Friday, May 9, 2014

"Need A Blanket And Some Shoes For Tonight's Last Minute 'Virtual' Trip?!" :-)

       Change of plans. :-) That's the 'real' theme of today's blog post. ^_^ We had a 'Friday Virtual Date Day' trip all go nowhere! A 'staycation' of sorts. And now there's been a change of plans.
        Why, you ask?...Because we had to stay home and wait for the painter...So we decided to order food in and just take it easy. BUT...the painter came on time! Imagine that! A worker that set an appointment, and actually stayed true to it!! ^_^
      So that left us free to go away...'virtually'. :-) And where are we going?! To the beach?...

      No! :-) I've seen enough water this week!...It's raining again as I speak!! Ugh!...So nope! Not the beach.....But do I need a blanket where we're going?!...Yes and no. :-) ...I need to take something to crochet with me, and my baby blanket is a must! ^_^ The photo below is how far I am so far...

      The middle is almost done! It's gonna be me and some crochet edging on my baby blanket while we're in.....*drum roll* :-) ...

      HOLLAND!!! :-) ... We owe the idea for this 'virtual' trip to Olga, of OlgaArtShop.  When I featured a wall clock of hers on the blog yesterday, one that had pretty tulips on it, and mentioned something about pretty flowers in her country of Belgium, she let me know that her inspiration for the flower styled wall clock was not Belgium, but Keukenhof Garden in Holland - their neighbor country!
       She said that if you visit it at least once - from March till May every year - you'll get looots of pleasure, great impressions, creative ideas and never forget it! ^_^ .... So, here we come Keukenhof Garden...tonight!! :-) 

      If you look at any of the above video you'll see that Olga was right about Keukenhof Garden's serene and inspiring beauty. Ahhhhhhhhh!...Just what the painter ordered!....That would be artistic painters and bathroom painters alike! LOL...Have a good weekend, Everybody! :-)


I'm  often alone,
but not lonely.
I'm  often at home,
but not homely.

I'm  proud of myself,
but not haughty.
I do some things wrong,
but not naughty.

I'm  outgoing-Yes!
But not rowdy.
I sometimes dress down,
but not dowdy.

I'm  bookish, I know,
but not nerdy.
Yet, a poetry hound,
kind of wordy! 


  1. Ironic.......the Holland (Michigan) tulip festival is in full swing right now. That's about 20 miles from us. For a minute I thought you were coming to Michigan. Too bad. Anyway, have fun!! :)

    1. Ohhhhhh! How cool!! :-] I didn't know that...or didn't remember you telling me about it. :-)) It probably was timed with the Holland tulip garden's opening season. How great is that!!...By the way, I'm sure I'll get back to Michigan one of these days!! I loved the 'upper peninsula' when we visited years ago. :-) Have a good Sunday, Bead! ♥


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