Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Tale Of The Yoyo Bag........THE END!!

       Hello Everybody! I hope your weekend is going great so far...Considering that hubby and I have been to Greece and up near Boston Massachusetts, had Greek pitas and salad, Fig Newtons, and I got my Yoyo bag back...with a lining in it! weekend is going great!! :-)
     The header photo is one of the photos from when I was making the Yoyo bag. I was really having fun with all of those beautiful colors...while at the same time dreading what was to come...putting a lining in it!
      When it was all done...except for the looked like this...
        When I finished it I sat back with a 'Cheshire cat' smile on my face, happy at my accomplishment. :-) Then I put in away...for months now. Why?!...Simple. I didn't want to do the lining! 
       Then, last week sometime, when I was talking to my friend who is an expert seamstress in my opinion...I told her about my Yoyo bag, and that I really should've had it online for sale, instead of tucked away..out of the sight of 'lining-wanting-pocketbook-hunters'! ^_^
      She said: "Give it to me. I love doing linings!" After I stopped and contemplated what universe she must have been born in, where a person could come out of it 'loving' to do pocketbook linings...then I begged her to "PLEASE" put a lining in my Yoyo bag....PLEASE!!!" She was happy to do it!........And here are the results!.....
         She asked me what color I wanted it to be, but I told her to decide. Imagine my glee when it was green!!! favorite color!! :-) ... And look how well it's sewn!...
      I am a very happy, Yoyo bag owning, 'bout-to-sell-this-baby' toting, camper!! ^_^
         You know...I'm actually contemplating making another one now!! ^_^ My friend loved making the lining so much that she said to let her know when I wanted her to put a lining in any of my creations!.....I think we might have a 'pocketbook crocheting, lining-making' corporation just getting started on the ground floor right about now! :-)
          And you're not gonna believe this, but she didn't want money for the job either!! She wants me to make her a feminine lacy cowl scarf for her neck...for winter. "Is that all?.....DONE!!" ^_^ But I think for future projects I'll have to insist on actual 'cash'...or else I might start to feel like I was a slave labor boss! I my book anyway...making pocketbook linings definitely categorizes as 'slave labor'!! LOL
      So, what do you guys think?! Do you like the green?! What color would you have chosen?!...Oh! By the way, speaking of color...and green...the sister color to the theme of goodegear's Etsy treasury. And she included my Blue Wooden Button Dangle Crochet Flower Necklace from my Wuglyees shop in it!...
         Her treasury is entitled Winter Blues...
         My favorite items she chose for this treasury?!...
           A Victorian Rosette Gift Bag by crochetbymsa...
       A Shaggy Crochet Handbag by NzLbags...
       And a Turquoise Crocheted Necklace by KnotTherapy.
        All gorgeous pieces!!....But in fact, the rest of the items are really nice too. You can click HERE to see the others.
       Okay, I'm off to eat a little breakfast, see if I can get hubby to take some better photos of my new 'lined' Yoyo I can go ahead and list it in my shop today, and then get back to doing the fringe on the scarf that's in my Giveaway. The 'bright' one. {The other one...the 'Pastel' only half done. I ran out of yarn...Hubby is gonna get me some more today. No worries, it should be all done by the Giveaway deadline, October 1st...
        Speaking of which...I only have about 4 entries for the scarves right now! O_0 Nobody wants a free scarf?!!...Okayyyyy!...But if you're interested, you can check the right hand sidebar on this blog...the scarf photo. Or you can follow the link HERE as to how you can enter the Giveaway.}
      Thank you all so much for being so supportive of me with your kind...and sometimes very funny!  ^_^ ...words! I hope you're enjoying the interchange as much as I am!...although I don't know if that's possible!  :-) ... Have a good rest of the weekend!

When I am alone

When I am alone,
with just my pen and pad,
I can talk about myself,
whether I'm  happy, tired or mad.

When I am alone
all the words just fly
from my brain of 'Busy'-ness
to the sight-line of the eye.

When I am alone
there is no veiled conflict;
There is only what I think,
and my ball-point Bic.

When I am alone
I can just be calm;
and if there's  been a fight,
words can soothe like balm.

When I am alone
I confirm, with glee,
that I really like myself
and that "I'd  be friends with me!"

