Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is This Suppose To Make Me Sleepy?!

             (Holly Golightly Sleep Mask Tutorial by AurorasPatterns)   
        Between watching the late night matches of the U.S. Open Tennis tournament,...and my normal 'changing' hormonal insomnia (that is...if you can call 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night 'normal'!),...and a C-Pap machine that keeps losing it's seal at night and letting air out...(time for a new mask!!),...{Not to mention enduring a husband who takes pictures of you sleeping with your C-Pap mask, looking like a sick old woman whose 'on her last leg'...UGH!!!!}...and peeping over and over again at the U.S. Tropical Storm Map...UGH!! Lee and Katia!!!,..
       ...*deep breath*...and taking long 'virtual' 'Date Night' trips to Australia,... ^_^...and worrying about illnesses and struggles going on in the family,...AND missing my daytime naps because of enduring yard workers buzz buzz buzzing their buzz saws in my backyard, I'm not getting much sleep these days!!!
       I've just been physically exhausted!!...So what have I been doing to try to entertain myself while I'm awake?!...NOT crocheting. That's for sure!! ^_^ I have so many projects I 'could' be doing, but I don't feel like doing any of them!! I'm too tired.
       I did find some time, while I was trying to lay down and get a little 'nap', to watch from the window while the yard was getting worked on... buzz buzz, buz buzz buzz,...
        ...Look at the pile of tree branches and twigs!!...
          That was only one wheel barrel! You should've seen how many times they filled it, and how many little trees and branches they dragged across the yard!! Got rid of all of the broken and dying leftovers of the recent storms and 'would be' hurricanes.
        Now the backyard looks like it could be the Bahamas, or somewhere else islandy! :-) Just look!!!...
      (please forgive the fuzzy nature of these photos. Hubby was so excited at the finished result in the backyard that he couldn't hold still enough to take them!! LOL)
        No more low and dying branches 'wapping' anybody in the face!! :-)
         What do you think?!...I 'do' love my backyard!! :-) ... So, when the buzzing stopped?!...Zzzzzzzzzzs?!...Nope! Still awake!!...If I could only get some sleep!!! O_0 ...
 (By elloh)
         ...Some sleep without a husband hovering over me with a camera, who thinks he's funny, I mean!!!
      Don't worry people...I'm not dead! LOL And neither is my husband...........YET!!!...Yikes! I really did look like a hospital patient!!!!!....But you know what?! There's more than one night when people fall asleep in this house. :-) And some of those nights it's the other spouse that has the camera...just saying....and just showing!!! ^_^
         I think I may live with a fly!!!!...Or is it a super-hero?....Batman-Fly!!!! LOL That'll teach you 'Oh Camera-Wielding Man'!!! ^_^
       And I got another shot too! This one was on a night when he couldn't find his night mask. {No! I didn't hide it from him just so I could get another mask photo of him wearing 'MY' mask!!! What kind of 'Wug' would I be if I did that?!!! ^_^...But I have been known to take advantage of a situation that presented itself to me!!}...
      Isn't he 'purdy'!!! ^_^ {Just so you know...I got his permission before I shared these photos with you. He figured that if I had the 'nerve' to show myself with that awful C-Pap machine on, he could handle me showing him in his masks...and in mine! LOL}
       I really need some sleep now!!...And a hair-dresser...and some make-up....and a buzz saw!!!!....and some sleeping music! :-) ...

          And because all of you are so awesome to come by and read my rambling nonsense, 'you' need a poem!!!
      Have a good LONG weekend everybody!!!....Zzzzzzz!

The People In My Life That Matter

The people in my life who matter,
those surrounding me with symmetry,
I need to write a poem about you,
and let you know what you mean to me.

You are the leaded shoes,
that cause an inability to float.
You are the waves on a quiet morning,
allowing life to gently rock me in it's boat.

You are the soaring eagle,
high above my submissive head;
You are the fluffed up pillow,
caressed so softly on my bed.

You are the foundation I-beam
 on the first floor of my home;
You are the ground beneath me,
 and the field and dale I roam.

You are the middle C,
where every song I sing will start;
You are the pulsing fluid
that surrounds my grateful heart.

You are the people in my life that matter.
You give my life such symmetry.
I wrote this poem so that you would know
that you mean the world to me. 


  1. First off, that is a really great poem Wug!!
    Also, your backyard looks great! You should've shown the before photos too!
    As for sleep, I've been struggling a bit too. I slept good for 2 nights now. Crazy new meds cause all kinds of havoc!
    You don't scare me with that photo of you. You can try, but I'm not scared! I think you're beautiful with or without it!!
    Jeff looks cute too!
    Have a great day and meeting. Get some sleep! You have crocheting to do! LOL

  2. CinLynn, Thank you so much for the nice words about my mask photo, and my poem. I certainly wouldn't have used the word 'beautiful' to describe that photo!! LOL You really are a TRUE FRIEND!!!...And as to the poem, I was inspired by a 3 year old little boy who was reading...from memory...a poem called 'Litany' by Billy Collins. :-]

    As to the backyard photos, I almost 'did' show the 'before' pictures, but I figured you guys had seen enough pictures on this blog of my backyard the way it was! :-)) ...Also, I'm glad somebody is getting some sleep around here! Maybe I better look into getting me some kind of meds!...But then I'd be up worrying about what kind of affect they were having on my insides! LOL You just can't win in this system!! ^_^

  3. What a lovely poem!
    I love that song Moon River. I remember playing that on the recorder when I was little.
    Love the photos of hubby in the masks! Very cute! You didn't look scary in your photo at all :)
    I hope you managed to get some sleep today.

  4. Jo-anne, Thank you so much for the nice comment about the poem! And consider yourself part of the subject matter! :-) ... And even though I don't care for "Breakfast at Tiffany's", I love that song! Moon River has always been one of my favorites...And my 'cute' hubby says "Thanks!" ^_^

  5. Ha ha tell him thats cute

  6. Nelly, ^_^ Will do!...Although I already told him by posting it! LOL


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