Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You Ever Get A Craving.....?!

       I went to bed really early last night. Partly because I was just so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open...sorry 'Dancing With The Stars'..., and partly because I was feeling that uncontrollable hunger bug coming on...the one that says: "Eat everything!....Eat everything in sight...and then you'll feel better!!! I promise!!" ^_^ 
       Now, I don't know how many of you who are in the same 'stage of life' that I'm in right now would admit it, but my eating habits have become as wacky as my hormone cycle!! O_0 Just like I don't know whether I'm gonna wake up with my skin so dry that you can see the desert winds blowing off of it, or be so wet that I could drown by putting my face in my pillow, I also don't know whether I'll be 'squinching' my nose up at every single piece of food I see, or trying to suck the crumbs out of the corner of the saltine cracker box!...not that I've ever done that!! LOL
       And for some crazy reason too last night, I was craving a big hot cup of coffee! I mean CRAVING y'all!! Couldn't get it off of my mind! O_0 And guess what?!...I woke up with the same craving!! What's up with the coffee craving?!!!
     It's a crazy wild ride, this 'going-through-the-CHANGE' thing!!...I mean, I seldom drink coffee. I'm usually strictly a green tea girl. But this morning I have to have some coffee...have to!...*shaking my head*...Does this ever happen to any of you?!
       Yes, I 'do' have cravings, and sometimes I have them regularly...And yes, sometimes I give in to them!...{WARNING: If you haven't had breakfast yet,...or you're on a diet and you've been a good girl all day,...the next few photos may unduly tempt you to go into the kitchen and bend over with your head in the refrigerator, wearing a puzzled 'let-me-see-what's-in-here' look on your face, or have you running for your slide-on slippers, the car keys, and a quick look in the mirror to see if you look bad enough to make kids in the rolling shopping carts at the grocery store scream! LOL}...not that I've ever done any of that!! ^_^
       My cravings usually have something to do with chocolate!...Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream is at the top of the chocolate list!
       I love that it can fill all of my immediate cravings right there in one container. You know, nuts, chocolate, and ice cream...YUM! chocolate ice cream! :-)...I still have a 'bone to pick' with Ben & Jerry's though...because of sending my Coconut Almond Fudge ice cream to the flavour graveyard!! LOL But whatever, because my stomach...thanks to the 'change' hormones...isn't handling milk products with the nice 'air' of ease it used to...if you know what I mean!! ;-)
      Moving on.....You would think that since my hubby works for the company that makes these...
       ...I'd be craving cupcakes and Twinkees all the time, but you'd be WRONG!.....Waaaay wrong!! {Although I have been known to request a box of Drake's 'Funny Bones' every once in a while! :-] (His company owns Drake's now) They kinda look like 'Twinkees', but they're peanut butter filled Devil's food cake!!...*drooling*}
     My snack carbo load of choice, though, is usually these...
     ... Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies! And if I can get my hands on the ones with the nuts...all the better!! :-)....If it wasn't sacrilegious and wrong, I'd have a moment of silence for these cookies right now!...But that would be wrong! And I'm all about being right!!
     RIGHT is my love for these 'babies'.....!
        ... Russell Stover Chewy, Nutty, Crunchy chocolates!!...Ohhhh! I have gotten through a lot of midnight old movies, babies being born, friends in chaos, a cold or hot flash or two, and everything else in between with the help of these! :-)
      But this morning, none of those things are holding a candle to my craving for a nice hot cup of coffee!  And I want it in a big hefty coffee mug too. Not a small china cup! Something like this baked clay coffee mug by Goodvibestore...
         Something big enough for the coffee fumes to rise up and almost give me a facial! Ha! Ha!.....Oh yeah, I'll have to leave my cup of tea to another day!..Or wear something in memory of it...
       Now, does this mean that after I get my cup of coffee all cravings will go away?!....Probably not! Especially not with you bloggers putting recipes on your blogs for things like Homemade Twix on Stix...
       And my hubby loved this one...Homemade Hostess Cupcakes...!
           But who knows, this 'one' steaming hot cup of coffee could be 'it' for me for a while!!! :-) ....And if you believe that, I see some ocean front property in Arizona, some after dinner Cream-Sicles...
     ...and some Granny Smith apples in your future! LOL

       ^_^ And in mine!!!!...Okay, off to hunt up an elusive coffee bean! (And work on a particular pastel scarf too..just saying! ^_^) Have a good day everybody!!


