Monday, May 12, 2014

*** Aqua Baby Blanket Update ***

      Hello!...Let me start today's post by saying: "Is this Monday?!...Where did Sunday go?!" O_O ... I missed a whole day! *blink...blink* It must've been the paint fumes from having the bathroom painted! ^_^
      As a matter of fact, I'm surprised I'm even posting on the blog right now, because the painter had to come back to finish the bathroom this morning! O_O Strangely enough, I'm not smelling the paint as strongly today as I did yesterday though. O_O Hmmm...Is it possible to become immune to paint fumes?! LOL
      Anyway!...^_^...I don't think so! I just think that maybe having the air conditioner on has made the paint fumes dissipate faster or something. That's my story anyway! ^_^

      I'm not here to talk about paint fumes, or missing days, though. I'm here to give you a quick update o my latest project...the aqua green baby blanket! :-) ... I hit a wall over the weekend about crocheting all of these green blanket rows...row after row, the SAME THING! Ugh!...I knew that if I didn't speed up and get it done soon it was gonna end up in a bag somewhere...*probably hanging out with a certain rainbow baby blanket that I have yet to re-find!*! :-)
      So, I hit the 'fast forward' button a  couple of times on my crocheting....and now the baby blanket that did look like this...and that had about 8 more rows of the middle piece yet to go...

 has the middle all finished, and has about 5 of the 8 edging rows all done! ^_^ ...

      The photos are showing what it looked like when there were about 3 edging rows done, and no ribbon put on it yet...

      I'm determined to get it done before Wednesday. I'll share the end result with you before I list it in my shop...that is, if my fingers hold out!...*yawn*...This blanket is VERY labor intensive! I don't think I'm ever gonna make this one again...without a custom request that pays for it ahead of time!!! ^_^
      By the end of the week it'll be onward and upward to the next project! ^_^ I just found out that I have a lot more yarn in the house than I ever thought I did! I've got to find some way to make it all wasting!! :-)
      Okay...I'm off to work on row six...or take a nap. :-)) Have a good rest of the day, Everybody!! ♥

Blankets Of Love

I make blankets, in my own time;
putting love in every stitch;
I let no one rush the process;
I'm not concerned with getting rich.

Crocheting brings about a calm
that nothing else quite seems to do;
I get such joy from choosing patterns,
and from choosing colors, too.

The more intricate-the better;
that gives me much more time to think,
'cause I can slow down, and can read it,
keeping brain cells in the pink.

Just the steady, jutting motion
of my needle's in and out
makes me remember who its for,
and what the pattern's all about.

I made a blanket for my sister,
with kittens crocheted all around;
and another, for a friend,
with her name written up and down.

I made a special one, one year,
(made lovingly-to give away)
It marked the 20 years of love
that we remembered on that day.

We threw a party for our friends;
We had good food, and dancing too;
and on the blanket, there was written:
'Roses are red, violets are blue'.

That was a special blanket;
but special is always what I say
'cause I put the time into them
and they don't even dare to fray.

They are blankets made with love
that I'm proud of-from 'chain one';
To watch the faces of receivers
is, without doubt, half the fun.

So-if I ever make a blanket
for your anniversary,
or your wedding, or engagement,
here's the thought you'll have from me:

That 'I love you very much,
and making it was fun to do;'
and that 'with every single stitch
my every thought had been of you!'

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