Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facts About Me That Might Make You Go...Hmmmm!

        Something happened to me day before yesterday that probably would have had someone else jumping for joy...An award-winning, number one rated, digital scrap-booking software company sent me an email offering me to host a giveaway on my blog. They were gonna give me two copies of their software for free...One for my personal use and to review. The other to give away on my blog!
        Additionally, they were gonna give me a $10 off promo code to share with my blog followers, and every time someone used the code I would get $20!....I say: 'was gonna' because I turned it down.
        That simple act of turning it down made me start to wonder about myself! I mean...who wouldn't jump at a deal like that?! O_0 I'll tell you who.....Me!...The fact is...I don't do scrap-booking and wouldn't know how to review a digital software program. I probably wouldn't even know how to open the package!! LOL
       Another fact is....I don't know enough about this 'blogging thing' yet to feel comfortable enough to start changing things!...I mean...would my taking a sponsored gift like that put me in some other kind of 'law-breaking' tax situation or something?!...Would I have to 'monetize' my blog...whatever that means...O_0...if I did it?!....Would there be all kinds of detailed information I'd have to read about how to use my blog, and what a 'spread-sheet' is, or a 'business plan'? (These are some...what I call...'business buzz words' I've heard people talking about!)
     I know you're probably thinking: "Seriously?!!!!!"...And I know that's what you're thinking because that's exactly what my husband said when I told him about the offer and why I turned it down! {Of course he went to a high school that taught 'business' and 'college prep'! I went to a 'trade' school and learned how to write, and how to position women in hospital stirrups for medical exams.....just saying! ^_^}
         As the night went on, I started thinking about all of the other facts about myself that might make people go hmmmmmmm. And I thought I'd share a few of them with you today!...

          1.) The fact is.........that I can, while laying flat on my back, lift my left leg up over my head...and can hold it there for an inordinate amount of time without pain or discomfort,.......BUT can't hold a pen or pencil in my right hand for more than 10 minutes without sharp pains shooting through it and forcing me to "LET IT GO!!"....I mean seriously! What's up with that?!!! LOL
          2.) The fact is.....that, for some strange reason lately, every time I eat a meal I start FREEZING!!! I mean....I have to drop my fork, get under some cover and 'hunker down for a few minutes'! O_0...Help me one of you medical people out there!!...Do I have some weird disease or something?!! ^_^
            3.) The fact is.....that when my husband over the years would say the words "Sword", (which he pronounced with the "W" being accentuated)...and the word "helicopter", (which he pronounced 'hel-a-cock-ter')...I used to think it was so cute!.....But now every time he says them I HAVE TO correct him, and it turns into a 20 minute conversation, because I'm so irritated!!!....And for some reason I can't stop myself from making a big deal out of it...even though I know it's not!...And I also know he's gonna think my irritation about it is funny....which just makes me MORE irritated!! UGH! 
            4.) The fact is.....that I have two blood pressure pills that I have to set an alarm clock to remember to take at two different times EVERY DAY....because I'll totally forget them if I don't!...{I've gone all day on numerous occasions where I didn't even think of them ONCE!!!).....But I take supplemental vitamins every day at a very specific, exact same time,....for which I 'DON'T' have an alarm clock set to remember...and I never forget them!!...I even remind my husband to take his!..O_0
        5.) The fact is.....that I can remember practically every chapter and verse of the bible that I've ever studied...word for word!...(people ask me where scriptures are, and what they say, all the time because they know I remember them!)...but when I'm on phone calls with someone and they ask me how old I am, or my phone number,...I totally can't recall it from memory!! O_0 I have to use my fingers to count back...or get the address book out!!...And it's not because I don't recall it often, either! I could've just read it, or had to recall it, the day before, and today someone asks...and I can't remember!!! LOL
             6.) The fact is....that when I take a nap during the day I can cover up to the neck and take an hour long nap very comfortably...(assuming I actually go to sleep...but that's another issue! ^_^)... 
            ...but at night, within the same one hour span of time, if I put more than the sheet over me, and don't have my left foot completely out from under the cover, I wake up in a pool of sweat and need to have a window opened for a few minutes so I can breathe!! O_0...and stop laughing too!!! 
        7.) The fact is.....that I go through periods of time now where I 'can't stand' the smell of eggs or chicken (cooked in any way!), can't stand the texture of cheese, and can't stomach any kind of mayonnaise, sour cream, etc...any white condiment type stuff!....(because it has a smell of mucous and tastes like metal to me)....but then 'the very next day' all I want is chicken and a baked potato with sour cream!!! O_0...I'm driving my husband crazy y'all!!! Stark raving crazy!!! LOL...{The conversations go like this: "Look what I brought you!"....."YUCK!"...."But you said this was all you could eat!!"...."That was yesterday!!" ^_^}
        8.) The fact is......that my tastes in music vary from Dolly Parton to Aretha Franklin, Yo-yo Ma to Miley Cyrus, Classical to classic rock, moody blues to blue-grass, calypso to salsa, the Andrews Sisters to Sister Sledge, and a world of different tunes in between!...but I cannot....I say CANNOT...hear, not one more time, "Last Chance" by Donna Summer, or anything by  the Pointer sisters, without wanting to tear my hair completely out by the roots!!!...And I used to love these songs! O_0
        (Street Music by matthabel)
            9.) The fact is......that I sometimes miss cuddling up with "The Wrapper"...(that's what I call my husband, because he completely likes to wrap his legs all over mine, and put his arm around my middle, in bed at night)...but as soon as I say I want to cuddle...and he gets all wrapped up...I end up unwrapping him in a mad frenzy, and saying: "enough is enough!!" LOL He thinks it's funny! He says I'm like that kitten in the cartoons that can't get comfortable on the back of the dog!! LOL

