Thursday, September 22, 2011

*Sigh*...Another Organized Mess That Needs Re-Organizing!!

       I was all excited about doing some cooking this week...until I saw what my kitchen cabinets look like... *shaking my head*...Umph! Umph! Umph!! How am I gonna cook the wonderful recipes I just found in my Martha Stewart's 'everyday FOOD' magazine with my kitchen looking like this?! Martha Stewart would kick me in the 'tuckus' if she saw this!! LOL
        In the header photo...see those cups laying on their sides, on top of my good dishes?! The one on the left is a leftover 'fast-food' plastic cup. The BIG ones! I think one of us kept it to keep water in at night next to the bed. At least, that was the excuse we used. {I'm not saying which one of us!..*pointing away from herself! ^_^*
       The other one on the right is an old coffee cup. The kind with the thermal insides that's suppose to keep your coffee hot for a longer period of time. It's kept ours hot for a longer period of time alright! That thing must be at least 20 years old!!!...What is it even doing in my cabinet?!
     The second shelf has some container lids, white and blue, that belong to some containers that I probably threw away because I couldn't find the lids!!! UGH!...And the white, blue, and red swirl pattern cups were some really expensive cups 'back-in-the-day'! They're artsy type glasses that were signed by 'somebody'...The names have worn off from use! LOL
       They were given to us by a rich friend of my mother-in-law as a wedding present almost 30 years ago!!...30 years ago!!! *smh* And they're hanging out in this unorganized messy cabinet with that silly plastic cup!
      They're still the best glasses in the world for drinking out of. Not too small. Not too big. No worries about breakage. And they can go in the dish-washer a million times....and have!! LOL They need to be somewhere nice. In an 'everyday food and drink' cabinet...with some Martha Stewart cookware or something! ^_^ ...NOTE TO SELF: Get some Martha Stewart cookware!
      Now the second photo (above)....Umph! Umph! Umph!...The pretty stack of dishes on the left top shelf are my good dishes!! In the middle are some Campbell's soup bowl/cups I picked up at a tag sale my friend was giving. They had belonged to her 80 something year old mother. She had grown up eating out of them and I loved the whole idea of that...and just had to have them!
      That was at least 15 years ago. And you will be amused to know that I haven't had one bowl or cup of soup out of them yet!! LOL In fact, I think I had one cup of tea in one of them...and that's it for all these years!!...But I do still smile every time I open the cabinet and see them....except for this time I mean! UGH!!!
      To the right of my soup cups (or bowls) is a small plastic container...with a lid O_0..., a microwave bowl...without a lid, and an orange juice juicer! Seriously!! What is that doing in there?!!...That greenish-blue cup on the second shelf is one of those dashboard coffee cups with the non-slide bottom. I guess that's why it's still in couldn't slide out of there!! LOL
       And that little wine glass next to the dashboard cup is one of the glasses from the set of one of my Princess House buys! I bought four etched crystal glasses. And I bought them three or four years before I got married! If not earlier!! I can't believe I still have them all! Never mind that they're in there among my unorganized mess!!!!...And where are the other three?! O_0...Another hunt I have to go on!!
        WOW! Leftover big picnic cups, MORE LIDS!!, plastic containers everywhere......and remember when they were marketing those 'shower cap' type lids to put over your leftovers for the fridge?! Well, that's some of them...the pink ones...inside the plastic container! *shaking my head...again!*
         Oh goodie! One of my missing lids is holding my measuring cups and my turkey baster!! How nice of it! UGH!
        Plastic containers, lids, lids, and more lids......Aarghhhhhh!...and my Weight-Watcher's scale! How did it get in there?!.....Oh, wait a minute. I remember why I put it in hide it!!! ^_^ Mission accomplished!! From the side it looks like a plastic lid! LOL
        Ohhh, look at that (above)! More plastic lids, my good casserole baking dishes, my candy fruit bowl, some serving trays, colanders, and plastic containers....*sigh*
      I want you to know that I am a really organized person....Really! I am! But since we moved here I haven't been able to get around and keep up with things like I used to. And clearly...clearly!'s not important to my hubby! LOL As long as he can find matter how long the hunt takes!...he's good! ^_^
      Well, this mess has got to go!!! The whole situation is reminding me of a while back when we opened our clothes closets! We had to attack that situation too!...And it turned out pretty well too. I even wrote a poem about it. (I'll leave the poem below.)
      I'm gonna have to fix this mess STAT!!! I've got some Martha Stewart recipes to try!...There's three specific ones I have my eye on. I'll give you the recipes tomorrow...Okay, off to write a dirge for some plastic lids! :-] Have a good day everybody!...And if any of you have cabinets that look like this, or you can at least sympathize.....HOLLA!! ^_^

Cleaning Out The Closets

When cleaning out our closets,
Oh, The treasures we would find;
Like trinkets for the dresser,
and self-help books for the mind.

