Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Purple Blue.....Persuaded!

     As you know, I'm a girl who LOVES myself some color! Colorful words, colorful people, colorful crocheted creations, colorful personalities, and just plain color! :-] So when I had one of my colorful scarves including in a recent color-filled treasury, I was thrilled!

   But Lindsey, the curator of this treasury, wasn't just enthralled with the colors in the treasury...which were purple and blue. She was also enthralled with the shapes....rectangles! And here are a few of the 'rectangles' she chose...

     She even chose my purple royal blue persuasion fuzzy blocks scarf  from my Wuglyees Etsy shop to go into the treasury...

     Apparently she liked not only the purple and blue colors, but also the rectangular shaped blocks in the scarf...Yeah, I like them too! ^_^ ..."Thanks, Lindsey!"

       Color, color, color! :-) And lately it seems that my headless model Tina has been used quite a bit to show off my colors!...This purple and blue scarf was only one thing. I also used Tina to show off my latest two necklaces. One I listed in the shop....finally...yesterday. I'll list the other one today.
      I made them a while ago, but I was dreading, dreading, dreading the listing process!...

     Now you can see what I mean, right?! I had to list what materials I used. What every bead and leaf were made out of! O_O ...Time-consuming! But it's done! You can click on any photo to go to the shop and see it closer.
          I still have to list this one...

       And as you can see, it's got lots of detail too...seed beads, lockets, wire, etc...

       I'm gonna need a nap afterward I think...

       ...sorta like I needed after I finished my "About" page in my shop yesterday. WOW! My brain is really getting a workout these days!! LOL...And so is headless Tina!
       I've got some studying to finish, a sweater blanket to work on, some refashioning of some keychains to finish, etc....BUSY! That's what I'm gonna be today. I'll share the fruits of my labor....and some info...Shhhhh!...about my anniversary gift for my hubby too, later in the week. T minus 6 days and counting! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! :-) {With so much seriousness, I decided to leave you with a little nonsense! ^_^}


A-nimals Alive.
B-abies Breathe.
C-hildren Corrected.
D-ictators Deceive.
E-very Envelope's,
F-ancy Frills.
G-entle Grasslands,
H-appy Hills.
I-nviting Innocense.
J-ust Joking,
K-indly Kidding.
L-azy Lumbering.
M-eandering Mudslides.
N-othing New.
O-pen Oceans.
P-icking Peas.
Q-uiet Quaking,
R-umbling Round.
S-ultry Surroundings.
T-insel Town.
U-nder Umbrellas,
V-ery Veiled.
W-ater Wasted.
X-rays ,X-hale.
Y-esterday's Young.
Z-ebra's Zoo.
(And now this nonsensical
poem is through!)


  1. Lover your heart necklaces. And I know what you mean about dreading the listing process. I've been doing a lot of renewing instead.

    1. Hi Jan!...Thank you so much!...Yeah, I sure wish they had a 'listing robot'! LOL Although my renewing has been involved too. I'm having to edit my descriptions down to a 'glance-able' viewing. You know how much I like to talk!! ^_^

  2. WOW those necklaces look amazing!
    Congrats on being included in that purple & blue treasury. It's definitely my kind of treasury too. My two favourite colours :)

    1. Thank you, Jo! :-) And soooo, you're a purple and blue girl?! I'll have to remember that!

  3. I definitely know what you mean about loving color and this color block scarf is adorable! You are soo good and making all these

    Purple and blue is the perfect combo too


    1. Awwww! Thanks, about the scarf, Dale! :-) ... I know you love color too. I see some of the color you wear and share on your blog!


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