Saturday, July 7, 2012

Those Flowers Came From Where?!!

       I wanted to show you the beautiful flowers we found to give to my friend! :-) Are those blue daisies?!...I don't know. That's what they looked like to me...But those are definitely white roses, and baby's breath! :-) I even loved the blue and white ribbon tucked in the front of them!

      Yes, I know you've seen flowers before!...*Teehee*... but I thought I'd share these with you because of a story I saw on the news just the other day about the best place to buy flowers. The grocery store! :-) ...Yep! The grocery store!...And I 100% agree!
     It's a little known fact, until right now, that over the years, for the birth of new babies...or when someone was in the hospital for surgery...or to bring with us when we were invited to someone's home for dinner...or to send as a little "Thank you"...or just because we wanted to let someone know we were thinking of them...we have 95% of the time gotten our flowers at the local grocery store!.."Stop 'N Shop" usually. :-)
    Yes, we could afford to get them at the florist...and we've done that on occasion too. But, frankly, the grocery store flowers have always been fresher, arranged in a more thoughtful way, and waaaaay cheaper!...In fact, the roses I've bought from "Stop 'N Shop" were the ones that lasted me the longest!
     I was so pleased with the bargain they were offering at the time, 30 years or so ago now, that I took a chance and ordered my whole wedding package guessed it..."Stop 'N Shop"!! I'm talking the bridesmaid's flowers, the groom and groomsman's boutonnieres, the arrangements for decoration, and my wedding bouquet that I carried down the aisle! They even made a holder for my bouquet! :-)
      And I'm not talking silk or fake flowers either! I'm talking fresh roses, carnations and baby's breath. And they were beautiful!!...and very reasonably priced....VERY! A whole lot cheaper than if I had gone to a florist that does wedding flowers for a living.

      I almost didn't want to throw them on my wedding day!...By the way, where did that tradition get started anyway?!...It probably was some single, over-pricing florist trying to make a buck! LOL...If I had it to do over again today, those flowers would never have been thrown. They'd be with me until they dried into a rose petal fumed pink and red potpourri sachet! :-) Live and learn! :-) ...The mind reels at the ideas I could have come up with for that gasquet and the ribbons!

     Oh Well...that was a long time ago! My anniversary is coming up later this month. Maybe I can put in a request for a new gasquet! ^_^ A 'Keeper' this time!

      Speaking of which, I could put in a request for these two cuties I recently ran across too! :-) ... 

       I am a teacher after all. :-) And even if I can't sniff on any perfume right now...silly hormones! Grrr!...I can still appreciate a tiny flower covered bottle! ^_^ ...Now, I just have to figure out what to get hubby!...No! I still haven't!

      As an update:
--> 1. My friend loved the flowers! :-) ... 

--> 2. I'm still not really sleeping normally...{It's 1:45 a.m. right now, if that's any indication!}...I received a C-Pap unit that I'm suppose to be sleeping with on, to test whether my machine needs an update rather than having to go through the whole 'sleep study' thing all over again. But because the pressure inside of it is not what my regular unit is, and it takes waaaay too long for it to get there, I can't go to sleep with it on! I lay there thinking about every breath, with my eyes wide open! ^_^ It feels sorta like trying to breathe, relax, and fall asleep with a paper bag on your head!!...NOT happening!

--> 3. Serena Williams won the women's singles match at Wimbledon...

         ...and then a few hours later, her and Venus together won the women's doubles match too! ^_^ 

        (You can click on the photos to go and read all about it!)...How exciting, right?!....Congratulations Serena and Venus Williams
       The men's final match is today! I can't wait!!!!...Roger Federer against Andy Murray!...Be there or be square! ^_^ It's gonna be another day of contentment...Have a good day everybody! :-) 

Merrily Content

I've got lots to do today.
I hope the sun shines down on me.
But if, instead, the rain comes down,
I'll still be singing merrily.

Whatever happens I'm content.
I know how worse my life could be,
than watching hummingbirds and robins
flit around my backyard tree.

The news of shootings and disasters,
on my mind can't make a dent;
Because I'll focus on my backyard,
and I'll be smiling and content. 


  1. Those flowers look absolutely amazing. I am not surprised your friend liked them.
    I totally agree with you about getting flowers from the supermarket. Sometimes they have the best selections.

    1. Thanks, Jo! We thought so too! And they were very reasonably priced too!...And yay for supermarket flowers! :-)


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