Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ooooo! What You Can Do With A Little Stucco and Paint!!

             Today I was planning to tell you all about a package I received in the mail, and about my 'Date Night' trip this Friday...that is until I saw 'yet another' fabulous vase in the Etsy shop ArtByKristin! The Red Vase with White Stripes in the header photo!..The other stuff will have to wait until tomorrow!
         Yes, this is the very same 'Kristin' of the blog  My Art and the Mom in Me. I started following her blog recently. But I've been ogling her vases for even longer than that!...{Oops! She may not have known that! O_0....Shhhhh!}
        Whenever I was doing an Etsy search for something, I would inevitably come across one of her beautifully unique vases and get side-tracked from whatever I was searching for! ^_^ After I show you a few of her vases you'll see why!...But first let me share with you part of what she says in her Etsy profile, in her shop:
           She says: "The idea for my vases were born in September 2010. My husband bought me flowers for our 10th wedding anniversary and after my flowers died, I was left with a nondescript vase...after a few months of trial and error, I discovered a love of creating these vases with the addition of Stucco and Paint...I hope the love for what I do comes across in my shop.. and I hope you will find something that you will want to call your own or gift to someone you love..."
        Well Kristin, I can see the love for what you do in each and every vase and pencil holder....

         Aren't they beautiful?!! And have you ever seen a prettier glass place to stick some stucco?! ^_^ I just love them!!!...And believe it or not, these that I've shown you here are just scratching the surface! You 'have' to go and check out her shop yourself...HERE!
      And since (for right now anyway) most of her vases are between $12 and $25, I think it's a great place to buy a gift for a friend, or someone you love...just like she said in her profile! :-) 
       I mean...couldn't you just see one of these colorful little vases sitting on your kitchen counter, or on your child's desk, or on your living room fireplace, or on the bathroom sink?!! They can brighten up just about any space with all of that gorgeous COLOR!! And you know how much I'm a sucker for color! ^_^
      And in case you're wondering....No! I'm not getting paid for saying this. I haven't gotten anything free for it. And I'm not trying to bribe her into giving me a deal!! LOL In fact, I asked her if I could feature her shop...simply because I love it!!...You can see why, can't you?!! :-]
      Of course, it could just be that I might, or might not, be partial to anyone with the good taste enough to put pretty little white and yellow flowers on a bright blue pencil holder!! :-) that I'm smiling, let me go and do some more crocheting. And maybe 'one of these days' it'll stop raining enough for me to be able to hold the camera button down so I can photograph what I've been doing!...O-U-C-H!!!!
       Oh! Did that sound like 'whining'?!....Well, it was!!! I've been a 'Whiney Mama' about this weather for the last few days. My poor hubby. *smh* But that's alright. I'll stop whining when I'm sitting in the sun on our trip this weekend! :-) I'll tell you all about it then!...Have a good day everybody!!


I'm cold. I'm hot. I'm helpless.
I don't want to eat that stuff!
I'm hungry...full..exhausted.
Why does life have to be so tough?!

I'm lonely...tired of people,
Need to find something to do.
Why doesn't someone call or text,
or email me...But who?!

I'm whining all the time
about one thing and then another.
If I had a dime for all that whine...
I could be rich just on the weather!!

No, I'm not a little kid.
I am a full grown "Whiney Mama"!
And I can whine, and list and list,
comma after comma!

I don't like waiting. I am bored.
And I've got so much to do!
Did I encourage you to whine?!
Don't want to hear it...Mine is through!     


  1. Thank you! Oh my goodness.. I am blushing a little! :)

    Your compliments are so very much appreciated!
    I can't even say thanks enough!

    thank you, thank you! :)

  2. Kristin, No need to blush at all! You're good girl!! :-)) You just keep up the good work!!

  3. Kristin's shop is beautiful! What a wonderful idea she has come up with! I hope she gets lots of sales!
    As to the rain....arthritic all I can say about that. I hope it stops for you soon. Actually, why don't you send some this way. It's really dry here!
    Have a good crochet day my friend and don't whine too much! LOL

  4. CinLynn, Wouldn't you love to have all of her vases and pencil holders at your house?!..Wait! That could be just me! ^_^ And I think you're right about 'arthritic pain and rain'. One equals the other it appears. O_0 Too bad I can't send some of it to your neck of the woods...or to Texas!

  5. You're right these vases and pots are so lovely, the colours are just wonderful! the background in some of the photos looks like my fire place! ;) hope it stops raining for you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

  6. Bee happy, Thanks for the nice words. I knew I wasn't the only one that would like them!...Have a good day in your neck of the woods. :-) And you're entered. Deb

  7. Deb, thank you for sharing such beautiful works of art that are truely from the heart. Love your poem today it really fits me too but not because of the weather. Have a wonderful day!!!

  8. SnowflakeDreams1, Oh! I'm so glad you liked them too! I want to take them all home...and when I strike it rich from my crocheted scarves or my poetry...STOP LAUGHING!!! LOL...I'm gonna buy all of them and decorate my mansion! ^_^ ...Until then I'll be right here...whining!...Have a 'whine-free' day Velma! :-]

  9. aawww you are so lovely advertising people's creative work. And those pots and vases are so cute and pretty. I hope the rain stops soon for you. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  10. delia, Hello there!...How could I not advertise them?! They are, as you say, 'so cute and pretty'!!...And, as of right now, the rain has stopped...but it's still dark and gloomy. So I don't think we're done with it altogether just yet...I'm finding things to do though...including crocheting a new scarf. So I'm good! :-) You have a good weekend too, Dee!

  11. These are lovely. Great idea.
    Rain, rain... wow. All day...

    Thank you for your comment.

  12. Priscila, Yes, I agree! I wish they were mine! ^_^ But rain looks like it might be gone for a little while anyway...a little while. :-)) Have a good evening!

  13. Those vases of Kristin's look wonderful. She's very talented.

  14. Jo-anne, I agree whole-heartedly! :-)


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