Sunday, May 25, 2014


      It's a good day for focus, isn't it?! ^_^ I think so! And if you need to focus, this is the perfect piece of art to start with! (in the header photo) :-) Besides which, the colors are just beautiful!!
      The reason I need so much focus today is because for the last two days I've been completely UN-focused!...I think the rain did something to my brain!...I haven't done my exercises. I haven't been eating as well as I'd like. I haven't been crocheting...Ugh!...I didn't even do a blog post yesterday...AGAIN!! O_O
      I just need to wrangle my brain in and decide what I want my 'plan' for activity to be!...besides enjoying my meeting, I mean! Because enjoying my meeting is a for sure, sure!!...or, as us southerners say, a 'fa sho sho!' ^_^
      Since I finished my crochet tissue box project I haven't picked up a crochet hook! O_O Now I have to decide if I wanna just get some pancakes and 'go-to-town' with a fork!...or grab a crochet hook and make some more lapel boutonniere pins...

      ...crochet some creative and useful project...

      ...crochet a large afghan or blanket...

      ...crochet an intensely detailed bed spread...

      ...Or just put away the crochet hook altogether, and watch out my window for birds! ^_^ ...

      I'm still getting an occasional cardinal or robin to the backyard...

      ...but mostly it's an all-day hummingbird show! ^_^ They zip in and out, chase each other, sit on nearby branches, and occasionally fly up to the window and hover and say: 'Hi! Whatcha doing in there?!' :-))

      The truth is, the hummingbirds have better focus than me right now!!...and, considering that the French Open tennis tournament started today, I foresee many an un-focused day in my immediate future!! LOL...*Congratulations to both Venus and Serena Williams, by the way. They both won their first round matches today! ^_^*
      That's why I already discussed with my hubby what I want my schedule to look like this week...starting, first thing in the morning, with doing our Bible text and reading, exercises, breakfast, and taking of pills and vitamins!! LOL...Ain't that a shame that I have to put 'taking my pills' on a list of daily 'To Dos'?!!...But if I don' know what'll happen!! LOL
      "Focus, Wug...FOCUS!!!" LOL...And Y'all focus too!...And have a good upcoming week! :-)

Catching Up

I see life from my perspective.
And it's always a full cup.
I rarely see the glass half empty.
I don't let much interrupt.

But now I find this needs a change.
I have some catching up to do.
I have some things that need updating.
And some family bonds to glue.

Some things have lagged unmercifully.
They need some tweaking, not too much.
Just need to get back some perspective..
Get some family lines in touch.

This catching up will be wide ranging.
Out with the old, in with the new.
But when you're catching up with people,
there's still some old when you're all through.

Catching up sometimes is tiring.
Maybe that's why I've been waiting.
And, besides, when I'm all done,
there seems there's more that needs updating! 

     By the way, big thanks to all of the above Etsy shop owners for letting me share their work as I was telling my story. :-] Check out all of their shops, will ya!...And buy something too, if you like! ^_^

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