Sunday, May 4, 2014

They're Backkkkkk! :-)

      Hi Everybody! :-) I'm not gonna be here long. I've got a meeting to get ready for. But I wanted to share a couple of things that are back! ^_^ One of them is the multi-colored crochet necklace in the header photo.
      It's been sitting in my 'Expired' section for quite a while. I wasn't gonna renew it, but when I was looking for a new photo as an avatar for my Wuglyees shop, all I could think of was that I NEED COLOR!!...And what could possibly be more colorful than this necklace?! :-) ...'s back in the shop! :-) .. (Just click on the picture to take you over to my shop...if you're interested in taking it off my hands...and making me have to find some other crochet piece to use as an avatar!! LOL) 

      The other thing that's back...and don't you dare laugh at my fuzzy photos and dirty windows!! ^_^ the hummingbirds!!! :-) ...

      Well, far anyway!'s just 'this' hummingbird! He's been sitting on the branch, swaying with the breeze, and going back and forth to the feeder all day yesterday and today. Cool, right?!...

      Imagine my happiness when I did a double take and realized it was my beloved 'little fella'!! :-) 

      I'm sure he'll have some friends soon. Or at least I hope so!! :-) YAY!!!!!...They're back!!...and I'm out!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody!! ♥

Double Take

Yes, I looked at it again,
because I couldn't believe what I saw!
Was it meant to catch attention?
Or to make you drop your jaw?

Was it what I thought it was?
Was it real, or was it fake?
Just like life and all it's wonder,
some things need a double take.

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