           10.) And lastly, the fact is.....that some days it takes me 4 hours to do one of my shorter blogs...Well, short for me! ^_^... because my mind keeps drifting off to other things, and I have to keep wrangling it back!.....but the very next day, I can do my complete of the longer, more involved, an hour and a half, from start to finish, without pre-preparation, and with links and everything!!...I love it when the brain cells are in the pink and are all firing at the same time!! ^_^
         Okay...I'll stop now. Not because that's all of the quirky facts about me, but because I don't want to run you off completely!! ^_^ Sadly, I could be here all day! Ha! Ha! But instead I'm going to leave you with one other fact...
       I sold two more items from my shop last night in my Wuglyees shop!!! ^_^ One was a hat!...
       ...and one was a necklace! :-)
        I guess I have some more crocheting to do!!!...And that's a fact! ^_^ Have a good day everybody!!

The Fact is....

The fact is...I love peaches!
I can put them anywhere!
On top of pie and ice cream,
and one day...a style for hair!

The fact is...I love laughing!
But not the judging, pointing kind.
Not laughing at the other guy,
but to de-stress, relax, unwind.

The fact is...I am quirky!
No one knows this more than me.
But I'm also thoughtful, loving,
and just oozing sympathy.

The fact is...I'm a reader,
...and a writer. That's a fact!
I read my Bible faithfully,
and write to share all that.

The fact is...I love people!
But I love my time alone.
I love a giggle by myself
or giggling on the phone!

The fact is...I'm a girl.
And a woman, sister, wife.
A fact that makes me happy with
my husband, friends and life!


  1. Had a good old chuckle at 11pm thanks can go to sleep smiling

  2. Nelly, Ha! Ha! Glad to oblige!...Nighty night!

  3. Ha, this post was just delightful! It sure made me smile!:)

  4. trusk4u, :-) As long as you're smiling 'with' me, and not 'at' me....I'm good! ^_^ Thank you for the nice comment.

  5. Deb, I now feel like I know you a little better thank you for sharing. You had me rolling on the floor laughing tears rolling down my eyes. Great poem by the way. Have a great day!!!!!!!!

  6. I love the way you tell us about you!! It's hysterical!! Mainly because I can so relate!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!
    And also congrats on the sales! I'm so happy that things are finally picking up for you. You really deserve it!!! I hope you have many more too!
    Have a great day!

  7. SnowflakeDreams1, Velma, I shudder to think of which one of these things had you laughing that hard!! ^_^ But I'm glad it at least resulted in you getting to know me a little bit better!...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too. And enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. CinLynn, Thanks for the really nice words, Bead. I sometimes think I probably give away too many of my quirks...but then again, I KNOW I'm not the only one with them!! I'm just the only one silly enough to admit it in public!! LOL..And, by the way, I hope you're right about the sales...for all of us!! Have a good rest of the day my friend!

  9. Congratulations on the two new sales! Yippee!

    I learned a little more about you today and it was so much fun reading the 10 facts. You certainly have a way with words!

    Your poem is delightful!

  10. Julie, Thank you!! That's a thanks for the acknowledgement of my 2 sales, for the complement on my silly writing, and for stopping by and taking the time to let me know! :-) I hope things are ging well with you too. :-)

  11. It was really nice learning a bit more about you :)
    I love your poem and congrats on the sales!

  12. Jo-anne, Thank you. Thank you. And thank you! :-)


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