Friday, May 30, 2014

I Need A Hat For Today's Virtual Date! :-)

      I usually try to be all coy and everything about where we're hubby and I will be going on our Friday night virtual date. But not today! :-) We're heading to France...Roland Garros to be exact. And you know why too, if you read my blog, that is! ^_^ 
      The French Open tennis tournament is heading into the round of sixteen, and we don't want to miss the next few matches! :-) It's already been a WOW!-fest at the French Open, with the numbers one, two, and three, on the women's side...OUT!! O_O Serena Williams, Li Na, and Agnieszka Radwan'ska are all gone!...It's the first time in the open era that all three of the top seeded players were gone before the round of sixteen!!
      I still have my eyes on a couple of players on the women's side...Maria Sharapova, Sloane Stephens, Sara Errani, and Garbine Muguruza to be exact. :-) ... And, of course, you know whose keeping my eye on the men's side of the draw: MY 'BABY BOY'! ^_^ That would be Rafa Nadal for those who don't know!! LOL Although with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, David Ferrer, Donald Young, Andy Murray, John Isner, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, and Gael Monfils all still in it, it's gonna be a great tournament anyway you cut it!! ^_^ ... And because the weather is pretty good in France...with occasional bouts of rain (the same as it's been here!)...I'm definitely gonna pack a hat or two! ^_^

      Other than snacking while I'm packing, watching tennis, and also watching the hummingbird battle the backyard a ♫ sparrow in a hurricane! ♫ (remember that song?! ^_^)...I'm not doing much else right now. With the wind tossing around, and the rain falling, it's hard to believe that just a few short hours ago my backyard looked like this...

      It was sunny and bright, and the lawn guys were having a good time trying to tame my backyard grass, while not disturbing the flowers!...

      Awwwwww!.....Sun! :-)

      But since we can't have sun all the time, we have to waste our time listening to good music, watching tennis, or eating good stuff! :-) ...

      ...Until we leave for France I mean! ^_^ ... Hey!...Where's my hat?!! ^_^ ...

      Have a good weekend, Everybody!! ♥

Virtual trip

I really like to travel,
See the world, expand my mind.
But not getting on an airplane,
or hunting luggage I can't find!

I like a 'good ole' virtual trip.
Computer details. Music too.
Where you don't need a 'stinking' passport,
or have to wear a 'stinking' shoe!

But a little stay at home,
under covers, lock and key,
can also be expansive.
Even if it's 'virtually'.

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