Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall And Backyard Daylight.....Before It's Gone!!

      No! This is not my backyard. You can tell because there's no lake in my backyard, and while I 'do' have rabbits, hummingbirds, wasps, squirrels and skunks...I don't have a duck! :-) No, this is not my backyard. This photograph is of Lake Needwood in Montgomery County Maryland...Didn't she take a beautiful picture of it?!! :-)
       If I had a good enough camera, and a faster-on-his-feet husband I could have gotten a picture of the big skunk that was meandering across our yard last night though! LOL...Maybe next time! The skunk moved faster than hubby....waaaay faster!
      My husband is more of a 'meanderer' the duck in the header photo. And his meandering, while not good for capturing skunks on the run, is very good for capturing panoramic views of our backyard as it's showing a bit of it's Fall colors!...Let's pan from left to right, shall we!...
         Ahhhhh! It's so nice out there right now. The stuff seasonal poems, hot apple cider, cornbread stuffing and sweet dreams are made of! :-) ... Now let's pan back the other way, shall we!...
          Wait a minute!....Let's get a little closer view of that color back there...
        Our backyard is mostly green year round...except for when it's covered with ice and snow (but that's a story for a later time!...Much later, please!)...So, when I see this explosion of color back here it gives me a little emotional explosion too...right here...--> *pointing to my heart*. :-]
     Okay...back to the panning...
       And now we're right back to where we started. :-) I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!! I'm afraid there won't be very many more days where Fall photos can be taken in the backyard. Pretty soon the few pops of color we're getting from these beautiful leaves will be gone...blown away by a north east wind!
     And this morning, as I'm typing and realizing that it's 20 minutes before 7 a.m. and it's still dark outside, I get the funny feeling that 'Daylight Saving Time' in our neck of the woods is just about to skedaddle off to some other neck of the woods until next year too! :-( 
       I guess I better start thinking seriously about what kinds of projects I wanna get to work on this winter...
            ...*cold shiver* O_O 
      Anyway...I'm probably gonna need another project to work on a lot sooner than winter, because I finished doing both of the Giveaway scarves...except for cutting and tying the fringe for them. 
     I had to take the 'Pastel' ones completely a loose and start again!! That's what I did all day yesterday...So, if you're thinking of entering the Giveaway for the 'Pastel' scarf, this is what it looks like now...
             So, if you're still interested in this scarf, remember...the Giveaway drawing is October 1st!!...See the right hand sidebar for details.
      Okay, I'm off to cut some fringe, and maybe 'cut-a-rug' too! I need to get out of this 'No Daylight Soon',...'Hormones Acting-Up'..funk I'm in. I'm feeling like listening to some music, after another cup of coffee, might help!!! ^_^ Are you with me?!!

         You Go, Girls!!!.....Tomorrow I gotta tell you what other funky-moving object was seen in the backyard yesterday!...Until then...Have a good day Everybody!! :-)


Daylight, you bring such happiness,
shining on the Autumn hues.
And when you're gone, you leave more darkness,
bringing on some moody blues.

How could some light, or lack of it,
have me waxing poetic rhyme,
wishing for a place with celestial money,
so I could buy some Daylight Saving Time?!


  1. I love that video! It's hilarious!! Nice backyard photos too! I also hate to see the leaves fall and the yard getting ready for you know what. But we can't fight it can we.
    Stay warm and hopefully you'll get the scarves done. I love the way the pastel one turned out, so enter me!

  2. CinLynn, I love it too!!! ^_^ I had to see it a few times before I got all of the different points she was hitting on in the lyrics! LOL I kept bursting into uncontrollable laughter!!...I think it was seeing myself so wonderfully portrayed. ^_^ ... I'll tell hubby you liked his panoramic view of the backyard too! :-) Okay, off to finish studying for the meeting and cutting up some yarn!! Have a good day, Bead!

  3. The photos are all so beautiful but I just love the lake! so pretty, wish I was there right now :) the scarf looks lovely I hate it when things don't go right and need unpicking!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Bee happy, I'll say 'Thank You'...about the photos...for my hubby. :-) And I totally agree with you about the header photo on the lake with the little duckie!! So calm and peaceful and alive with color!!...And about the 'un-picking', from one crocheter to another......UGH!!!!! You KNOW how it is!...Thanks for the nice comment Bee! Have a good day! :-)

  5. Love that first picture!
    Wish it was my backyard - here in the UK we seem to be having a mini heatwave (presumably to make up for the summer we didn't have!)
    I do a fair bit of reverse crocheting too !!
    Enter me!

