Friday, September 2, 2011

Where Are We Going For 'Date Night' Tonight?!!

      It's been such a rough couple of weeks, with earthquakes, hurricanes, my niece getting shot, and now my dad talking about having to go in for another procedure to alleviate pain...*sigh*...Where should we go for 'Date Night' so we can relax?!...Let me seeeee?!...
       I'm kinda sorry we already went to France and Brazil! They would've been perfect locations to have been over the last couple of weeks!...We could've gotten away!!...I know where it's NOT gonna be!! It's not gonna be to the Dominican Republic!!
      "Why would you say that, Wug?" you say...I'll tell you why! Because we don't want to be anywhere near this!!!....
       See in the bottom right hand corner...It's another hurricane!!...'Katia'...*shaking my head* Another 'monster' out there just toodling around. Nobody knows for sure where she's headed! They've done all kinds of models trying to figure out where she 'MIGHT' go...
    (Sorry for the bad photo. I took it of my computer screen) All of the different colored lines show multiple different paths 'Katia' could take! And if you notice, track models tend to steer her AWAY from the U.S. East Coast!....Or so it seems now!!
    The Virgin Islands Daily News says that she's likely to miss them, so I was thinking that maybe that would be a good 'Date Night' destination. But they said that even if she does she'll probably bring rough sea conditions to the territory.....That's out!! ^_^
      The U.S. Tropical Storm Map is gonna help me with our 'Date Night' plans though. (It's an interactive map. You can click and drag or just click up and down on the left hand grade bar) That's how I knew the Dominican Republic was off the list. 'Katia' is heading a little too close to her for my tastes!! LOL
          That would also take Bermuda off of my list!
        And Cuba, Haiti, and Jamaica!!
        Oh Boy!!....Also Venezuela!...
          And Columbia!!! O_O
     Awwwww! Let's just take South America completely off the 'Date Night' map!!!!...And while we're at it, let's take some U.S. States off of there too! No Florida, New Orleans, Georgia, or any East Coast States what-so-ever!!! {I still have a headache from trying to wait to see what 'Irene' was gonna do on the East Coast!! O_0}
        Africa might have been good. But we just recently went to 'virtual' Ghana a little while ago!...So, what's left?!!.....Ohhhhh! I know! :-) Here's a clue....
     I'll tell you about our trip tomorrow! :-)) ... I'll also tell you about how the header photo, and these, fit into it...
          ...tomorrow....! :-) ... But here's a little musical hint too!

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Poetry, the gift of words,
that help you say whats in your heart;
that puts your thoughts of life together,
but pulls emotions all apart.

Poetry, your quiet friend,
that gives your voice a place to land;
that gives the things you'd  never say
a way to jump out from your hand.

Poetry, done to a beat,
a beat of words, said right in time,
without confusion of the music,
but just the rhythm and the rhyme.

Poetry, phrase harmony;
the way a noun and adverb meet;
the way they line up line-by-line,
and all Not needed they delete.

Poetry, the passing thoughts,
and all the others I hold dear,
of all the people and the places
that I've  written down right here.

Poetry, the gift of words,
and putting them together too;
Without the pen and paper
what in the world would my mind do?


  1. I can't wait till tomorrow! The koala (nice hint) is adorable. Hope you have a great time!

    Your poem is cute too!

  2. CinLynn, Thanks for playing along!! ^_^ And thanks for the nice words about the poem too. Have a good day!

  3. Lol!
    I hope it's Australia!

    I hope things slow down a bit for all of us and you get a chance to get back into a regular routine!

    Enjoy your weekend and your date night!


  4. Lisa, You're entered! :-)

  5. Lisa, LOL Did my clue give you too much information about my trip?! ^_^ We'll see tomorrow!...You have a good weekend too!!

  6. loving the poem my friend, Sending lots of hugs your way!

  7. oops forgot to write enter me :-)

  8. Katherines Corner, Awwww! Thank you very much! :-)

  9. Katherines Corner, :-] And you're entered!!


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