When I am alone
there's  no loneliness;
and what I am feeling
I don't  have to guess-
I just put down pen, and press!


  1. Wow, the yoyo bag is gorgeous, love the colours and the lining fabric is just perfect :) you have a great friend!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  2. YOU ARE SUCH A TALENTED LADY!!!!!'s amazing.
    Hope it sells quickly.

  3. This is gorgeous! I love the green lining (my favourite colour!)
    Enter me!

  4. I am in love with the bag - I know how to make yo-yos with fabric but not crocheting - it's simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. I love the way it turned out!! I would not have chosen the green, but instead brown. But wow! The green really makes it stand out! What a beauty! And she did a great job too!

    Enter me! You know I love the pastel one.

  6. Bee happy, Thanks so much! I love the color too! She picked a really nice one. And she did a great job! And you're right about her being a great friend too!...Okay, off to put your entry in the box! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day!

  7. We Blog Artists, AWWWWW! Thank you Char!! :-) And I 'think' I want it to sell quickly too! Ha! Ha! I'm gonna miss it if somebody actually does buy it though. How ridiculous am I?! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day!!

  8. gill, Thank you! And YAY! Another green lover like me! ^_^ ... You're entered!

  9. Craftgal, Awwww! Thank you so much!! Coming from you....Crocheting Mama Extraordinaire...that's a 'high' complement! I appreciate it too! :-)

  10. CinLynn, Thank you my friend. It did come out beautiful, didn't it! And I somehow knew you would've chosen brown... ^_^ ...and maybe one day I'll make one in brown, but I love the green! I also love the way I originally saw it red. That maybe my next one! :-)) Have a good rest of the day, Bead. And you're entered for the 'pastel' scarf! :-)

  11. Thank you very much!
    This is stunning items:)

  12. NzLbags, It was my pleasure..and I agree! So many pretty things in this treasury. Including your bag! :-)

  13. I love The End. The yoyo bag looks adorable.
    Hope you're having a nice Sunday.

  14. Priscila, :-) Thank you! So do I!...But of course, I would! ^_^ And yes, I'm having a very nice Sunday. I hope you are too!

  15. Your bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love it.

  16. Pammy Sue, Thank you very much! :-)

  17. Wugs, the yoyo bag is awesome, I love the finish with the green lining!! What a fantastic addition to your collection!
    I think the 2 of you should team up!

    Hope you're doing well - I really missed dropping by, hopefully things have cooled off enough so I can visit some of my fave sites again!

    Take care


  18. Lisa, Awww! Thank you! :-] I agree too! That green was perfect! And I think you might be right about my co-partner too! I'll have to try to ease her into that one though. ^_^ ... And yes, I'm doing well...except for a few nicks and dings of everybody else these days!! But I'm working them out and getting on with it!...Thanks for the nice comment. And have a good week. Yes! It does start again tomorrow! ^_^

  19. The bag is very pretty and I like the green, but also would enjoy purple...I like that shaggy crochet bag alot! I'm glad you had some Greek food too...I should send you my Greek chicken recipe, I know you'd like it..have a great week and you can enter me in that giveaway! I love the scarf, I'm just behind in posting these days!

  20. yaya, Oh yeah! Purple! I hadn't even thought about that! Yeah, I think that would look pretty too!...And I liked that shaggy crochet bag also! Wished I had thought of that! ^_^ Okay, you're entered in the Giveaway! I may end up swapping a scarf for a recipe!! :-)

  21. Wow and a big fat Awwwwww i am so pleased to see the bag finished it looks amazing and green is so the right colour for the linning. I think you should make another one i am sure they will sell like hot cakes and could be your new line in stock for you. Enjoy your week, dee x

  22. Ps. Enter me please. I love the pastel scarf. dee x

  23. delia, Thanks Dee!! :-) I'm so glad you like it! I don't know about a 'new line' of them though. They're a lot of pain-staking work! In fact, I'm thinking of pricing this one at One million dollars in my Etsy shop! Ha! Ha! We'll see if anybody thinks my labor is worth what I do! :-) Have a good week!

  24. delia,'re entered for the pastel scarf too! :-)

  25. Your friend did a wonderful job with that bag lining. That green fits in so perfectly.

  26. Jo-anne, I think she did too Jo! Thank you for the complement. I'll tell her! :-)


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