Friday, September 9, 2011

It Figures!!...UGH! Just When I Had My Bag Ready For 'Date Night'!

         Please don't mind my "Ugh!" today. I'm still whining from yesterday...because of the rain!...Today I'm whining because of a bad 'Date Night' choice...that we didn't know was gonna be a bad choice...until the whole place went into darkness!! ^_^ UGH!!
       We...{and I say 'We' because I didn't pick the destination alone this week!!}... We 'would' pick a place to go for Friday 'Date Night' at the same time that they're having a huge power outage, and more than 6 million people are in the dark!!! LOL...Hey! I'm 'The Wug'! And I'm married to 'Mr. Wug'! That's how we roll! darkness!!! ^_^
    I'll tell you whether we find our way there through the darkness tomorrow! LOL But below is a little hint as to where we're headed.
      Right now though, I wanna stop whining for a minute and show you the cute...and I mean 'cute' gift I won from Briana, of the blog art life!...I know you can't tell what it is from the header photo. And with my won't get much more of a clue!! LOL
       You can tell that it's a bag though...right?!...O_0 ...ANYWAY!!!! LOL What I'll do is show you some of her photos...which are fabulous, by the way...along with mine. Trust'll need some help!! ^_^
          After I pulled it out of the brown packaging, this is what it looked like...Oooo! I love opening gifts! Especially FREE gifts!! :-]
         And I love when the cards sent along with them are almost as nice as the I can add some more framed art to my house! :-) 
       I loved the one with the jar so much!!! It's based on a print of an original painting. It reminded me of my home state of Georgia. I used to watch my granny do canning in jars sorta like this. :-] ...You can't really see it that well from my picture of it though. 
      Thankfully the print of the original painting, Sylvias Ball Jar,  is on sale in one of Briana's Etsy shops...brianataylor. So I can show you 'her' photos of it!! :-)
         Ahhhhh! So pretty...And, even though the jar is empty, it's so full of memories for me. :-] ...Okay, I had to show you that before I showed you the gift..."because art is necessary"...(that's the theme line to her shop. :-) ........moving on!!
        After I got through reading all of my cards, and setting aside my 'art work', I went back to opening my gift!!
      I know! You can't really see it!!....Thankfully she takes great photos though! :-) Here are 'her' photos of it!...
     What you can't do from photos is examine how well made it is! You'll have to trust me on that one. :-) ... Or you can go to her other Etsy shop, btaylorquilts, and buy one of her bags yourself! :-)
      Personally, now that I already have one of her bags...{which I had my eye on before she gave it away! ^_^} I've got my eye on her quilted coasters!...The plum berry ones particularly....
       They look like Fall....and like my favorite color green...and like some flowers! :-) ... All of which would be great to incorporate into my Friday 'Date Night' trip!
      Speaking of which...
     ...Big city, we're headed your way! Go ahead!...Be dark if you want to!!! LOL You have cities, and attractions, that we can't wait to see...when the lights come back on! :-)        

     You're gonna have to be pretty good to make to make us forget our last 'Date Night'!! We're still thinking of Australia! :-]

      Anyway...I hope we won't have to wait too long to find out if your lights are gonna come back on. Not that it's gonna deter us! But you do want to be a good host and show us your place with the lights on...don't you?!!! O_O We'll be waiting...impatiently.
       Okay Bloggers, don't forget to enter the necklace GIVEAWAY (right hand side bar)! And have a good weekend! :-) Hopefully, not dodging fires or floods, large alligators and numerous hurricanes!!...UGH!


I'm not very good at waiting.
I've had to do too much of it.
Too many hours in the car.
Too many minutes just to sit.

I want to do it now!
What's all this waiting all about?
Too much time spent in the middle
turns my surety to doubt.

I guess it could be worth the waiting,
all this check-list, errand, chore.
Then again, that all depends
on what it is I'm waiting for.


  1. Congrats on the win! I was liking that bag myself! I entered to win it too! So glad you won!
    Sounds like a fun date night for you. Enjoy your San Franciscan fare and your experience!

  2. CinLynn, Thanks my friend...I didn't know you had entered to win it too!...Well, you didn't win the bag, but you can go on our trip with us!! :-] What?!...Not enough?! LOL...Have a good day, Bead!

  3. Deb, congrats on winning such a beautiful bag. I'll be waiting for your post about your date night because I learn so many new things thanx to you and your hubby. Enjoy your trip. Have a great day!!!!!!! P.S. the cards that you received are beautiful too.

  4. Congrats on the win....beautiful bag!
    And lovely watercolour!!!!
    Hope you get some lights soon!!!

    Have a good weekend.

  5. SnowflakeDreams1, Thank you so much!! I could hardly believe it was mine! It's so pretty, and well-made!...And you probably guessed where we're going, right?! ^_^ I'll see you tomorrow with the 'Date Night' details! :-) {Thanks for traveling with us, Velma.}

  6. We Blog Artists, Thank you!! It really is a great gift!...And I hope our destination has lights when we get there too!! It'll be an 'interesting' dark 'Date Night' if not! LOL

  7. Hi there! I took a break from the blogging the past few days, so I've just now seen your post about the bag! Great photos, so glad you are liking it :) and thank you for your kind words about its construction and the post cards, etc. . I hope you will put it to good use. I have one that I use as a pocketbook and people are always asking me about it. It is definitely a very hard thing to photograph and it's easier to have people see them in person. I really need to figure out a way to photograph them for the shop so that it's easier to see them....always a struggle.

    Too bad about the power outtage! Of all things :( There's always next Friday, right?! Enjoy.

  8. btaylor, Hello there!! Thank you so much about the blog...and thanks for the inspiration to do it! :-) And YOUR photos were the ones that were great! So clear and detailed...I appreciate my little bag so much. I'm using it now for keeping the Giveaway entrants in! :-)...And no worries about the power outage. If you saw the post on Saturday you saw that it didn't stop us!! :-)) Have a good rest of the weekend!


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