Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cookies?!.....What cookies?! O_O

      Whew!!!...I just finished my last visit with my physical therapist. Now I'm on my own!...with all of my leg lifts, 'range-of-motion' exercises, and arm weights....Yep! On my own. :-) ... I can handle that! ^_^ I have to admit though, as soon as she left I got a strong desire for some cookies, or a large hot fudge sundae!! LOL
      Maybe I'll get me some tomorrow. It'll be 'eat-what-you-want' virtual date day!! :-) For those that don't know, my 'virtual date day' with my 'Honey' is the day we treat ourselves to something that we really want, after a week of being! :-) Of course, tomorrow I'll probably think of something even better to have than a hot fudge sundae. We'll see!! ^_^
      For right now I just wanna share with you the rest of the unique items I saw on Etsy yesterday!...including the cork board clock with the grapes, in the header photo! :-) 

    This pink tulips basket clock, below, is also from the same shop!...

      She has a lot of cute one-of-a-kind clocks in her shop. I thought that the tulips was a great idea for scenery.  She lives in Belgium, and I think I heard somewhere that Belgium has beautiful tulips! :-) I know the clock certainly has some!! :-)

      This bread box is just adorable too, isn't it?!...

      Unfortunately, you can't buy it! :-( It's already sold!...I guess I should've shared it on the blog yesterday. It wasn't sold then! ^_^ That's alright. She has other beautiful hand-painted items in her shop. Go by and check it out! :-)

      I shared this mosaic mirror because I've never seen a mirror like this before. It's unique!...I love the colors, and the asymmetrical look of the circles....They almost look like cookies! :-) ...

      If you regularly follow my blog the reason I love this next item (below) won't surprise you. :-) ...

      It's the cutest crochet dress ever!! :-) ... And I love the little headband and booties that come with it!...Or, at least, I think they come with it! O_O It doesn't specifically say so in the description, but they're mentioned in the listing title, so I think they must come all together...If you're interested in it, just email the shop and ask the owner before you order it, to make sure. That's what I'd do!

      Do you have a precious kitty that needs a place to nap and hang out?...because don't they all?! :-)) ...check out this cool bed!!... 'Baby Wuglyee' bear probably would love this as much as the kitty in the photo! :-))

      And last, but certainly not least, I thought this unique laptop air desk was perfect!...

      If you've ever been on your computer for a long while, and felt the heat coming off that 'baby', you know exactly what I mean!!! Those air holes make a whole lot of sense!!...Of course I use the 'poor man's lap cooler' for my laptop....a fold-able baking rack, like the ones you cool your baked cookies on!! :-)) ...

      It works perfectly too!...and for cookies also! :-) I have to admit's not as cool-looking as the air desk above. And you probably wouldn't run into the awkward silence that I run into every time someone sees my 'laptop cooler'...cuz that's what I call it!! LOL...They say: "Ooooo! Where did you get that?! I need one for my computer!!"...and I have to say: "Uhhhh...from the kitchen." LOL...WHATEVER!! LOL...It works!! ^_^

       Okay, that's all I got for today. Tomorrow I'm not sure if we'll be going anywhere for our date or not. We have a guy whose suppose to come to do some painting in the bathroom If he comes, we go. But I fear it's gonna be a 'call-something-in' kinda date day. I say that because the guy was suppose to come today to do the painting...and he didn't show! Grrrr! Hubby called him about a half an hour after he was suppose to be here and he said he wouldn't be able to come because he was really busy. O_O
      Uhhhhh...wasn't 'he' the one that made the appointment for yesterday?!....Uhhhh...didn't he know he would be busy therefore?!...And uhhhh...where was our phone call to say he wasn't gonna show up?!! O_O What's with people these days anyway?!...I would never leave people waiting somewhere for me without calling!! It's so rude to assume that your time is more valuable than mine because you're busy!! O_O What am I?...chopped liver?!!!....Oh! People used to be so much better mannered 'back-in-the-day'!...SOMETIMES! LOL...Okay, rant over! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Everybody. See you tomorrow!...paint fumes and all if necessary! ^_^


Why do we get nostalgic
for the places of our past?
For the music and the people
who were in our high school class?

Why do we get nostalgic
for the foods we used to eat?
Like your mom's banana pudding,
boiled pig ears and chicken feet?

Why do we get nostalgic
for old bikes we once rode on?
And for buying penny candy
at a time thats long since gone?

Why do we get nostalgic
for long conversations had
when our cousins used to visit
(That was, till we all got mad)?!

Why do we get nostalgic?
Frankly, I'm  sure I don't  know,
'cause I sat and wrote a poem
like a true nostalgia pro! 

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