Congratulations to Novak Djojovic, by the way!!...and I didn't sleep good prior to waking up for that. It's been like that for a few days now....Ugh!
       So I could use another couple of least...this morning!...Hopefully having pancakes and coffee on my tummy aren't gonna disrupt my sleep! O_O ....Nahhhhhhh!

     Thankfully I'm not gonna have as much trouble getting my breakfast as my little birdies in the backyard too!...

    Poor little babies! :-( Watching them feels like watching someone, with a butter knife and a dream, try to get their eight year frozen beef roast out of the deep freezer! LOL They chisel away for what seems like hours only to get a 'little bitty' piece off!! But they seem ecstatic when it comes off!!!! ^_^ ...sorta like my husband when he finishes yet another row of the scarf he's crocheting! ^_^

      Okay...before I go, let me show you the photo that was sent to me by one of my customers. He bought the crochet boutonniere he's showing off with his suit from my Wuglyees shop! :-) ...

       I think it looks so cool! :-) And I love that he shared the photo with me!!...As I always say: I love my customers!! :-) ...By the way, if anyone is interested, I have another one of this particular boutonniere in the shop right now....just saying. :-)) You can find it HERE.
     And I'm off! eat and take a nap! :-) (My meeting at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses isn't until this afternoon...and I wanna be awake and alert!! ^_^)...Have a good day, Everybody, and maybe clean out the refrigerator! LOL

 Refrigerator Door

The refrigerator door is the place
 for love's display of your children's face;

For a watercolor hand, with the lines drawn on;
and a sticky grocery list, for a dinner long gone.

For some magnets with the words "Love" and "Life",
and a cutesy little note, meant just for your wife.

For reminders of the schedule you need to keep,
or a coupon for some soap, you can get real cheap.

For a calendar, comics, and a business card;
'Take-out' menus and a flower from the yard.

For post cards and bills that we need to pay,
and Oh Yeah! There's fingerprints there EVERY day!

So what's on your refrigerator door?
No doubt your life! What else would it be for?!


  1. Hope the coffee did the trick for you this morning. We had pancakes too this am. Hubby makes them because I make such a mess trying to flip them. Have a nice day!

    1. Well, guess what?!...I never got my coffee!!...Well, not yet anyway! There was a slight snafu! I ended up with green tea instead this morning. :-] It was fine, but I'm still kinda trying to open my left eye!! LOL...I think I'll get my coffee this afternoon. But I did have yummy pancakes this morning!...and a chicken sausage! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed your pancakes, and thanks for stopping by. Have a good rest of the day! :-)

  2. Anonymous1/28/2013

    You are comical & fun in your writing. Love the earrings. Im sure if one of my sons wasnt a son & was a girl (just saying) the earrings would be worn.....the coffee ones of course!!


    1. Hi Jocel! :-) Thank you for the nice words. I'm happy to know that my silliness can be appreciated...and not just poo pooed! LOL


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