Friday, May 16, 2014

Glimpses Of My Friday So Far!
      I started today's post with the cute knitted iPod/cell phone sock in the header photo, that I scoped out on Etsy earlier this morning...but the first glimpse of my Friday wasn't that cute!...It was darkness, wind, and lots and lots of rain! O_O
      Our 'virtual date' to Mexico is gonna be a welcome change! Mexico City is at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with only 18% humidity! :-) They're not due to see even a hint of rain until Tuesday!...and by then we'll be long gone outta there!! LOL

      Here are some more glimpses of my Friday so far... 

      M&Ms, with almonds, is the treat I've decided to give myself today. :-) I haven't eaten any of them yet. I'm waiting until we get on the 'virtual airplane' tonight. :-) The chewing will help with the 'cabin pressure'...right?! LOL

      A pink and blue glimpse!...

      These are two tiny lapel pin 'fronts' I had just enough thread to make....*sigh*...I have to put different colored backings on them because I'm all out of the variegated thread I had to make them....and I can't afford to buy a whole bag of variegated threads 'just' to get tiny bits of these two colors!...*They don't sell these colors individually here.*...Yep! O_O Something else I have to finish!!...*shaking my head*

      This is a tiny glimpse of something I already finished...last night! :-) ...

      No, NOT the cat!...No!!! O_O ... NO MORE CROCHETED ANIMALS FOR ME!! LOL... I 'did' make the little toilet tissue holder though! :-) ...*Remember the pretty blue yarn I showed you in yesterday's post?! :-) Well, it's now a tissue holder!...sitting on the bathroom shelf in my guest bathroom, holding a roll of my tissue! ^_^ It doesn't have a ribbon on it though, because hubby liked it without the ribbon. :-)
      Hubby wants me to make two more. One light green, and one white...for the other bathroom! :-) Apparently he likes the idea of hiding our tissue in plain sight!! LOL...I'll do it. But not today!! ^_^

      Here's a glimpse of the ribbon I got today...

      I'm gonna thread this through my baby blankets I'm finishing. :-) I'll show you when they're all done.....That won't be today!!...just so you know! ^_^ This is my 'Virtual Date Day'! I'm not doing anything I 'HAVE TO' do today! ^_^

      Here's a glimpse of what I'm watching today...

      I'm watching my hummingbird feeder...which is just swinging in the wind and getting rained on! :-) I think the hummingbirds are tucked away in a nest somewhere....Or maybe they're already in Mexico!! LOL
      If you look in the top left side of the above photo you'll notice that there are flowers on my tree now too! :-) They just popped out today!!! :-)

      I'm also watching tennis!! ^_^ Actually, I've been watching tennis all week! But today it's down to the fights for the semi-finals!...Djokovic defeated Ferrer earlier. He's got to play Raonic tomorrow! :-) ...

      And my 'Baby Boy', Rafael Nadal, is playing Andy Murray right now! ^_^ I shouldn't be smiling about it though, because the first set just ended...6 to 1, Andy Murray!!! O_O Rafa is getting beaten like he stole something!! LOL...

      I think I'm gonna watch the second set with my hands up to my face, glimpsing the television through my fingers! O_O I sure hope Rafa wakes up for the second set!! O_O

      Anyway!...That's a glimpse of my Friday so far! :-] From here on out I'm sure it'll be full of giggles and smiles :-) That's what time with hubby does for me. He makes me smile! :-) ...

What does your Friday look like?! ^_^


We take our eyes for granted
until some 'boo boo' mars our view.
Then we find ourselves short-sighted
with less things that we can do.

The thought of losing sight,
and seeing life just like before,
is scary, and can shake our confidence
right to the core.

To make our eyes feel better
we would do most anything.
Some eye salve or a hot pack,
even ointments that will sting.

To, every day, appreciate
the eyes that help us see
(and keeping those sharp objects
out of their proximity),

That's what we should be doing,
give those 'Peepers' some respect!
Especially since they get it
when we're sticking out our neck.

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