Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's All About Purses!

      Happy Sunday, Everybody! :-)...Notice that I didn't say happy 'Pancake Sunday'. I think I'm all done with pancakes!...They don't make me feel good anymore, so they must GO!! ^_^ Yep! That's the kind of girl I am! If something...or someone...makes me not feel good, and makes me raise the emotional's a solid 'GOODBYE FOREVER!' :-)) And pancakes have made me raise the wall!...and put up iron bars!...and man a lookout!! LOL
      And I've had to spend every emotional penny I had to do it too!! LOL...Okay. Enough, Wug! ^_^ ... Sorry. I had to find a way to transition into my post about coin purses. ;-) I had to stretch my emotionally walled-in mind to do it too!! LOL
       Let me explain by saying:...IT'S RAINING!!!! O_O UGH! And it's been raining since yesterday morning!!...So much for weather forecasters and their sunshine predictions!! LOL The funniest thing was that one of the weather people said yesterday that we were going to have "showers off and on all day. Mostly off!"...Huh!...Somebody told him wrong!! :-)) It rained all day...steady!...I think I even saw an occasional cat...or dog!! LOL
      So, what am I doing this morning?!...Looking for sunshine wherever I can get it!!...and finding some sunshine in a place where I could put all of my millions.......of pennies! LOL...was a good place to find sunshine! And a good something to make me smile. :-) Enjoy!!...

      Yes, I ended with a flower. Surprise, surprise! ^_^ 

      Actually, looking at purses isn't all I'm doing today. In fact, I'm watching tennis semi-finals as we speak...while typing. :-) Later I'm gonna maybe make some phone calls, write some letters, and do some crocheting! :-) What will YOU be doing?!...Share...and have a good day! ♥

To Be My Pocketbook!

It goes everywhere with me.
It is always by my side.
It holds all of my possessions.
It's where all my secrets hide.

It holds all of my 'play' money,
and the pictures I hold dear.
It holds my make-up and I.D.
It makes me feel secure, when near.
And when it gets lost...OH! The Fear!

UPDATE TO THIS POST:...Yes, I now realize that it's NOT Sunday!! *shaking my head*...^_^ Ugh! Some days it's just 'like that'!!!! LOL


  1. Okay.....did someone say Sunday?? I thought it was Saturday today....did I lose a day???
    Sorry it's raining...maybe that's why you lost track of time....
    Great finds anyway! Have a great SATURDAY! Tee Hee!! :D

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!....I 'DID' lose track of days!!!!! ^_^ Thanks for pointing it out for me because I'd be all mixed up tomorrow!!! Ha! Ha!...RAIN!! UGH!


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