Saturday, September 10, 2011

'Date Night' Was Slightly Delayed For Some 'Other' Packing!

      Before I get all into my 'Date Night' trip, I want to tell you how exciting my day was yesterday...from a 'crocheting-fool-etsy-shop-owning' perspective!
      I was in the shop 'toodling around', doing some SEO re-tagging (my latest pastime it seems!). When I did a few items and then went to check to see if they showed up, I noticed that my sales number was incorrect...I figured that something else had expired. But when I went to check I found out that Nooooooooo! Nothing had expired. I had sold 3 items!! And one of them was the necklace that I just listed the day before!! :-)
      These were the other two....
         YAY!!! My bead and crochet wire flower necklace sold too!! I was so excited!!! {And yes, I realize that me telling you about this may not make you as excited as I was! ^_^}
       After I contacted the customer to let her know I'd be getting her things in the mail to her right away, I went back to my SEO re-tagging...And when I went to check again.....You guessed it!!! Four more sales!!!! :-]
           Four of my little flower brooch 'babies'!! :-) I guess I better get away from making all the scarves I had planned, and get back to the crochet flower making business, huh?! :-)
        Anyway, I knew my 'Date Night' trip was gonna be delayed a bit, with all the packaging I would have to do, but since parts of the state were still in darkness anyway...I figured there wouldn't have to be any hurry. ^_^
     Oh! Did I tell you where our destination was this time?!.....It was good old California!!
        California is a state on the west coast of the United States. We've always wanted to go there. But, by car, it's a 3 day drive from Massachusetts!!...
        As you can see on the maps, we're on the complete opposite sides of the country!...And strangely enough, California has always felt like a different world to us. We have friends that live there and they talk about pink-colored houses, and sushi bars, and doggie spas, and celebrities having lunch at the restaurants they eat in, and......stuff like that. O_0
      Okay, yeah, there's lots of celebrities on the east coast too! But sushi bars?! Doggie spas?!! But it did kinda make me curious about what kind of people would be into these kind of things. Sounds like a place to visit, right?! :-)
       But maybe when it's having what the New York Times referred to as the largest power failure in California history, on one of their hottest weeks!'s not the best time for a visit! ^_^ {And it was 'human error' too?!!...I feel for that poor guy today! ^_^} Although Los Angeles at night (above photo) is still a beautiful sight, isn't it?! :-)
      But darkness was not gonna stop us!! So visit we did!!!...Big Sur's Coast...
              The Golden Gate Bridge... 
        Calaveras Big Trees State Park....
        Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe...
        Hollywood Boulevard...
       The Hollywood Sign...
       Echo Park, with Palm trees...
      MacArthur Park...
       Walt Disney Concert Hall...
       And if you've ever watched the 'Oscars' you'll probably recognize the Kodak Theater...
           And the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers...Dodger Stadium!! maybe California 'is' a different world!! :-)
      What a great place to go on a 'Date Night'...even if it 'is' dark!! I mean...who can beat the 
  Los Angeles the dark?! :-)
      Fun facts we found out about California:
1.) It is by far the most populous U.S. state, and the third-largest by land area (after Alaska and Texas).
2.) Los Angeles is the center of the American entertainment industry.
3.) Earthquakes are a common occurrence there...O_0
4.) At least half of the fresh fruit produced in the United States are cultivated in California, and it also leads in the production of vegatables.
5.) What do Californians eat?...Well, pretty much what most people eat, but there are some differences! When I was doing my reading about the area there was a comment by someone who lives in California who said: 'You can't find hush puppies, crab cakes, or fried catfish in CA. The Mexican food is different than the Tex-Mex you find in Texas, but other than that we have all cultures and foods.' fried catfish?! No hush puppies?!
     And I did tell you about the sushi bars!! :-)) ...Truthfully, the sushi we had was not that great. But maybe it's because we didn't go to the Granada Hills area! They apparently have a family restaurant just for sushi!...

      Next time!...In fact, California is so big, and tourist rich, there will definitely have to be a next time!!

     Now, considering that last night's 'Date Night' was inspired by a song by Jo Dee Messina...and we could have ended up in Carolina...I think California, even in darkness, was a pretty good choice...don't you?! :-) Thank you Jo Dee!!

      Now I better go over and check my sales numbers in my shop!!! LOL Have a good weekend everybody!!!! :-)

Virtual trip

I really like to travel,
See the world, expand my mind.
But not getting on an airplane,
or hunting luggage I can't find!

