Thursday, May 1, 2014


      I saw this beautifully creative teapot...Yeah, the one in the the header photo... :-) ...and I thought to myself:..."Yep! I could go for some tea right about now!" ^_^ 
      Truth is, with the rain still continuing today, I'm thinking that I could go for tea...soup...banana bread...some slow cooked collard greens...a baked turkey leg or two...and hmmmm...I don't know...maybe a peach cobbler! ^_^
      Clearly, the rain and dark clouds are doing something bad to my brain! LOL I've been achy...AND HUNGRY!...ever since my eyes opened this morning!!...And No! That's not a good thing!! O_O The only good thing about it is that we don't have most of that stuff in the house! ^_^ ...And along those lines, thankfully we also don't have any salt and vinegar potato chips, Fritos, french fries, nachos, or Almond Joys either! :-))) ...My 'back up' choices. LOL

      Tea it is!! ^_^ Tea...and hummingbird watch! :-) ...

      Unfortunately we haven't seen any since the feeder actually went up!! O_O I hope the 'fly by' the other day wasn't to check and see if our backyard was gonna be a 'fast food' stop...and now we're off the flight plan!! O_O

      We did get a visitor to the feeder though...A very short-beaked and disappointed blue bird...(I'm not exactly sure what kind of bird it really was. But it 'was' blue! ^_^) LOL It was the cutest...and saddest...thing to watch him going around and around the feeder, trying his best to find a way to get something...anything!...out of there!! LOL

      I sympathize, little blue bird!...I felt the same way about the fridge this morning!!!...*sigh*..."Want some green tea with lemon?!" :-) That's all I got!^_^ Have a good rest of the day, Y'all! ♥


Do you find that you have lulls?
Times when life just has no 'Pings!'
Times when all that you've been planning
has been done! ... and nothing 'sings!'

You don't know what you should do.
Taking naps seem so sublime!
Knowing, when you look around,
that No! You haven't wasted time!

Lots of things have all been done.
But many things that you could do.
But nothing 'Pings': "Let's do this next!!"
The lull just gets the best of you.

Right now I'll try to ride the wave.
No expectation. Just relax.
Keep flipping books for inspiration.
Enjoying colors, brights and blacks.

Soon I know I'll be off again,
deeply engrossed in some new thing.
I'll get such satisfaction from it.
And that familiar little...'Ping!'

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