Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's Time For All Of These Babies To WALK!!!

      Let's clear up one thing before I get started on this post!...this menopausal, mood swinging, hot sometime, cold sometime, mentally crazy most times, poetic old lady...IS NOT PREGNANT!!! LOL that we got that all cleared up...MOVING ON!!! ^_^ 
      It's just that I've been seeing so many posts and comments on the web lately about people finding out that they're pregnant...(The Big, Long First Trimester Post from the blog eat, live, run)...or about them having first babies, or caring for newborns...(Family Photos from the blog A Cup Of Jo)...that I wanted to share one of the cutest baby shoe Etsy shops I've ever seen! know, sympathy pains in a shopping kinda sense!! :-)
      The shop is Hopphopp!!...They have 100% cotton fabric baby shoes, booties, and sandals for your little ones! :-) Check out some of my favorites!....Uhhhh...I have a lot of favorites! ^_^ ...

      Now, if you have a baby...I'm sorry for making you mentally burn your brain cells right now trying to figure out if your budget can afford a pair...or two..of these! ^_^ And if you don't have a baby, but you have relatives and friends with babies...or 'with child'...I'm sorry to you too!! LOL I just show the cuties, people!!! ^_^
      I show the cuties.....and I run!!!! LOL...Bye!!...It's time for this baby to take a walk!! :-)) Have a good day, Everybody! :-))

Baby Waddle

So-you don't  have a strut
like a skinny runway model.
Walk proudly as you stroll,
with your 'hippy' baby waddle!

Pretty soon it will be over,
and you'll  walk your baby's  bottle
back and forth all through the night;
And who will notice if you waddle?-
With your smiling babe to coddle. 


  1. I so wish I knew someone with a baby, so I could steer them to this delightful post! The little shoes are just precious ... so delicate and sweet. If I had to pick a favorite or two it would be the first pair featured with the teddy bears and the floral fabric baby shoes.

    I hope all is well!

    1. :-) I've been seeing LOTS of people with babies lately!! and off!...I almost wish some of these little shoes came in 'big girl' size!! LOL...Have a good day, Julie!


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