  6. gill, Ha! Ha! Is that what you call it...reverse crocheting?! ^_^ So funny!...And enjoy the heat. Before long it'll be gone!!...Have a good rest of the day!

  7. Deb, loved the video. Thank you for sharing the lovely colors in your back yard.Hopefully this comment will post to your blog cause I have been having blog problems. Have a great day!!!!

  8. These photos are amazing. Isn't it beautiful when the leaves start to change?

  9. LOVE your photos! I can't wait for fall to come to these parts!

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, Hi Velma! I love that video too...obviously right?! ^_^ I love all of the 'old wrinkled lady' references to real life. FUNNY!!!...And I'm glad you liked the backyard photos too. I don't have much color, but the little I have gives me many a smile. :-)...Hope your blog problems subside soon. As you can see, it was fine here! Thank you. And have a good rest of the day! :-]

  11. Melissa, Thank you! I'm so glad you liked the photos. My hubby will be happy that someone besides him could appreciate his Autumn in Massachusetts, panoramic view. :-) Have a good rest of the day!

  12. Melanie, Ohhh, I'm so glad you liked them!...I hope the orange, reds, and golds come to your area soon, and as brilliantly as they are around here right now! :-)

  13. Enter Moi!

    Again, your backyard is just off the charts! How amazing and what a view!
    I love Autumn - make sure you post more backyard photos!


  14. Beautiful photos. Beautiful colour!

  15. That video is hilarious! Your yard is looking gorgeous with all the reds in it - I like how hubbie panned one way and then went back to do it again... :D And, what? You have no duck? I'm disappointed...

  16. Lisa, Vous êtes entré dans le cadeau! :-)

    And as long as the weather holds, we'll try to take more photos. We're off on a looooong trip tomorrow though! ^_^ Have a good rest of the evening!

  17. Carla, Thank you, thank you! :-)

  18. Creating Trouble, ^_^ That video makes me smile 'THE BIG SMILE' every time I see it!! LOL And no! We don't have a duck. But we do have an elusive stinky skunk! ^_^ He's enjoying the backyard as much as we are...apparently. I say apparently because when he's out there...we stay in here!! LOL

  19. Your backyard is so pretty and I love the red that pops right through your pines...reminds me of something....oh yeah, our pines! Not really, I can't see any pretty color through ours! Enjoy your New England fall. I have a wish to get out East some fall, some day before I leave this earth! As I drive to work in the dark these days I sure miss that sun!

  20. yaya, I must admit that I don't like every season in New England, but the Fall...I LOVE it! And last year the reds were barely visible around here. It had something to do with the amount of rainfall we got. But this's brilliant colors everywhere!! :-) I hope you 'do' get to see it out east some time, and hopefully I'll get to your neck of the woods sometime in the future too!...And I KNOW...about the sun. :-(

  21. Ha, now that is one silly video. Thanks for the morning laugh. Ohh, love the beautiful fall images taken by Marsha (first image) and your husband. Your backyard is lovely. I wish the fall colors lasted longer than they do.

    Such a pretty pastel scarf! The colors are great. Too bad it had to be undone and started over again. My, how you have patience.

    So glad your husband did not get sprayed by the big skunk. Yikes!

    Enjoy your day, lovely lady!

  22. Julie, ^_^ It is a silly video...but Oh, so true!! The only way it could have been more fun is if it was done in my backyard amidst the Fall foliage :-)) Thank you too, for the nice words about my scarf! I sure wish I had been able to find the extra yarn so I could have been able to do it the way I wanted to though...And lastly, I'm glad I don't have a stinky husband today too!! LOL Have a good day!!

  23. That video was so funny. It even had Brodie laughing :)
    I love the photos of your backyard. The red and orange looks so pretty. There's nothing quite like autumn colours.

  24. Jo-anne, ^_^ It is a funny video....and a true depiction too!!...And thank you for the nice words about the backyard Now you know why I like it so much. Colorful...and peaceful. :-)


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