Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Upsets And Blackness!!

      In light of the dark skies we're experiencing right now, I decided to go with black for today's post. ^_^ Besides...I don't have anything else to go on and on about! LOL...except for tennis. :-)) Speaking of which, there's a spoiler alert coming up below!...Anyway, in light of the dark skies I decided why not share Etsy's cute 'dark'...'black'...items?! :-)
      The shawl pattern in the header photo really got my creative juices flowing! Isn't it pretty?! It made me think that maybe that's what my next big crochet project should be....Not this particular shawl, but 'A Shawl'. And maybe 'a black shawl'. :-] ... After I finish a couple of other small projects, that is.
      I'm thinking about maybe bundling some of my lapel pins and boutonnieres into four to seven piece packages, instead of the one-a-piece way I'm selling them right now. Something!! The shop is as quiet as a mouse!!...sorta, kinda. :-)) I have to find some way to get my sales moving again!! O_O I'll be working on that on this dark day.
      Speaking of dark...

      ...this black dress really caught my eye! Not just because it's black, but because of the interesting way it's cut...with the one sleeve, on a kind of halter dress!...Soooo creative! (Although personally I would go crazy with just the one long sleeve! It's a symmetrical thing. My brain would be yanking at the other missing sleeve all night! LOL)

      I would have no problem what-so-ever with sitting in this though! :-) ...

      Well, maybe that's not entirely true either! O_O I'd be worried about whether the strings would give way! LOL...Although, even if they did, I'd still be in a sitting position.'s all GOOD! ^_^ (Side Note: I wish I had the pattern to crochet one of these!!)

      Now, look at this little cute beauty! :-) ...

      It's the picture of understated cuteness! ^_^ And I can see this on a lot of women too!...Not like the dress above! The dress is for a confident, well-shaped woman...Uhhhh...I got the confident part down!! LOL
      As far as anything else goes on this dark and rainy day...

      ...this art print says it all!! ^_^

      So, what is your weather like today?!...And what are your plans in it?! ^_^ My plans are to watch more tennis, and drink a cup of coffee!! ^_^ SPOILER ALERT: I already watched two matches this morning. Venus and Serena Williams both had matches that, if they won them, would put them into the third round...playing each other!! ^_^ YAY! right?!....WRONG! O_O They both were upset!!!!...Venus won her first set, and then politely got 'whooped' for the next two! :-( ...Then Serena's match started, and YIKES!!! O_O The girl 'put the beat-down' on Serena! It was the worst beating I've ever seen her get!! O_O
      Venus lost to 19-year-old Anna Schmiedlova, 2-6, 6-3, 6-4. I had never even seen her play before! She was new to me. But not any more!! :-] I'll be watching for her in other matches now. She's good!!
      And Serena lost to Garbine Muguruza, in straight sets, 6-2, 6-2!! O_O It was a young lady that I have seen play before, but never the way she played today!! She just 'ran over' Serena!!
      So congratulations to Anna Schmiedlova and Garbine Muguruza!!! YOU GO GIRLS!!! ^_^ ... Now?...COFFEE!!!! ^_^


Why have I become
so addicted to your taste?
Why have I not noticed
what you're doing to my waist?

Why are you the first thought
that I have when my eyes open?
Why is your solution
part of how I now am coping?

I don't know the answers.
All I know is that I'm UP!
And I have to leave you now
and go and fill back up my cup!

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