Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hmmmm...What Should I Talk About Today?!

      I have no idea what I'm going to talk about today! ^_^ I suppose that's why I like the Etsy shop where two of the signs on today's post came from. The shop has a lot of signs that speak!...sorta kinda. And they don't have a problem figuring out what to talk about, like I do! ^_^
      "But first coffee" seems like a great idea!...even if I don't have any coffee in the house right now! :-) All I have is tea. So maybe I should start the post by saying: "But First Tea"! :-)) Although it's been hours since I had my tea for the day. I only drink one cup a day usually, and I had it with my breakfast about eight or nine hours ago!...I have to admit though, that a large cup of 'Dunkin Donuts' coffee with extra cream and sugar would really be good right about now!! :-) ...

      So, do I wanna talk about coffee and tea today?!...Not really. But I don't know what else to talk about! :-)) There's not much going on, this fine Saturday. Not even rain!...I could talk about how far my blanket is coming along. I'm up to row forty now....Uhhhh....Okay, now what?!...I know!...Flowers! :-) ...

      Or should I say...pretty flowers on a note card! :-) I couldn't help sharing the card. The beautifully colored poppies jumped out at me while I was browsing Etsy. :-) They're a lot brighter than any flowers we have growing around here at the present....I'm not complaining though! No! They're a lot better to look at, even in their muted state, than that ton of white stuff that was in the backyard not that long ago!! O_O
      Hmmm...what else?!...Oh! I can tell you about our 'virtual date night'! :-) We had a 'ball'!!...A 'ball' is a 'good time', for non-southerners. :-)) ...I had catfish! :-) Hubby couldn't have any. He's allergic to a lot of seafoods. Not tuna or canned salmon though. Strange! :-] He had deep dish pizza instead.
      We also listened to some good music, while we reminisced about what our life was like when I lived in the south. He's not from the south, but his parents are. In fact, his parents are from a town not far from where I'm originally from! :-) Isn't that funny?!...I didn't find that out until we were married. It was a good surprise. It means he has southern blood running through his veins, even though he's got northern attitudes running through his head! LOL
      I guess I'll save that conversation for another day!! ^_^ ... So what are you doing, or where are you going today?!....Me?! O_O ...NOWHERE!!!...I'm not going anywhere, and I'm not doing anything special either! In fact, I don't even have the word 'hurry' in my vocabulary today! I just wanna be here. At home....Wanna join me?!...We can do a whole lot of talking...about nothing!!! ^_^

        Have a good weekend, Y'all!! ^_^

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

Scurry, scurry, scurry!
Hurry up to go nowhere.
Rushing, rushing, rushing!
Faces with that worried glare.

Bob and weave and dart!
Pulling children by the arm.
Scurry, scurry, scurry!
As if they heard a smoke alarm!

Flitting here and there,
in and out, up and down.
They wake up and they're going
from the time feet hit the ground.

Speeding everywhere,
at an aggravated pace.
Pushy and annoying,
as if they are in a race.

So, really, what's the hurry?
Slow it down. Find a chair.
Is it time that you are chasing?
Because it will still be there! 

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