Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Peas In A Pod....Sorta Kinda!

        This is gonna be a quick post today. I've got a meeting this morning, and a few other things "To Do" that I should have "Got Done" yesterday! O_O So consider this your break from "ME"! LOL....sorta kinda.
       I still want to say a quick thank you to the other "Pea" in my 'pod' hubby. :-) He's been enduring my lack of focus on him for almost a month now! Between my crocheting, tennis watching,...

         ...and naps 24/7, it's a wonder he's still talking to me. :-) But he is! He's been loving. He hasn't been complaining....much. And he's still trying to find ways to keep me whistling the theme song to "The Andy Griffith Show". ^_^ ...Note to self: Limber up those lips 'Wug', and learn how to whistle! Your husband needs accompaniment! LOL
      I'm having a hard time trying to think of what to get him for our 30th wedding anniversary...and it's coming up fast! O_O ...I NEED SUGGESTIONS PEOPLE!!!!...Q-U-I-C-K! What's the best gift to get for a good man?!!
     Okay, I'm outta here! Talk amongst yourselves.....Have a good Sunday. See you tomorrow! :-)

How Can You Tell a Good Man From a Bad One?

How  can you  tell a good man
from a bad man nowadays?
The truth is there are many,
many, many, kinds of ways.

A good man, when he meets you,
looks you straight into your eye.
A bad man, will look down,
and he can't  wait to tell a lie.

A good man, when he owes you,
pays your money right on time.
A bad man says: "I'll   pay you!"
But he never has a dime.

A good man wants to help you
if you're  ever in a pinch.
A bad man, if your car breaks down
won't  even loan a wrench.

A good man, when he dates you,
is not concerned with just 'right now'.
A bad man wants his milk' for free',
and never buys the cow.

A good man is a good boss,
and a sparkling employee.
A bad man likes to take control,
and complains exhaustively.

A good man brings you flowers,
just because he thought of it.
A bad man, if you ask for them
will quickly throw a fit.

A good man,'cause he's loved by all,
will know the world is his .
A bad man gets a poem wrote
to show how bad he is!


  1. So far that is my favorite of your poems. It is so TRUE. Love the happy things card.

    1. Awwwww! Thank you Malea! :-] I'm afraid I had experience finding this out before I met my Mr. Right! LOL

  2. He already has the best gift..YOU! Behind every good man is that great woman making him look good! I'm glad you have a wonderful "pea" in your pod. Or as Juno would say: "He's the cheese to my macaroni"..Have a great week!

    1. Awwwwwwwww! :-) That's a very nice comment to stop by and see so early in the morning...through tired eyes! ^_^ Thank you!...and you and Juno are absolutely right!

  3. I hope you've managed to find something special for hubby. I'm sure that whatever it is hubby will love it.
    Although I do agree with yaya he already has one of the best gifts ever - You!

    1. O_O You know...with the focus doing a complete flip-flop in the house lately...I totally forgot about what I would get him!...YIKES!!...Thanks for the reminder!....and Awwwwww! :-) You and Yaya are pretty sweet.


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