A snow storm on the way,
finding out you're hard in debt.
Somehow it's not so bad,
if you have melted chocolate!

Bad news everywhere,
want to throw your T.V. set.
Thankfully there is music
and some deep dark chocolate!

Doggie had an accident,
a long trip to the vet.
A waiting room with lots to read,
but you can nibble chocolate.

Grocery shopping too.
While you run in there to get
dinner for the evening
you can grab some chocolate!

Okay, you know what's coming.
Are you sick of this poem yet?!
If you are, just roll your eyes,
and sit and eat some chocolate!


  1. Deb, this post made me chuckle! I can certainly relate to this "change" stuff! Just last night I was rolling around and couldn't sleep because I was sweating up a storm! lol And I get craving too, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night STARVING!! Like I haven't eaten in days! lol I dont get up and eat though, try to wait till morning.

    Those pics are so yummy, especially the hostess cupcakes!


  2. Anonymous9/28/2011

    oh i am constantly craving!! constantly. right now i crave a gooey chocolately creamy dessert.

  3. Cathy, ^_^ I'm glad I'm not the only one that can relate to this!! LOL It's the bizarrest thing. I mean, why coffee of all things this morning?! O_0 I suppose I should be happy at least that I didn't drown the bed in sweat last night, right?!...Probably was using all of my sweat muscles thinking about running for a cup of coffee! Ha! Ha!...Here's to good eats and coffee for both of us! ^_^

  4. Kamana, Ha! Ha! Well....your craving this time might be my fault...^_^....sorry.

  5. Well.....I have to say that I have NOT had breakfast yet and after reading, looking and drooling over this blog post, I may end up eating unhealthy, thank you very much! LOL
    I can't believe you were CRAVING coffee!! You've been hanging around me way too much!!
    Enjoy your coffee and your day my friend!

  6. That is one very tasty blog post Wugs! I think you threw everyone off their diet today. I crave gum constantly and need about 5 cups of tea a day to remain sane!
    Hey, fyi, I finally read your Etsy profile today and I can proudly say that I love your little Wuglyees Bear! See I know his name now lol!

    Enjoy your day!

  7. What a funny post. I do have cravings at times, but I really never eat the above mentioned as I have lived a healthy veggie life for 30+ years. My weakness though is carob raisins and I am ashamed to say that yesterday while chomping away on them (my last treat in Montana!) that I lost a large chunk of tooth! Serves me right for giving in....

  8. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! I hope you had something 'good' and delicious for breakfast! ^_^ I did......I had a HUGE cup of hot steaming coffee with cream and sugar!! ^_^ It was soooooo good! The stuff dreams...and long held cravings...are made of!!...Have a good rest of the day my friend. And I hope that includes some rest for your back!

  9. Lisa, ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed my 'delicious' blog post! I'm happy to say that my cup of coffee was worth every single word of it too!...Sorry non-breakfast yet eaters and dieters. O_0...And 'gum'?! You crave gum?! WOW! That's one I hadn't heard before!...And about the 'Wuglyees' bear, I guess I probably need to apologize to you for all of that reading you had to do over there too, huh?! ^_^ That's me! Miss 'Wordy'!! LOL But now you know why I have such an attachment to the little fella! :-) Thanks for the encouragement Lisa! Have a good rest of the day too!

  10. Art and Sew Forth, YIKES!! ^_^ And O-U-C-H!!!...For some reason, I just got this comment today! I sure hope your tooth is all fixed by now!!...Want some carob raisins to tide you over?! ^_^

  11. It's kind of funny but I haven't been craving anything lately. I guess that is a good thing :)
    I showed Angus the chocolate covered potato chips. You should have seen his face. I think he would like to try some of those. Its two of his favourite things.

  12. Jo-anne, If you haven't been craving, that means you're doing something right! :-) And don't let me mess it up with this blog either!! ^_^ Tell Angus that if he follows the link to the potato chips she has the recipe there on how to fix them! :-)

  13. Angus said to say thank you about the recipe. I think he wants to make some real soon.

  14. Jo-anne, He's very welcome...Let me know when he makes it. :-)


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