I like a 'good ole' virtual trip.
Computer details. Music too.
Where you don't need a stinking passport,
or have to wear a stinking shoe!


  1. Wow, you are the business woman of the year! Good job..but I can understand it because your items are so cute. I love your date nights because I learn so much from them. I've been to California a few times in my life but there is so much to see out there it would take many more life times to fit it all in! You must be a fast driver to be able to make it out there in 3 days..I thought I drove fast...have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness how wonderful. I was smiling from ear to ear when I read about your sales. Well done, congratulations. I've never had that many sales in one day, or one week, LOL Please tell me more about this re-tagging stuff. I really need all the help I can get with

    I love your necklaces and the brooches too,and you know how much I love my wuglee. Sending big hugs your way!!!

  3. yaya, Ha! Ha! Business woman of the ear?!....^_^ I wish!!! I'm flabbergasted by the sales myself! I mean..I always hope someone will think what I do is good...but if you're 'me' you don't hold your breath!...or think people will buy a bunch of things all on the same day just because they like 'em!!...I'm a very happy camper right now! :-)...And we didn't drive to Cali this time. We took a route! ;-) And how right you are about the amount of things there are to see! We only scratched the surface. We'll have to go back!!!...Thank you so much for the nice words too!

  4. Katherine, Awwww! Thank you so much!! And that means that both of us have big grins today!! ^_^ By the way, I think that's the most sales I've ever had in one day!! I guess the re-tagging for SEO is helping! :-) {Quick tip that helped me the most: Go to the etsy search bar and put the name of your item in there (scarf, book, towel, etc...) and look at the search terms that pop up. Those are the ones that most people are searching. You need to use those words in your titles to your items if possible...I was titling my scarves as "Necklace". My search said to add "Crochet" and "crochet flower". I did it and WOW!!} I hope your sales get numerous soon too! And thank you so much for the encouragement. :-) Have a good rest of the weekend!

  5. Deb, congrats on your recent sales. Thank you for the virtual tour of Cali. I lived in Medford Oregon and only went to Cali once Yreka of all places to visit that is where we went. Oh well maybe soon I'll go in person to Hollywood or San Fransisco. Have a great Day!!!

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you, about the sales, Velma. I'm riding the wave for now...and hoping it keeps up. :-] And WOW! You lived in Oregon! That's some pretty country too, isn't it?! All the photos of that area that I've seen are wide open spaces, mountains, and pretty countryside. No, it's not Cali. But nothing else is!! ^_^ It was a nice place to visit...Have a good rest of the weekend!!

  7. Oh...fab about your sales!!!!
    I'm going to have a look at my tags this evening and titles.

  8. We Blog Artists, Thank you so much for the kind words about my sales! :-) Let me know how your tagging goes. It's worked wonders for least so far! I'm just rolling with it for now!...Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. Congrats on the sales my friend!! Woo Hoo! I've been trying to change my listings a bit too. Hope it helps. Oh, I did sell 3 backpack charms this weekend. All going to Thailand!! Repeat customer!
    I'm so glad you had a good date night!
    I hope the sales keep rolling in for you too!

  10. Congratulations on all of your sales. I guess changing the listings helped big time! That cameo necklace is beautiful!
    I have to admit that I can at least say that I have been to California. To LAX then on to San Diego & later I was in San Francisco. Although I didn't see a lot of stuff it was dark for the most part. I do remember that there were way too many lanes on the freeway & it was confusing. I was just glad I wasn't driving :)
    I wish I had seen more but thanks to your virtual tour I have seen a lot more than I did on my trip to the US :D

  11. CinLynn, Thank you very much, Bead! And Oooo! Congratulations to you!!!! I knew those back-pack charms would start taking off! They're so cute! I hope your sales keep up too!! :-]

  12. Jo-anne, Thanks for the congrats! And Oooo! You've been to Cali?!!! How nice!...By the way, the power outage started, I think, in San Diego. That's why we didn't go there! ^_^ And everything I've heard about California talks about the ridiculous amount of confusing highway lanes there are!! LOL No fun for someone like myself that likes to know "EXACTLY" where I'm going, and "EXACTLY" what lane I'm suppose to be in to get there!! ^_^ Guess I better put my good brain cells in order the next time I go there...driving I mean! :-))


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