Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sometimes Appreciation Is Better Than Money!

      I know you're probably wondering, with me making that statement about appreciation being better than money, that I must've lost my fool mind! ^_^ But when I tell you why I say that, you might hesitant in your run for the straight jacket. LOL
     My story starts with a tiny, tiny thing...sorta like the tiny breakfast items on the material in the header photo...Had you noticed them?! :-) ...My tiny, tiny thing is gonna get noticed though!...

       It's a men's lapel pin, actually two of them. I had a customer request that I make him two navy blue thread lapel pins. And he specifically wanted them to be smaller than an inch (2.5 cm). 

    He's going to a wedding in a couple of months where the bride is an avid crocheter like me! I think it's pretty cool that he would go out of his way to order something so special to wear just for her! And it makes me feel even more special that he would trust me to custom make them for him! :-]

     I would be lying to you if I said 'I can't wait to make them again for some other customer'...because if I never have to make them this small again I'll be happy! LOL I had to use a size 10 steel hook and sewing thread to make them!!

     It was slow and intense! Each stitch had to be just right...including the center bud, and my special crocheted backing that had to be sewn separately and then sewn onto the back of it! Without the backing, the button wouldn't attache correctly. And yes, the buttons had to be sewn on too!

     I make some small lapel pins already. But those are much larger...they're 1 & 1/2 inches! (3.8 cm) LOL...And believe it or not, that small amount of difference is a world of difference to my gnarly arthritic fingers and watered up and crossed eyes!! ^_^

    The customer was so nice. In the correspondence during the back and forth about the specifics of what he wanted, and my showing him the progressive photos, the customer kept saying 'I know it'll probably end up costing me more, and I'm willing to pay it.'

    He made me start wondering if I was charging too little! ^_^ But my price was my price!...After I listed them for him, and he saw the photos of the finished product, he paid for them immediately and then left me the nicest comment in the "Note To Seller".
     I won't get into too many of the details, but I wanted to share how it made me feel....FANTASTIC!! :-) ...He was amazed at the detail I was able to do, with them being so small. He said that all of my hard work was greatly appreciated! :-)

     Then he said...after he already paid for them, mind you!..."I have made the payment you listed, however if you think you ended spending more time than you originally thought I am happy to consider paying you more."... almost got weepy! ;_; How often do you get a customer that appreciates your work that much?!
     And in fact, I had two of those customers yesterday...because the gentleman that had me custom make the boutonnieres for his wedding paid for his yesterday too. And he expressed the same great appreciation for my work, and said he couldn't wait to get them!...The fact that he's a repeat customer thrills me to no end! :-)

    Between all of the nice words...and a night of sleep...I don't know what I'm gonna do with my rested 'blowed-up' head today! LOL....Yes I do. I'm gonna put some knowledge in it. I've got studying to finish for my meeting tonight...I'm thankful that I have the reality of my faith so that my head doesn't blow up and fly away!!! ^_^ There "are" more important things in the world than a tiny crocheted lapel pin! ^_^

       But made me feel all bubbly inside. :-) Have a good day, Everybody! 


You can build a reputation,
build a fire, build a stair;
You can build a neighborhood,
build a table, build-A-Bear!

You can build a layered cake,
build some buildings, build a boat;
You can build a website business,
build relationships remote.

You can build vocabulary,
build up friendships old and new.
Build up globe-ular relations
if you really wanted to.

You can build upon your knowledge,
build a table, bridge, or train;
build a step into the future,
or just shelter from the rain.

You can build an awesome snowman,
and not waste him. Make a cone!
Or can build up folks around you,
so they never feel alone.

All this building talk,
shows the things that you can make
if you build a wordy poem...
and you also stay awake! 


  1. Awwwww, those are the comments that keep you making those cute little pins! How wonderful for you!!! I sure hope you get a lot of those custom orders in the future! I love how happy it makes you too!
    I hope you get your studying done. I did mine last night but still need to do my Bible reading today. Have a great day and a great meeting tonight too! :)

    1. Hi Cindy!...You are so right! ^_^ If only nice comments could pay the bills, huh?!...And I must say, the wedding boutonniere set gave me so much personal satisfaction. I hope I do get a lot of them!...Have a good day, Bead! :-)

  2. Hi PoetessWug!
    Thank you for featuring my item in your blogpost.
    I appreciate it. ;)

    The lapel pins are beautiful and's no wonder your customer is appreciative.

    1. Hello!...It was my pleasure to share your beautiful fabric!...And thank you for the nice words about my lapel pins too! :-) Please stop by again.

  3. Deb, those pins look so beautiful! Love his idea. And yes, he was a very nice customer.
    Great post.
    Hope your day is going well.

    1. Hi Priscila!...Thank you so much, about the lapel pins. As you know by now, with that gorgeous pillow cover shop of yours on etsy, a good customer is a good thing! :-) Have a good day!

  4. Deb your pins are beautiful. It is nice to have customers really appreciate your work and acknowledge it. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and helps you to continue creating. Thank you for sharing because it just shows us that there are people out there that really are caring about others. Have a Great Day!!!!!!

    1. Aww! Thanks, Velma! ^_^ And you're so right about having people appreciate your work. I guess all of us could be more forthcoming with our words of appreciation, right?!...Have a good day, Velma...By the way, I appreciate your cards too. I have a couple! :-)

  5. Well, that customer isn't just a nice guy..he's super intelligent! He knows a thing of beauty (a joy forever) when he sees it. I do think a big "Thank you" goes along way and many times the nurses I work with have stated that being appreciated for our work means more than any money. So keep up your good work and keep loving what you do.

    1. Awwww! ^_^ Thank you very much....but I don't know, Yaya, you may be slightly biased after coming here on a regular basis and letting me talk your ears...eyes?! LOL...By the way, I remember when patient's families used to go out of their way to show us girls on the floor their appreciation for the way we took care of their loved ones. Sometimes it was flowers. Sometimes it was donuts for the break room. Sometimes it was boxes of chocolates! I didn't always like the cream filled chocolates or the sneezy flower arrangements, but I always remembered and appreciated the love. I still see their faces in my mind's eye all these years ago....Priceless! :-)

  6. Dear Poetess, what a nice post, and what a beautiful little crochet pin. I do think it is very, very nice when people show appreciation for what we do.
    Have a lovely Friday.

    1. Thank you for the kind words about my crochet pin, Regina! :-] ...and for the input about people showing appreciation. I hope you get a lot of people who appreciate what you do too! :-)

  7. wow those lapel flowers are so cute and so tiny. You have more patience than I do. I think its wonderful that you are getting custom orders although I am not surprised you do make some amazing things :)

    1. Thanks, Jo!...about the lapel flowers. Yes, they did come out cute, but I'm in no hurry to get more custom orders to do them! LOL Working with sewing thread and a #10 steel crochet hook is nobody's idea of fast money!! ^_^


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