Extension cords and clothing
(neither used since who knows when);
And many extra blankets,
that we put into a bin.

Board games, with missing pieces,
and High School souvenir cups;
Toy cars that Jeff collected,
in the plastic, still wrapped up;

A stuffed tiger, missing whiskers
(A white patch where his nose goes);
But he'd  still give you a growl,
if you pressed right near his toes.

There were things that I crocheted
and forgot I even had,
like some lacy kitchen curtains,
and a dress that looked real bad.

There were coats and shirts and shoes
that we both had grown out of;
Cards and letters through the years,
full of sappy professed love.

Many things we threw away;
and some others we'll Tag Sale'.
Then there's  those that we'll  repair,
and re-use, if not too stale.

Now that we've  organized them
(In each closet, in it's place),
maybe we will be more careful
not to fill them with more waste.

We can now open any door,
and put our hands on things real fast;
There's  satisfaction, but we know
that time will tell if it will last!


  1. You've got a big job ahead of you my friend! Actually it really doesn't look all that bad. I think if you can find what you're looking for, then it's arranged the way it should be. Have fun today!

  2. CinLynn, That's the problem's not arranged so that you can find things easily. I like to know where everything is, and be able to put my hands on it without having to "hunt" for it...A big job for sure. But it will be done! LOL You have a good day in service today. I hope you're not having to deal with the rain like we are! O_0

  3. Your cupboards don't look too messy to me!! it is amazing the amount of stuff we have that we don't use!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Bee Happy, They don't???!!!! O_0 Well, maybe not 'messy'...but definitely unorganized...for sure!! And you're so right about the amount of stuff we have that we don't use!!...Can you say: "egg separator"!! LOL

  5. Organizing is on my list for today and guess what? I've not started yet...
    But I have to say that it keeps our life easier afterwords. Especially when you don't need to waste 10 minutes looking for something you know it's there.

  6. Priscila, Ohhhh! So I wasn't the only one thinking about organizing today!! ^_^ Well, I hope yours goes well too...And hopefully things will be easier afterward! ^_^

  7. Haha - I have organized mess situations like that all over my house!! If I let myself - I could get really depressed thinking about it!

    At least you have a good attitude and could write a sweet poem! I hope by now you have made a dent in your organizing - me- I'm putting it off for a few more days!!


    ps - thanks for stopping by to see me - you are so great to support me!

  8. Vicki, Ha! Ha! Yeah, I think all of us have organized messes in more than one space. Clearly I do!! ^_^ I didn't get around to mine yesterday either. In fact, it's gonna get put off a few more days here too I think. We've got plans this weekend...Oh well, it's not going anywhere...unfortunately!...I enjoy your blog. I look forward to seeing the rest of the photos from your trip too!...And thanks for the nice words about my poem too. :-) Have a good day, Vicki!

  9. Not only have I got my own dishes and stuff but I've inherited a tremendous amount of chinaware that sat in boxes for years! Just at an age where you feel like it's all like a "ball and chain" and now I know why I had daughters! I'm going to pass on down the "family curse!"

  10. Susan, Ha! Ha! Good for you!...Give it to the daughters and hope...I say Hope!...they do differently than we did and actually get some regular use out of it!! ^_^

  11. Your cupboards don't look too bad. I would hate for you to check my kitchen :-/ Perhaps that's a job I need to do soon. I wonder if I can get Mark to do it. He's much better at organising things that I am :D

  12. Jo-anne, Yes, any time you can get someone else to do it!! ^_^ And you might not think these look bad, but I think they look awful with things everywhere! I like to have things where I can put my hands on them immediately, and not having to go on a hunt for them...wasting time. I'm gonna have it all straightened out soon too! ;-)


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