Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things I'm Loving Right Now...On This Tuesday!


      YAY!...I know what day it is! ^_^ It's Tuesday!!!...{I missed Sunday, but I think I'm back on track now!! ^_^}......And in honor of 'Tuesday' I'm gonna spare you from having to look at a whole blog post full of my crocheted items from my Wuglyees Etsy shop! :-) But...uhhh...if you wanna go to the shop itself to look at them, click HERE! ^_^ 
      What I'm 'not' gonna spare you from though, is looking at other Etsian's cute items!...because they are what I'm loving right now!...on this Tuesday!! :-) ... To start off with...I See Flowers!! :-) ...


       And I see the cutest little baby dress ever!! :-) And what a great idea to add the little crochet flowers all over it!! :-) I'm loving it!

       I'm also loving the detailed crochet cuff below!...


       Not only is the design beautiful, but the colors are just perfect!! :-)

       Speaking of just perfect, look at this ring!!!...


      I've been a 'yellow' citrine lover for a long time. I have a couple of pieces. But I don't think I knew that citrine came in this pretty orange color! O_O Why didn't I know that?!!!...And,just saying, this particular ring is just gorgeous!! I'm loving it!

      The next thing I'm loving this Tuesday is this unique lighting fixture!...


        Isn't it adorable?!! :-) ... Now, east-coasters...and whoever else has warm weather right now!...can have hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumblebees outside...and bee hives that light up the room inside!! ^_^ I'm loving the creativity of my fellow Etsians!! :-]

      And what's not to love about a little wooden wagon with a folk art designed heart on the side?!! :-) ...


       It's utilitarian, and eye-catching, all at the same time! :-) 

       Now, last but not least...because you know I'm not gonna let you get outta here without showing you a flower! ^_^...take a look at this beauty!!...


      It's a crochet bag with rattan, beads, and flowers!! :-) Sooooo pretty!! ♥

     So, that's what I'm loving on this Tuesday!...plus my current crochet project, which I'll show you on Wednesday...if it's done by then! ^_^ So, see you on Wednesday!!! ♥

I'm Loving It Right Now!

The 'Hunt for red October'?
No! My hunt's for hummingbirds.
I'm loving them right now,
So much, I hardly find the words!

Speaking of 'the words',
I'm also loving Poetry,
and I'm loving pretty journals
and my feelings all set free.

Speaking of 'set free',
I'm free of fondness now toward rain;
Yet I do love how the rain has focused
my creative brain.

Speaking of my brain,
With all this rain, I just say WOW!
'cause It's keeping me together,
and I'm loving that right now!

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